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Aiming for 10 kg weight loss in one month? It is surely possible for losing weight is just about the following few principals. By the end of the day, it is just pure math.

Yes, pure math where one needs to burn more calories than one consumes.

Ever heard of rebound weight? Well, you need to avoid this rebound weight no matter what. In doing so you need to lose fat safely.

Follow the steps below for 10 kg weight loss in one month.


Step 1: Flush it all for 10 kg weight loss in one month

If you want to make this 10 kg weight loss in one month effective then go for a fast cleanse. Start your plan with a 24-hour liquid diet. Drinking clear liquids will detoxify you. This will act as a restart and reset your whole body system, flushing the toxins away.

Many go for one-day flushing programs for kick-starting a healthy weight loss journey. If you are supposing that you can’t resist a day without eating then you are wrong. You surely can.

Step 2: Fewer calorie consumption

Are you counting your macros and calories? If you have not started with the tracking procedure then now is the time.

Macros are simply the grams of proteins, carbs, and fats. For 10 ks weight loss in one month, you need to track for at least 30 days.

Bear in mind that target 1000 calorie intake on the day when you are going for high-intensity workouts. For the rest of the days, where cardio exercise dominates, 1200 calorie intake is recommended.

Step 3: Incorporating Interval Eating

Tried intermittent fasting? This is simply providing your digestion machine an ideal time. All you need to do in intermittent fasting is to skip breakfast while compressing your other daily eating into shorter time intervals.

For man, the 8-hour window works the best (start eating at noon and stop at 8 pm) while for women 10-hour window (start eating at noon and stop at 10) suits perfectly. Means man should fast for 16 hours and women for 14 hours.

If you follow intermittent fasting religiously then you can use this method as a way of improving the meals you consume. Many people often prefer this sort of fasting to get rid of their habit of consuming crappy food all day, which multiply their weight.

Step 4: Snacking Window

Are you eating your food slowly and stopping exactly when full?

If your answer is negative for the first and positive for the second then there is some serious concern which you need to deal with. Bear in mind that your body needs half-hour time after the meal consumption to make your less hungry.

These thirty minutes are vital for you can eat several things during this time which is a matter of concern. If you do not want this to happen with you then simply consume healthy low-calorie snacks within those thirty minutes.

Step 5: Tricking your stomach

Strategy 1:

Heard about drinking sugar water once each day? This is purely a hack for it suppresses the production of ghrelin which is a hunger hormone.

Are you questioning the contradiction where on one point this article says no sugar consumption while on the other it is talking about the consumption of sugar water?

Well, in that case, this is an exception that is deliberately added. If you will follow this technique then in no time you will experience a drastic decrease in hunger pangs. Make your diet much easier to stick with by suppressing your overall appetite.

How to implement this strategy?

Well, you need to practice this tip during a fasting period. All you need to do is to grab three glasses of iced water.

Each glass must have not more tablespoon of sugar this will ensure that sugar water will bear very little taste. Nothing must be consumed about an hour before or after this. As you do not want to associate the flavor with this calorie consumption.

Strategy 2:

Tried consuming about five almonds before every meal? If you have not tried this then you will be amazed at how it helps you in eating less. You will feel a bit fuller before a meal and won’t overload yourself. Apart from this science, there is a great nutritional benefit of nuts.

Strategy 3:

Are you staying hydrated? Watch out on your water intake. You need to fill yourself with water for dehydration manipulates your brain and it receives the signal of hunger. Drink water in gallons.

This practice can be made easier if one starts consuming water in different forms like green tea. Try consuming a glass of water before every meal. This will not only help you in hydration but this process will also aid you in eating less, for you will feel fuller even if you have space.

Step 6: Go Shaking

You need to pay attention to the sort of workout you are performing. These must not only be short but intense as well.

Separate your cardio and resistance training by specifying days for each. Give at least 25 minutes to your body in this calorie-burning process.
You can perform weight training in two ways.

Reserve 3 days for full-body resistance training or either reserve 5 days where you will be splitting the body parts workout. If you will be not be joining a gym for this weight training then it is recommended that you get resistance bands, yoga mat, adjustable dumbbells, and a pull-up bar.

You can also avail two alternatives for cardio. Many recommend going for 45 minutes steady cardio where they simply maintain an acceleration that they can sustain. The next option is to avail of short yet intense sprint workouts.

Apart from these ways, you can additionally go for very short body-weight workouts. But bear in mind that such exercise needs to be the first thing in the morning. Remember this is a form of additional workout which will multiply the effectiveness of 10 kg weight loss in one month.

If you can not practice body-weight as a first thing in the morning then go for an alternative. Practice a 20-minute moderate cardio workout as this will kick-start your day with great energy.

Step 7: Go an extra mile of 500 calories

Burn extra calories. Yes, you need to burn an extra 500 calories per day. This is vital. Whatever is your current weight loss process, you need to go the extra mile from it and aim for an additional 500 extra calories.

Apart from your cardio and weight training, you need to burn additional calories. Simply burn those calories by walking at 3.5 mph. This rate will easily burn your 400 calories. If you love cycling then a of 18 mph speed will get your 800 calories burnt per hour.

You need to target this additional calorie technique. Bear in mind that a high percentage of the obese population is aware of the calorie deficit game.

But no one just pushes the extra mile. If you will burn the extra 500 calories then expect a significant weight loss results and that too fast. If you truly want a decent result then go for an extra 500 calories. So the first rule is to go calculating your calorie deficit through any calculator.

Step 8: Incorporating Unusual Practice

Has anyone ever told you that exposing yourself to cold will help you burn more energy as heat? If not then now is time. You need to consider drinking ice water.

Go for cold showers. Many people often consume cayenne pepper over salads just before the cold bath and guess what this unusual tip does the trick and helps significantly in fat burning. 

Step 9: Don’t Doze off

We all feel extremely lazy and hungry after sleeping don’t we? But you need to do the opposite for fighting weight gain.

Go for a short walk or spend some time doing pushups. Why this process is effective for weight loss? You need to realize that any activity after food consumption will trigger GLUT-4 receptors which in turn will ensure that the fat store does not mount.

This food will rather be used up by your muscles. That’s exactly what we all want.

Step 10: Hit the bed early

Are you sleeping for at least 7 hours? Bear in mind that sleep owns an indirect relation with the weight loss process.

You need to sleep so that you could eliminate the lethargic feeling which will tire you up long before you start exercising. Better sleep will ensure that you could move around more and burn calories.

If you need proper appetite regulation then your program of 10 kg weight loss in one month should focus on sleeping patterns.

Step 11: Triple Rs: Religiously Respect Restrictions

Stay away from alcohol for it is saturated with unhealthy calories. These calories will disrupt your sleep and drag you away from 10 kg weight loss in one month goal.

Fond of sugar? Well, you need to eliminate not only sugar but all sugar-related liquids. Even maintain a large distance from the condiments and other sauces that may contain hidden sugar.

If you are still tossing white stuff into your plate then 10 kg weight loss in one month is hard. Haven’t you heard that white flour is your biggest foe? What else is out? All the white stuff. You need to bid farewell to white rice, white pasta, white pieces of bread and potatoes for they will stick to your body. You need to go for replacements. Find the brown alternatives as this will boost your 10 kg weight loss in a month process.

Step 12: Design a boosting system for 10 kg weight loss in one month

Streamline a system for yourself so that it could make your 10 kg weight loss in one month goal much easier. You need to constantly remind yourself of a mission. Remember you are not fat, but you have fats.

1) All you need to do is to click your before picture and paste it over your personal space. This motivation drill is vital for it reminds you of your health.

2) Apart from this picture drill, you need to surround yourself with people who encourage you. Social environment plays a vital role thus it impacts your success. Fitness groups provide a great chance where you can interact with other individuals who are in the same weight loss process. Forums are a great way of interactions that will make you stick with your goals.

3) Another motivation drill is to keep workout and other weight loss apps. The last vital aspect to stay in a system is Meal planning. It is vital for 10 kg of weight loss in one month.

Do you realize why many diet and weight loss programs fail? Well, the real reason lies in inconsistency. One does not remain consistent in conscious meal planning and meal preparation.

This world is a busy place where no one has enough time. But the key here is to prepare a meal in bulk for this will make the diet and weight loss plan easy to follow.

Don’t let no time hinder your weight loss journey. Even Many busy people who indulge themselves in work for 60 hours per week remain in shape, so why can’t you?

4) You need to keep a food journal for an effective weight loss plan. The inclusion of a food journal in 10 kg weight loss in a month plan will help you a great deal.

Bear in mind that you need to do mindful eating and for that, you can underestimate the power of jotting down what you consume.

Step 13: Find other root causes

Heard of bloating or experienced it? Well, this is a fairly common problem but the issue is that many are not aware that they are bloating.

There can be a huge probability that you are carrying water weight. Your body might also be holding gas. The simplest approach is to stay away from the foods which are causing such an effect.

Confused what are such foods? Well, bid farewell to carbonated drinks and high-in-sodium foods.

Step 14: Cheat but be wise

Who does not cheat? Hold on, I was only referring to diet! You are bound to cheat but at least cheat wisely. Keep a record of what you are eating on your cheat day.

The idea is that you do not want to destroy the discipline which you form in this 10 kg weight loss in a month plan.

Step 15: Feedback of 10 kg weight loss in one month

Are you weighing yourself each day? You need to weigh yourself every day. Bear in mind that for long term diet plan it is not vital to jump on the weight scale every next day.

But when you are going for short term goals, you need to weigh yourself each day. The feedback loop in vital. Treat this as your business.

A downward trend on the weighing scale will ensure that you are heading towards the correct trend but if things are different then you seriously need to analyze your current diet plan.

Switch your weight loss plans as it can be the case that one plan which might work for someone may not work for you.

Step 16: Stick like a leech . . . to a meal plan

Finally, stick to a diet plan. You can not achieve a 10 kg weight loss in one month without draping yourself under the shelter of an effective weight loss diet. The key to select a meal plan is consistency.

There are a few questions which you should ask yourself before picking a diet plan. You need to ask yourself whether you will be sticking with it for long.

If you can repeat the plan for the next 30 days without getting bored or quitting in a midway then a green signal for it. Else just rethink your options. Ask the question of convenience to yourself.

Below are a few suggestions which you can take into account while deciding your 10 kg weight loss in a month plan. This article suggests a few of the weight loss diet plans which you may want to opt for.

Last Step 17: Consistency in 10 kg weight loss in one month

Why do people experience rebound weight and a slow metabolic rate? Well, this is largely because, in the weight loss process, they tend to lose muscle mass rather than the actual fats which must be targeted.

To overcome this problem the maintenance of good nutrient balancing is a must. All you need to do is stay consistent with the fitness plan you are following.

You do not need to starve yourself for a starvation diet and have never done any good to anyone. 

Final words to lose 10 kg of weight loss in one month:

To sum it all up, the best weight loss approach is:

  • curb your appetite by the methods mentioned above
  • go the extra mile and burn an additional 500 calories apart from regular workout
  • to stay committed to a suitable meal plan

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