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 There can two reasons that your eyes are scanning this article: either you have no idea that you are over-consuming sugar or you already know that you are standing on a dangerous end.

This article will help you in both cases in finding the answers. Without further ado, let’s dig in signs and then decide your case.

1. Cravings, Cravings and More Cravings

There can be a probability that out of odd you have started craving more sugar and that is not usual.

This increasing sugar craving begins to kick in, especially when a person is eating more sugar.

The cycle works like this: The more you consume sugar, the more you will crave it.

So watch out for the addictive, vicious cycle.

2. Have you been feeling more sluggish recently?

Heard about the fact that what goes up has to come down . . . just like economy?!

Lame example but you got the point. Similarly, it is no different from sugar.

It will cause a sudden initial insulin spike but then you will experience an inevitable insulin crash as well. So beware. You might know that basic that lows and highs of sugar are related to the energy levels . . .

Yeah, you guessed it right and that is how you end up feeling sluggish.

Eating sugar also means that you are not consuming enough fiber and protein, the nutrients vital for sustaining energy, as all the space gets filled up by this ingredient.

3. Have you noticed your skin breaking out recently?

The insulin spike can lead to a hormonal cascade which inturns welcomes acne and rosacea.

So watch out as it would not be too long that such after-effects begin surfacing on your face. . . in just days. Note: I do not intend to scare you off but that is certainly a sign.

4. Are people around you seem more extra?

Have you started to find the company of some loved ones annoying?

Well if yes, then they have not gotten annoying rather it’s your mood which has taken a toll.

You can not blame yourself, but yet the sugar?

When the blood sugar crash happens then mood swings are bound to hit, leaving you with a crabby feeling.

So decide for yourself the validity of this equation. Awful Mood + Low Energy Level = Bad Attitude and all thanks to the high sugar level (The creator of such formula)

5. Always hungry = Weight Gain

The best point! There is not a hole of doubt and everyone knows it but fails to acknowledge. Excess sugar = Excess calories. The cool part is that sugary items are devoid of any fiber and protein the nutrients which own the ability to make you feel fuller. Thus even with that eleventh bar of chocolate and 12th scoop of ice cream, you will be like, “ What’s in for the meal!?”

More sugar consumption signals the brain to release more insulin hormone. This hormone is responsible for carrying sugar to the right organs but its excessive production due to excessive sugar consumption can lead to insulin resistance. This insulin resistance would not allow the body to use sugar the right way, without doubt, leading to weight gain.

6. Struck with cavities lately

Why mommy used to say when we were kids, “Do not excessive sugar else tooth decay?” Well, because sugar impacts the Ph level and boosts the production of bacteria which thrives and leads to the cavity. If you have been witnessing an increase in cavities then this is surely a green flag.

7. Foddy brain

Have you experienced a foggy brain and that too especially after consuming a meal? If yes then this fog is surely a sign of a low blood sugar level. Consuming excessive sugar leads to a rapid rise and fall of your blood sugar level and this sign of Poor blood sugar control positions you at a major risk for cognitive issues & impairment. Thus, watch ours for the brain fogginess.

8. You have ruined it

Have you been annoying cooks around you and picking holes at their faulty recipe? If yes then my friend it is not their recipe which is messed up but your taste buds and all thanks to excessive sugar level. Too much sugar ruins your base level and thus you would not feel the real taste of things. Even fruits would not feel like sweet enough. Oh has this happened to you? Caught you! You can surely get rid of this problem by yes… you guessed it right. sUGAR CONTROL.

9. Sugar Even not left your sleep … so think again

“I am experiencing from insomnia. . . another problem of life from piles of dozens, ” if that is you then my friend you are missing the culprit right here. Munching on a cookie or a cupcake is not okay before bedtime as it will cause short-term alertness, giving your body a boost of energy.




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10. Oh, Prematurely wrinkled? Sorry

“I must utilize my savings, time to hit dermatologist for the premature wrinkles!”

If this is the sign and feelings you are experiencing then high sugar consumption has done this to you. You need to bear in mind that high-sugar is bound to boost the skin aging process.

Why? Well, let’s refer to science here.

When sugar reacts with proteins present in the bloodstream it forms advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). Sugar + Protein = Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs).

This advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) tend to damage the protein present in the skin collagen which makes your skin bouncy.

You are thus bound to look old. Do not be sorry for yourself rather limit the sugar consumption as it will make a difference.

11. Here comes the joint pain

“Joint Pain & that too at this early age?”

Are your ears stung by such remarks?

Well, this might not have a relation just with your age as sugar as always shares some credit. So to do the honors for sugar, let’s begin! :

There has been study done where consumption of sugary drinks has been linked with arthritis in women. Other researchers claim that people who consume five or more beverages (sweetened) a week (including fruit juice) share a common likelihood of owning arthritis.

12. Did motivation take Flight?

You have several articles bookmarked, several pins repinned and several watches for later videos pending regarding workout routine but guess what!

A fruitless effort. Why?

Well, there is no doubt assail in a fact that sugar can reduce physical activity.

Do not pay for the gym membership unless you are ready to control sugar else with low energy you will lose motivation to workout.

13. Yeah embarrassing call of nature

Are you lately getting into an embarrassing situation where frequent urination is forcing you to hit the loo more than often?

Well, again that high blood sugar level is not allowing the kidney to reabsorb the fluid.

14. Dry mouth & Excessive thirst

“Frequent urination” means “severe fluid loss” which then causes “strong thirst” consequently to a “dry mouth” and “blurred vision”.

So you get the chain! BRAVO.

15. Slow healing of wounds

The last sign talk. If you have been experiencing slow healing of wounds & cuts then this can surely happen due to vascular damage.

These vascular damages are the result of a high level of sugar in your body. This further worsens blood circulation.

Bonus sign: 16. Dump Depression

I do not understand why one befriends sugar when depressed as studies have found otherwise.

There have been several studies done where high-sugar consumption is causally related to depression.

15 Shocking Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

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  1. Cathey Mccrimmon

    This blog 15 Shocking Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar helped me with my grandmother’s diabetes issues,
    Hope you heal quickly! Kiss you all!

  2. Jose Zizza

    This blog 15 Shocking Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar helped me with my grandmother’s diabetes issues,
    Hope you heal quickly!
    Kiss you all!


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