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Seeking 5-day liquid diet weight loss?

Well, this five-day detox will revitalize your soul and gift you a change, a change in your shape.

This 5 day liquid diet plan/meals will keep your healthy.  Avail this liquid diet for weight loss plan and lose more than 10 pounds.  Take this 5 day liquid diet for weight loss and for flat belly. This liquid diet for weight loss detox will not fail you. 

So Ready for fat burning and fast weight loss?  This Quick cleanse is sure to kick start your weight loss journey. Healthier drinking habits in these days will prepare your body towards a much-balanced body ahead.

If you want to prepare your body for any special occasion then all you need to do is to verge of this journey of 5-day liquid diet weight loss. A perfect cleansing program that will shed inches of your waist while recharging your vitality.

You will realize that 5-day liquid diet weight loss will not rob you of your taste buds but instead give an enjoyable experience to your tongue.

Studies show that juicing is in general a long-lasting lifestyle change which you will yourself repeat for the more significant difference in your weight.

This program detailed below ensure that you lose weight ultrafast and turn from fat to fit.

Apart from weight loss, this liquid diet is sure to boost your energy level and to revitalize your skin. Ready for getting a permanently trim body with liquid diet for weight loss at home? Let’s dig in. 

How does your 5-day liquid diet weight loss plan work?

As an outline of 5-day liquid diet weight loss, drill in mind that you will be consuming 5 drinks throughout the day excluding the glass of nut milk.

This program is designed to give your low-calorie diet with the consumption of up to 600 cal. Many people have this concern of energy level dropping during several detoxes.

In that case, it is advisable to consume a scoop of protein powder for boosting energy levels.

The protein powder will also ensure that you will retain the healthy muscle mass. How to consume this protein powder? Well, add a scoop into 2 or 3 drinks mentioned below every day.

You need to greet your morning with a glass of hot lemon water with (half a lemon will do). If you can tolerate a slice of ginger then toss it in.

Bear in mind that the serving of the juices has to be about 1¾ to 2¼ cups. This program solely covers juices but for optimal results, you should consume 4 cups of liquid in a form of herbal teas during this detox period.

An additional cup of coconut water is best for your hydration but it is optional. Many are afraid of riding on this 5-day liquid diet weight loss, as they need to consume solid.

If you can’t control your hunger in it is advisable that you grab a stick of cucumber stick to consuming. You can season it with salt and lemon juice.

Additionally to suppress your appetite prepare a vegetable broth for yourself though it is completely optional and won’t be detailed in this 5-day liquid diet weight loss.

The supercharged five-day detox daily plan

The rules are simple you need to consume a glass of juice with each meal. Upon waking up you need to consume hot lemon juice.

Then disperse 5 glasses of drink into your breakfast, midmorning, lunch, afternoon and dinner. Lastly, before hitting the bed, you need to drink cinnamon nut milk.

This article covers recipes of several juices which are specially designed for this program, you can select the ones which will be favored by your tongue.

If you are an extremely busy person then you can consider choosing three juices and repeating them accordingly though it is recommended to avail the benefits of completely varied ones.

The more diversity in the juices means the consumption of a range of nutrients which will aid rapid weight loss.

What to do after 5-day liquid diet weight loss?

If you are among those who feel completely lost after completing any program or diet plan are like,

“what next?”

Then focus on maintaining the new body weight by continuing a low-calorie diet every day. Confused about which diet to choose? This may help.

Your suggested supercharged three-day detox juice program

Day 1 of 5-day liquid diet weight loss:

Consume lemon juice (half lemon in a glass of hot water, add a slice of peeled ginger if you like).

8 a.m. Minted kale
Grab 3 mint sprigs, handfuls kale leaves (twice), a cucumber, peeled, a green apple and a quarter teaspoon of wheatgrass powder.

Drop all these ingredients in the juicer except the wheatgrass as you have to stir it before serving. This refreshing juice is best to boost your weight loss journey.

You must know that kale is the ingredients present in every detox program because of its benefits.

Do you know that it posses glucosinolates? Absolute essential for cleansing.

11 a.m. Liver flush, plus 1 scoop protein powder
You probably won’t like the taste of this detox but consume it for health benefits.

Grab half beet, 3 broccoli florets, a cucumber, a peeled lemon, an apple and about 5 drops milk thistle (if you don’t have the drops then alternatively you can add a quarter teaspoon of milk thistle powder).

Drop all the ingredients into the juicer except milk thistle as you have to stir it in the end before serving.

1 p.m. Green purity
For green purity, you will need half a piece of ginger root, 2 celery, an asian pear, an apple, a handful of kale, a peeled lemon, a handful of parsley, half cucumber, 1 vitamin e capsule ¼ teaspoon msm powder and ⅛ teaspoon chlorella powder.

This sweet juice is not only rich in sulfur but it is also saturated with essential minerals which are vital for promoting weight loss.

This drink also comprises of chlorella which cleanses your body and boosts the overall weight loss journey.

3 p.m. Cellulite buster
Drop a pink grapefruit, 2 celery stalks, half cucumber, a handful of parsley, 2 mint sprigs together in the electric juicer.

Stir quarter of moringa powder in the end.

This drink is sure to rev up your metabolism thus be ready to stimulate the fat burning process. Indeed a perfect drink to shift unwanted fat.

Protein-rich moringa possesses amino acids which are essential for the detoxification processes.

Additionally, it is one of the best sources for the production of collagen.

6 p.m. Anti-inflammatory green blend
Grab a quarter of small pineapple (skin cut off), half-inch piece ginger root, handful parsley,
2 boston lettuces, half-peeled lemon, a green apple, 2 celery stalks, half-inch piece turmeric root (alternatively you can use a quarter teaspoon of ground turmeric), a tablespoon protein powder (vanilla/plain) and a quarter teaspoon of flaxseed oil.

Ground turmeric, protein powder and oil are supposed to be stirred at the end after mixing all other ingredients in the juicer. You need to consume this after exercising.

Your muscle will get recovered through this drink during your 5-day liquid diet weight loss.

Cinnamon nut milk

If you are busy and can not prepare the juices yourself then consider trying the best juice cleanse on Amazon below: 

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For achieving the bests results from this diet plan, the instructions are included which will act as a great guide for you to follow.


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  • The convenience of use as no blenders needed
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  • Supresses your appetite to a limited extent so you need to exercise self-control

Day 2 of 5-day liquid diet weight loss:

Consume lemon juice (half lemon in a glass of hot water, add a slice of peeled ginger if you like).

8 a.m. Deep green
For preparing deep green detox you will be needing 4 mint sprigs,
¼ pineapple (with skin removed ), a peeled lemon, half cucumber, 2 large handfuls of kale leaves and about a quarter of teaspoon spirulina powder.

If you are wondering about its nutritious value then basically spirulina power packs this drink. It comprises of high chlorophyll content which ensures the removal of all toxins.

Apart from the cleaning ability, this drink boosts the protein content in your body up to 70 percent.

11 a.m. Watercress wonder, plus 1 scoop protein powder
Love pineapple?

You will appreciate it! Grab a quarter pineapple, a handful of watercress, 4 celery stalks, half cucumber, quarter teaspoon of probiotic powder, half teaspoon of glutamine powder and an apple.

You need to throw all these ingredients in your juicer except glutamine and probiotic. Add these powders in the end and then serve immediately.

Wondering about the nutritious benefits?

Well, this less calorie drink supports detoxification as it posses natural diuretic properties which remove your excess fluid which in turn eliminates bloating.

The effectiveness of this drink gets really doubled with the inclusion of glutamine. If you did not already know that glutamine is exceedingly vital in losing weight and this dietary supplement is sure to work.

Wondering what it actually is?

Well, it is an amino acid which is stored in the muscles.

 1 p.m. Green roots 

For making this drink you will be needing 2 celery stalks, a pear, a peeled lemon, half cucumber, quarter celery, half-inch piece ginger root, handful cilantro leaves and a teaspoon of aloe vera juice.

You will have to put aloe vera separately after blending the mixture in the juicer. This drink will give you the freshness of its sweet taste.

If you are wondering why to add cilantro?

Well, it posses potent natural diuretic which eliminates water retention thus you will not be needing water weight pills.

This drink will get rid of all the waste within you effectively resulting in a significant weight loss. As far as celery root is concerned then it is the best source of sodium and potassium which will keep your body hydrated in the detox process.

3 p.m. Asparagus pick-me-up
This detox drink will require from you 3 asparagus spears, about 4 broccoli florets, half cucumber, a ripe pear, half peeled lime, a quarter teaspoon of chlorella powder, and half a cup of coconut water.

This is absolutely an amazing alkalizing juice with the blend of nutritious properties of asparagus and broccoli mix where both of these are extremely rich in b vitamins. Guess what vitamin b does?

Support detoxification while promoting energy. Particularly asparagus ensures shifting of excess fluid, gifting you a flat belly. Saturated with an amino acid called asparagine, asparagus cleanses the body of waste.

You need to keep chlorella and coconut water in the side and mix all the other ingredients in the juicer. As far as chlorella and coconut water are concerned, you know the drill! Stir in the end and then serve.

6 p.m. Calm and soothe
Get a small wedge green cabbage, a small wedge red cabbage, a celery stalk, handful of blueberries, a green apple, half-peeled lemon, half-inch piece of ginger root, a quarter teaspoon of probiotic powder and a teaspoon of glutamine powder.

Stir powders in the end, once you blend all ingredients together in the blender. Cabbage juice contains sulforaphane which aids liver detoxification.

Moreover, it lowers inflammation. How is that helpful? Well, there are excess inflammatory chemicals in your body which interfere with insulin function thus it becomes extremely difficult to shed pounds.

You won’t encounter any sort of difficulty while adhering to this diet plan as glutamine will reduce all sorts of cravings.

Cinnamon nut milk


Day 3 of 5-day liquid diet weight loss:

Consume lemon juice (half lemon in a glass of hot water, add a slice of peeled ginger if you like).

8 a.m. Wake-up juice

Grab a handful of spinach leaves, handful arugula, a cucumber, a green apple, a peeled lime, 4 mint sprigs and ⅛ teaspoon of matcha green tea powder. Add in the green tea powder in the end, and mix all the ingredients together first in the juicer.

You need to kickstart your day with a gust of energy thus it is vital that your digestive system is freshened up.

Guess what?

This leafy juice does that for you. Wondering what matcha green tea does? With no hole of doubt, it boosts the fat burning process.

How? Well, it owns amino acid l-theanine which accelerates your alertness.

11 a.m. Enzyme support , plus 1 scoop protein powder

For this drink, you need to grab:

A handful alfalfa sprout, half fennel bulb, a ripe pear, a peeled lemon, half-inch piece of ginger root, handful of spinach leaves (twice), quarter teaspoon of probiotic powder, and half a cup of coconut water.

You need to toss the ingredients into juicer except for probiotic powder and coconut water as they must be stirred in the end before serving.

1 p.m. Parsley perfection
Are you green leave lover? Then this drink is sure for you. You need large handful parsley, a peeled lemon, a cucumber, a green apple, two celery stalks and quarter of teaspoon mulberry leaf powder. (you can use moringa powder alternatively).

Toss the ingredients in the juicer and you know the drill.

Wondering about the nutritious value of this drink? Well, parsley is power packed with chlorophyll, vitamins a and c, magnesium and iron.

This alkaline detox is sure to clean your kidney and liver. If you want a boost in your energy level then try to drizzle a bit of mulberry powder in the end.

3 p.m. Light and fresh

Make light and fresh drink of cucumber, 2 celery stalks, a peeled lime, a green apple, romaine lettuce and half teaspoon of baobab powder.

This is one of the best alkalizing and hydrating juice which balances all the nutrients of green vegetables. Mix all the ingredients in the juicer except baobab as you will be stirring it in the end.

6 p.m. Immune blast
For making this drink you will be needing half a teaspoon of chaga mushroom powder, about 10 ounces of peeled butternut squash, 2 carrots, a handful of spinach leaves, a peeled orange, half a teaspoon of melted coconut oil, and ice cubes.

How to make this miracle detox?

Well, you need to make a tea with chaga in about ⅔ cup of hot water.

Just stir this tea, let it cool and drop in squash, spinach, orange, and carrots. Put this mixture in the juicer and then serve yourself.

Cinnamon nut milk

Day 4 & Day 5 of 5-day liquid diet weight loss:

Repeat the routine of any of the days (1,2 or 3). You can also detox for only 3 days as that will also potentially work.

 Additional juice: Juice delight

This can be replaced with any juice mentioned in this 5 day liquid diet weight loss. Grab a large handful spinach leaves, 3 tomatoes, 2 celery stalks, half cucumber, a red bell pepper, half peeled lime, a pinch of sea salt, a teaspoon nutritional yeast flakes, and ¼ teaspoon flaxseed oil (you can use hemp seed oil as an alternate).

Drop tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, celery, bell pepper, and lime into the juicer and blend. Stir the rest of the ingredients and serve. Put the spinach, tomatoes, celery, a cucumber, bell pepper, and lime through an electric juicer. Stir in remaining ingredients, or transfer the juice to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

Final words for 5-day liquid diet weight loss:

 You need to notice that sugar content is consistently kept low in this 5-day liquid diet weight loss as this is vital for weight loss. This drink contains vitamins, omega-rich oil, and other nutrients which supports the rapid weight loss.  


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