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 One will not agree more that increasing health issues is not only the concern of adults but also children. Fitness is a principle that does not share any particular association with a specific age group.

Physical activity is essential as it is keeping one away from countless ailments which one is not even aware of. Teenage is a growing age where one can perform cardio for an hour and that too without any stress.

If you want to track your performance in different sports like dancing, walking or even to get yourself the dose of motivation then researching the best fitness trackers for teenagers is the best idea.

The best part about fitness trackers is that they will keep your interest in physical activity going, which is quite hard to maintain in this technological age.

The trackers are best for getting educated about personal health.

If you want to experience an overall revolution in your health by promoting a larger degree of physical activity then check out this in-depth review of the best fitness tracker for teenagers.

Fitness trackers will surely help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle so choose from the best ones available. Below are the top 7 fitness trackers which are performance-oriented and yet affordable. 



Inspire HR

Inspire HR was introduced by one of the most popular band makers and they did their best at incorporating every possible feature that was already offered by the previous band makers. If you are questioning then why bother to take this one then?

Well, the answer lies in the sleek and modern design which attractively packs essential features.

There are several features in this Fitbit and some of which are steps, calories, distance, heart rate, and sleep tracking. You will not find an altimeter in this tracker which counts floors.

Many are not even concerned about the altimeter and if you are one of them then this Fitbit offers quite a decent deal.

Many people just love precision and in that case inspire hr has got you covered. It has the ability to get connected with the smartphone’s GPS which then offers precision on the distance and pace during the run.

Some common features which are also found in most of the smartwatches are also the reception of text messages, calls, and calendar notifications. The Fitbit is water-resistant and conveys the basic data so that you do not get overwhelmed by the information provided.

Overloading of data often seems to confuse many fitness junkies thus in this regard Inspire HR takes the perfect approach. This sturdy watch surely offers more than it is priced for thus it would not be wrong to include it in the list of the best value for money fitness trackers.


  • Discreet and lightweight
  • Exciting perks like guided breathing & dive-proof
  • Decent 5-day battery life


  • Not an ideal option for people who prefer a large screen
  • Limited Notifications

Final Words:

Inspire HR does not fail to inspire through its loaded features. With customizable dial options, female health tracking support, and 15 different types of programmed exercise, Inspire HR sets its level.

If you are ready to compromise on the tracking number of floors, using Fitbit pay and sending programmed replies to text then Inspire HR is certainly the best fitness tracker for teenagers.

Xiaomi  Mi Band 4

This Fitbit has been largely loved since its launch. Mi Band 4 was much anticipated and thus people are highly receptive and satisfied with what it offers.

Mi Band 4 does not differ starkly with its predecessor in terms of looks. It is quite similar and owns the same sort of mobile which can get removed from the strap.

There is one difference in the wearable and that is owning a bigger, full-colored AMOLED display. Mi Band has got you covered with all the basics. It is water-resistant, lightweight and slick in design.

You will also find some common smartphone features in this tracking device like the caller id, messages, weather, and alarm.

This tracker owns a great battery life. People can not stop praising how its battery has got you covered for 20 days in between the charges.


  • Owns AMOLED panel
  • Can be customized
  • Great battery life
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Is water-resistant (50 meters)
  • Bright colored screen
  • Excellent price


  • Can track-only limited types of exercises
  • Inaccurate Sleep tracking (not an ideal precise)
  • Mi Fit app does not provide much concrete actionable advice

 Final Words:

Xiaomi Mi band series has never failed to impress the consumers through its feature-packed products. It offers excellent performance compared to the money it is priced for. This band has, without doubt, caused a stir in the wearable device market.

Summing up what Mi Band 4 has for you is its colored AMOLED display which can be easily seen under the sunlight.

The water-resistant capabilities, useful sleep insight together with continuous heart rate monitoring makes Mi Band 4 quite valuable. Moreover, for your convenience Mi Fit allows you to sync the data to Google Fit.

No doubt assail in a face that Mi Band 4 offers a lot more than what it is the price for which makes it the best fitness tracker for a teenager under $50.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

If you want to settle for the budget-friendly option then Vivosmart 4 also fits the needs of any teenager. This fitness is a great option if you are looking for impressive sensors. You will appreciate that Garmin Vivosmart 4 is even capable of monitoring blood oxygen levels at night.

By getting the idea of blood oxygen level you will be in a better position to ensure quality sleep which is extremely vital for any age.

Sleep has a direct correlation with productivity thus it must not be traded for any cost and every possible related sensory data must be analyzed.

One can further use the sensors to indirectly identify sleep conditions like apnea.

You will then find the usuals in this watch which are the measure of step, calories, heart rate, sleep tracking and distance.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 also has the altimeter through which you can get the information about the floors. This wearable also keeps track of your stress levels. Garmin Vivosmart 4 allows the connectivity to smartphone’s GPS.


  • Precise and Accurate data tracking capabilities.
  • Long decent battery life.
  • Appreciable and Automatic activity tracking.
  • It provides great functionality of measuring body recovery., blood oxygen levels, and sleep stress.
  • It offers a sleek and slim design.


    • The touch screen could have been more improved and responsive.
    • Uses a proprietary charger.

Final Words:

Garmin Vivosmart 4 not only caters with a great style but also accurate fitness tracking. You will not agree more that Garmin Vivosmart 4 offers more trackable metrics compared with the other companies in the market.

If your priority is on data tracking then Garmin Vivosmart 4 has to be your choice. This fitness tracker is extremely attractive and precise with in-depth data metrics.

If you are totally into fitness and are highly concerned with monitoring your health then there can not be any best option then Garmin Vivosmart 4.

This surely can be termed as the best affordable tracker for teenagers for fitness-minded junkies.

Fitbit Ace

If you are looking for a much casual option then Fit Ace can be in your list of the best fitness tracker for teenagers.

This can be stated as Fitbit’s first-ever attempt to make trackers for kids aged 8+ which can track minutes, sleep and steps.

Its OLED tap display allows the teens to measure the progress in actual time.

It is best for parents too because they can choose who to connect their kids with. Fitbit Ace lacks the heart rate monitor, though overall it offers decent functionalities.

This tracker keeps motivation level high for it displays collectible badges and celebratory messages upon different fitness milestones.

The tracker owns a width of 15 mm and offers a wide range of colors to choose from. Many teens appreciate its battery life which keeps it up for 5 days.


  • Its design makes it comfortable to wear
  • One can avail the option of the clock in the portrait & landscape
  • Fitbit app offers nothing complex which makes it kids friendly


  • Can get tricky to take off
  • One might find it hard to turn on
  • Does not offer waterproof capabilities

Final Words:

Overall, Fitbit Ace offers excellent tracking capabilities for kids. This has been designed while keeping the experiences that teenagers want to feel in mind.

This wearable surely offers a familiar design which makes reviewing data extremely convenient for kids.

Fitbit Ace surely can improve by adding the lacking features. But if you are a young teenager who needs something affordable, casual and a device that resonates with your chirpy, youthful personality then this fitness tracker is for you.

 Basecamp Fitness Tracker

You can also go for a basecamp fitness tracker. It’s also one of the budget-friendly options which offer decent features.

You will be able to monitor your health through this activity tracker as it has the heart rate monitor, and auto sleep tracking capability. Quality sleep is vital thus these auto sleep tracking capabilities will be extremely handy.

The basecamp fitness tracker offers smart connectivity through the phone. You will be able to receive all the notifications, and alarms.

Moreover, you will be receiving a sedentary alert to remind you of moving around for refreshment.

As far as sports tracking is concerned then this fitness tracker is equipped with a calorie counter, and steps tracker. It has got you covered on a rainy day, thanks to its waterproof capability with a rating of ip67.

The basecamp fitness tracker offers different sports modes, which is one of its extremely cool features. You can track different sports which means you have the leverage of adjusting the intensity of exercise according to the sport played.

This fitness tracker has a customized app where it details all the vital exercise data. The app is a great feature through which you can tap into additional options.

Gone are those days when one has to carry USB cable as it owns a USB plug. It offers increased comfortability and ease of wear through the incorporation of OLED..


  • Tracks quality of sleep, activity, and health
  • Simple design (Mid-size screen) makes it comfortable to wear
  • Offers ease of charging and usage
  • Compatible with Android phones & iOs
  • Is Waterproof (with a rating of ip67)
  • Camera-control
  • Suited for all genders as available in different colors


  •  Lacks several sport modes (limited)
  • Not suitable for swimming
  • Owns a monochrome display

Final words:

Overall a decent purchase for the price.

Aneken fitness tracker

Next up in the list of best fitness trackers for a teenager is the Aneken fitness tracker. This tracker has a sleep monitor along with a heart rate monitor. Its app allows you to track heart rate throughout the tiring day.

Aneken fitness tracker offers the increased capability of monitoring your sleep. You can go over to the sleep duration, wakefulness, and depth which are the best metrics to analyze the quality of your sleep.

You can tap into 14 different sport modes. You will be getting three preinstalled ones and rest are left upon your preference thus you can add via the application.

This fitness tracker for teenagers offers an ip68 waterproofing rating which means that it will function accurately when diving.

Like all other fitness trackers, Anken fitness tracker also offers phone notification linked with your smartphone.

SNS alert function presents this notification through a color display. As far as the battery life of the fitness tracker is concerned then these can get charged through the USB plug. If you are wondering about the days to which the battery can last then it can serve you for eight days.

As far as the warranty is concerned then you get a 60-day refund and a two-year replacement. The best part is you will be receiving a lifetime technical support.


  • Tracks, health, sleep, & activity
  • Offers Adjustable brightness
  • Compatible with Android phones & iOs
  • Offers decent sports mode
  • Owns appreciable battery life
  • Has a high waterproof rating
  • A warranty makes it a risk-free purchase


  • Lacks sedentary reminder
  • Offers no choice in color
  • It cannot be used to monitor swimming activity.

Final words:

Aneken fitness tracker is a healthy assistant that offers heart rate and sleep monitoring. With messages reminder, upgraded battery version and wide compatibility.

Aneken fitness tracker offers more than it is priced for. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option then this can be the hit.


Mgaolo Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

The last in the list of best fitness trackers for a teenager is the Mgaolo fitness tracker smartwatch. It offers smart function, all-day activity tracking, physiological period reminder, efficient charging, and universal compatibility. Let’s dive deep and scan these features in detail.

Mgaolo Fitness Tracker Smartwatch showcases a variety of vital health data like a pedometer, step counter, calorie counter, heart rate, sleep monitor and blood pressure.

Many teenagers often forget to move around and in that case, a sedentary reminder has got you covered.

One will find the typical feature of Bluetooth calling, caller id, call rejection, call and message reminder. The interesting feature which Mgaolo fitness tracker offers is its capacity to support a remote camera, control function,

WeChat sports, a stopwatch, and an alarm. You will be recording all the essential activity tracking like distance covered, calories shed, steps, and sleep status. You always have the option of connecting it with an app for tracking the workout route.

If you are a teenage girl then this fitness has got you covered with a period reminder. It will give you feedback on the menstrual cycle if you will feed historical data into it.

This tracker is quick to charge and will take no more than an hour. The charging will stay up till 5 to 7 days. Other than this, the tracker is quite compatible for it can run on the majority of smartphones like android 4.4/ios 8.0 and more.


  • Affordable price
  • Monitors health, activity, and sleep
  • Easy to use
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Silent alarm, Phone notifications
  • Multi-display mode
  • Can be connected to phone GPS
  • Great Seven-day battery time
  • Camera remote
  • Waterproof
  • Monitors Blood pressure
  • Female physiological period reminder


  • Cable required to charge
  • Not usable for swimming
  • Limited options when it comes to colors
  • Long alert vibrations
  • Does not own in-build GPS
  • Not compatible with iPad/pc

Final words:

If you are someone who is seeking affordable options then this can be your best. Teenagers are loving their price tag.

If you are someone who can compromise the lacks present in Mgaolo Fitness Tracker Smart Watch then you should certainly include it in the list of one of the best affordable trackers for teenagers.

Mgaolo Fitness Tracker Smart Watch has got you covered with all the basics thus you will be seeing the progression towards the fitness goal. 

Verdict For Best Fitness Trackers For Teenagers:

All of the best fitness trackers for teenagers mentioned above are best there in the market according to their price and capability. All the devices share some typical features for tracking fitness.

Some of them are waterproof but be sure to compare the rating before the purchase as some are best for swimming while others are not. It all boils down to your preference and requirement.

If a style with optimum functionality is your priority then do not forget to check Fitbit Inspire HR out. It surely is the slimmest, attractive and budget-friendly tracker which a teenager can get.

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Best Fitness Trackers For teenagers

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