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If you are actively watching your health then the necessity of vitamins must have incurred to you. The body needs to be fed with accurate mineral and vitamins to protect you from several ailments.

Weight loss is a whole process which is not dependent on a single factor. There are several milestones which must be checked for significant results. Simply exercising alone won’t do any good. You need to boost the process with proper diet. An effective diet doesn’t revolve around starving, but around the adequate intake of every essential food group. 

Let’s not re-wire our body program it to get fat. Instead, pour in the best vitamin to set it towards the right function. This post aims to provide you with the best supplements so that your whole system could get back on the right track. 


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Protein Powder

You must have heard of the vital role which protein plays in weight loss. Protein aids in burning calories and that too much faster. It generally gets recommended to add a fist-size protein portion in your every meal for max benefit. Too much to ask for? Sometimes this simple addition with every meal is hard to make, be it for any reason. In that case, protein powder gets you covered.

The powder aids the muscle gaining process while maintaining lean muscle. One doesn’t realize the importance of muscle maintenance which is essential for not allowing a room for fat storage. Protein powder has accumulated love over the years owing to the convenient and ease it offers many for meeting daily protein intake. About 56 grams of protein must be included in a regular diet for availing healthy weight loss benefits. If you are extremely active and indulging yourself in weight lifting while bearing mindfulness for protein then you may just need to add little protein powder for maximizing benefits

Have you heard of in-demand and effective protein powder, Whey protein? This protein has managed to offer significant weight loss benefits. This ingredient contains amino acids which can get absorbed quickly. Thus, the powder shows faster results.
You need to shake up a little and couple the working out sessions with protein, whey protein recommended. This combo will ensure you shed fat and build lean muscle.
Protein powder is recommended as it is highly saturated with protein and with just a toss you can equip your body with the amount it needs.

There has been research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition which concludes the benefits of weight loss whey protein has to offer. study

You would like to go for that protein which tastes heavenly and posses less concentration of sugar and carb. This highly saturated with proteins. The brand is recommended as it meets all the needs!



Heard of glutamine? An amino acid offering crucial weight loss role. If your body lacks glutamine then this can be the reason for not losing weight, despite hitting the gym hard. What happens when your body doesn’t have enough glutamine? Well, the body starts breaking down muscle to get essentially needed amino acids. This break down results in loss of muscle mass.
The addition of glutamine will not only ensure a stream of energy supply but it will also
Glutamine can contribute to your energy supply and that too by bypassing the body’s insulin-induced fat storage. So, don’t crease your forehead as this energy source won’t be multiplying your fat by getting stored in fat storage. Yet our body can use Glutamine for energy.
Other than its ability of sourcing energy without getting stored as fat, glutamine counteract the already heaped dietary fats. Your body is in a constant process of storing fat from the fat sources you pour in. At that time glutamine helps getting rid of it, preventing the storage.
Glutamine supplement is a great way either to kickstart the weight loss journey of push-through the mid-halted one.

Your whole weight loss process can be boosted with these supplements as there have been several research over its usage. There has been a 2014 study which proves that tested subjects, mainly women, lost more pounds with the consumption of glutamine supplements than those who relied only on protein supplements. The subjects were tested for 4 weeks and thus the effectiveness of glutamine supplements for weight loss was concluded.

Want to shoot the level of glutamine naturally? Try to eat spinach, cabbage, and beans daily. If this routine is hard to follow then simply toss in glutamine supplement for the same effect.

Matcha Green Tea

Teas, Teas, and teas. Are you fully equipped by the weight loss benefits which teas, in general, has to offer? All sorts of teas have penned special position in several hearts owing to its effectiveness.

Matcha green tea has already swept the nation with its benefits. Has not it? This tea is saturated with an antioxidant, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which will push your metabolism while also stopping the production of fat cells. Addicted to coffee? This green tea can become a healthy alternative if excessive coffee is fluctuating your blood sugar level. Avail the alertness of caffeine through matcha.

Many are tired of using bags and leaves thus for maximum benefits matcha takes powder form.
The powder is better effective as nothing gets filtered out when it is being made. The tea aids fat loss by boosting metabolism but this alone will not be much effective if you are not pairing its usage with some sort of physical fitness.

Heard of Japanese culinary grade matcha? Yeah, those are quite an expensive one. Well, avail the same health benefits with Chinese brands which equally effective.

Fish Oil

There is a difference between good fats and bad fats. Your body needs Omega-3 fatty acids. To avail the weight loss benefits, balance cholesterol, and improve heath health, you need to make use of fatty acids in a form of fish oil.

How omega-3s help in the weight loss process? Omega-3 functions in a manner which allows the cells to burn fat. They stimulate enzymes in cells which are responsible for fat burning.

Cells get sequenced in a way that they begin targetting fat in the body. Thank this ability of fish oil as one can away with working out and still lose fat, (Unlike in match green tea where you have to pair its consumption with exercise)

Fish oil not only decreases the fat storage, but it minimizes your appetite. One experience a satiated feeling for long after its consumption. This doesn’t mean you skipping the follow-up meal, but it means you eating much less.

Ready to boost your insulin sensitivity? Fish oil is among those fats which your body doesn’t store as fat. Thus, doesn’t increase your overall weight.

One doesn’t easily find a list of wide-ranged foods possessing omega3’s. The consumption of omega3’s saturated foods like nuts and salmon is not quite common.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is responsible for signaling your body whether to go for fat storage or fat burning. Key role right? The low presence of Vitamin D boosts the levels of parathyroid hormone (or PTH) leading towards cells converting sugars into fat instead of energy.
There has been a 2009 study which proves that you are liking to lose more weight by pairing vitamin d diet with low calories one.  Apart from offering weight loss benefits, vitamin D is essential for the absorption and usage of calcium.

Tried spending time out for soaking up vitamin D through the sun? Great but that is not enough for optimum function. There has been reported links between vitamin D and obesity. It is jaw-dropping that about 40% of American face deficiency of vitamin D. This in short mean vitamin D sources are not getting included in the regular meal plan.

Here is a recommended supplement.



Strengthening of bones is our responsibility. “Drink milk for your strong bones,” This is what we have all grown up with. Calcium primarily helps in making our bones strong during the growth face and once fully grown, calcium alternate the role and aids in weight loss.

Include calcium-rich foods in your body to burn more calories. With a correct combination of protein, one can lose up to 350 calories a day.

If you will pair up the usage of calcium with the low-calorie diet then expect to lose about 1750 calories each day and that too without exercise. Keep your body rich in calcium and make helpful addition of these supplements.

There have been studies which prove that low calories diet with high calcium can boost the weight loss process. There have been other studies reported where African Americans, in particular, may avail more weight-loss benefits from high calcium diet.

Sometimes even pouring in a couple of Glasses of milk is not enough. Thus, you need extra calcium supplement of vitamin D. Avail the top-rated here.


Are you aware that overweight owns different gut bacteria than those who are not? All probiotics are not made the same. Some are just better than many in assisting weight loss process. There has been research that proves that Lactobacillus rhamnosus provide much sustainable weight loss. 

Sometimes even more than 50%. If you are wondering how to push more probiotics into your diet then the process is fairly easy. You might have tried Greek Yoghurt or picked veggies like kimchi?

You need to heal your gut today and start taking action for it. Supplement it with probiotics. For getting perfect probiotics, you need to opt for only refrigerated ones. Ensure that packaging you get is well sealed and opaque (protection against light damage). By healing your gut you will be able to lose weight much faster than you think. The healthy source of probiotic is vital not only for weight loss but also for your overall health.

To dig in a much deeper, the probiotic are live microorganisms loaded with health benefits. The microorganism is present inside your stomach. These healthy one produce essential nutrients which you need to function. Divided into two, bacteroidetes and firmicutes, the microorganisms vary in count in different bodies. Obese will have more firmicutes (more weight) while normal ones will have more bacteroidetes. By consuming the probiotics, you are in essence balancing your weight. Heavier ones get back to normal while normal ones can maintain it.


Heard about Carnitine? This amino acid aid plays a vital role in transferring fats in your cells for getting used up as energy. Carnitine plays another role in suppressing the appetite. If you want to get rid of those desperate hunger pangs then carnitine is there for the rescue.
Lack of carnitine means? Fat will get stored instead of getting used up and burn. You surely don’t want to stress over this and want the opposite instead. Thus, carnitine must be included in any of your weight loss plans as it is sure to aid the journey by quickening it. You can experience weight loss plateaus. If you don’t want the journey to halt then make sure to toss carnitine supplement inside your body.

For proper regulation of fats and carbs make sure to use carnitine. This supplement is taken by weightlifter as well.

Olive Leaf Extract

You must have heard of olive oil in the weight loss journey. But have you heard of olive leaf benefits? People have been widely making use of olive leaf extract for flu, infections, and colds. Bur very few know about its magical treatment for weight loss. 

Consumption of this extract means stimulation of a compound present in your thyroid. The compound which plays a key role in shedding your weight much faster than you think. One can mix olive leaf extract is teas. This is not an oil but easy to swallow a pill which can be tossed inconveniently.

You can also try to consume olive oil, by the way, which falls under the category of good fat. The extract is equally good and can be availed for its benefits. 

If you want to properly manage blood glucose levels then this should be included in your plan. Spike of blood sugar level is dangerous in weight loss journey. As it ultimately means storing fat rather than its burn. With stable blood sugar, one will also experience fewer cravings thus farewell to those junky cravings.
For positive weight loss, progress includes this supplement in your diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Haven’t flown with the trend yet? Now is the time to exploit the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar tastes awful but its usage is a great bet in. Absorption of mineral and proper functioning of the digestive system is certainly vital. One will find apple cider vinegar a great source of blocking some of the starch digestion which in turn will promote weight loss.

The starch thus will pass straight without getting absorbed as fat. And the absorption of fat is the last thing which anyone would want in a weight loss process. This tough to swallow ingredient must be diluted with a cup of water else acidity of the vinegar will strangle your tongue. Avail the long term benefits of apple cider vinegar

This contains acetic acid which ensures your body’s pH remains balanced. If you want proper stimulation of thyroid, mobilization of calcium, absorption of mineral and digestion of proteins then avail apple cider vinegar.

Be consistent with it and make sure to go for the organic one.

Vitamin B12

You must have heard of several vitamins. But have you used Vitamin B12 for weight loss? Your body needs red blood cells and this vitamin aids its production. If you do not want to become anemic then it is highly suggested to boost vitamin b12 intake.
You don’t want a thin blood and experience low blood pressure. Thus, expect B12 to absorb vital nutrients from your body and to turn it into energy.

This is not directly linked to burning of calories rather it works on the backend. Vitamin B12 will boost your energy levels by converting food into energy rather than fats. Do you often feel lethargic or shy away from workout sessions owing to fewer energy levels? This can get you shaking!  

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