Green tea weight loss in 1 month |Best green tea to drink

Green tea weight loss in 1 month |Best green tea to drink

The real taste of green tea depends on the way one brews tea. To achieve a perfect brew one needs to ensure that the water does not get overheated or boiled.

The excess boiling in no doubt damages catechins. If you want to achieve a perfect taste then the best approach is to let the boiling water rest for ten minutes.

After giving the water a resting time, you need to pour it over tea leaves. Let the mixture brew for a minute before the filtering process. If you want to see a significant result then at least consume green tea for about a month. 

If you are interested in one easy way to get flat belly then this article is all you need.  

 Green tea and weight loss

 You might have heard that green tea accelerates metabolism thus resulting in weight loss.

If we hint towards the constituents of green tea then it contains caffeine along with antioxidant catechin. These two compounds trigger metabolism, speeding it up. 

Catechin breaks the excess fat sticking to your body and boosts the energy level which your body makes use of.

Just drinking green tea won’t drastically help you lose weight if you won’t couple this practice with exercise and other diet plans. Thus, you need to exercise regularly and improve your eating habits. 

How to consume green tea ?

You should include about 3 cups of green tea in your daily diet, this count is sufficient for aiding weight loss. The amount may differ if you are caffeine sensitive.

If your natural metabolism can support this consumption then go ahead with the number. Many people often consume 5 cups of green tea, so it differs from person to person.

Green tea Weight loss benefits will surface on different levels depending on your body dynamics and activity level.

There are several green tea varieties out there. Some outperform the others. You must have heard of Matcha green tea which offers the richest antioxidants and nutrients.

Many people often go for matcha green tea as the whole leaf is ground in this type of green tea before getting consumed. In other varieties of green leaves are mostly steeped before the tea consumption.

If you are making use of sugar and honey in your green tea then it is not an appreciative way of consuming green tea.

This article has reviewed the best green tea brands out there in the market. There is an amazing green tea available out there in the market.

The best part about green tea is that even if you are not a tea lover, even then you will feel better.

Let’s drill down what each green tea brand has to offer. The flavor of each brand differs as they are sourced from different places and packaged differently.

The green teas mentioned below do not offer restricted usage. Apart from drinking, many use powdered green tea in the cooking as well for incorporating the healthy source in their diet.

Zen Spirit

Zen Spirit is sourced from Japan. The premium ingredients from Organic Matcha Tea are powdered by Ceramic Stone Mills. This fine green tea, which is verified as Vegan, comes in a pack of 100 grams. The organic tea owns antioxidants coupled with powerful ingredients like Amino Acids.

Most of us prefer gluten-free and sugar-free and that is what exactly this green tea is. Healing properties of the green tea get retained as a powdered is formed from full leave, ensuring nutrients retainment


This tea offers diverse benefits. For the tea reduces cholesterol, lowers blood sugar and boosts metabolism. A healthy metabolism is vital for losing weight. If you want to battle against the toxins that can be the source of chronic diseases and other sorts of illness then fine-quality catechins present in green tea will help.

The presence of amino acid offers a slightly sweet taste to the tea. Apart from adding a slight taste to the tea, amino acid serves not only serve to relax your body but also your mind.

This ingredient will not push you towards the boundary high alertness, instead of less caffeine’s effect. This ingredient is also capable of boosting the muscle tension and improving blood circulation. If one hint towards L-Theanine, then this is responsible for providing your mental alertness.


This tea is not only great tasting but also of premium quality. You can throw in this tea in your everyday drinks and other smoothies. This rich in nutrients, zen spirit prevents disease and ensures your health. So if you want to relieve stress and boost up your energy levels then go for Zen Spirit Matcha tea.

Citron Loose Leaf Green Tea

Heard of citron loose leaf green tea by Harney & Sons. The company has been serving for over 30 years and thus offers one of the finest quality available in the market.

With its undenying appreciable aromas accompanied by a satisfactory taste, citron loose leaf green tea does not fail to impress many.


One will not find the presence of strong flavor in this tea. Though it is the combination of subtle orange flavor and citrus flavor which results in an appreciable taste. Marigold petals, orange oil, and Chinese green tea make this brand an organic one. Indeed a healthy alternative to other teas and beverages.


Apart from the subtle aroma and taste of this slight citrus flavored green tea, you will several benefits to count in. .This tea serves the purpose of boosting your metabolism, increasing your circulation, helping in weight loss and relaxing your mind.


This green tea offered in 20 sachets, is a perfect fit for your morning cups. The silken invigorating green tea packs are also the best delight and treat after a dog-tired day.

The Harney & Sons are well-reputed and certified as Kosher thus can be trusted for just their name.

Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea

Twining’s of London is not an unknown name in the tea market. The well-reputed name has not failed to grab attention for its jasmine flavor delight.


Fond of jasmine flowers? The company has blended the flavor and fragrance of this flower into cute little pyramids of green tea sachets. The striking aroma of fresh flowers is the result of picking the jasmine flowers early and then layering it with high-quality tea.

During this process, the petals do not yet open up. But when these flowers surface the petals these scatter a perfumed aroma which then finds its way into the green tea leaves. The tea then incorporates the perfumed fragrance and delivers a soothing floral taste.


Hinting toward the benefits, then this tea offers a cholesterol control property and a way out to preventing cancer. By lowering bad cholesterol, this green tea brand helps in aiding in blood circulation. If you want to avail the full benefits of catechins present within then ensure a perfect brew.


Formed by the essence of natural products, this twining’s of London jasmine green tea accomplishes in offering one of the best tea drinking experience. Green tea does not always make an ideal choice of many for its bitter taste.

But the incorporation of jasmine flower in this tea negates all such causes of not consuming the healthy drink. A refreshing taste does not fail to enhance the overall tea drinking experience, gifting a light mood. The tea gets delivered in boxes of 6 with 20 little sealed sachets of green tea within. 

Yogi Tea

Yogi tea has been here for quite along. It has been serving several health benefits. Yogi tea constitutes natural organic ingredients.

Reflecting on its history, yogi tea is inspired by yogi bhajan who teaches holistic wisdom. Thus the tea is produced in with perfection and infused with subtle, soothing taste. This is one of the best premium quality green tea there in the market.


This tea comprises of antioxidants that get released during the brewing process. The antioxidants present in the tea are powerful enough to fight aging, pollution, stress and other such problems.

Digging further into the antioxidants present, the tea owns amla extract and grapeseed which when coupled with green tea produces potent antioxidants. Hinting towards the taste, then the organic lemongrass contributes a citrus flavor.

On the other hand, jasmine and licorice are responsible for its floral and sweet taste which is a vital flavor for diminishing the bitterness green tea owns.


This tea shares the same benefits which are offered by the other green teas. LIke preventing high cholesterol, lowering blood sugar and enhancing metabolism.


This brand surely makes up the list of one of the best green tea to drink. This is a perfect drink for relaxation. After a dog-tired day, you need a dose of yogi pleasure drink for it soothes your mind apart from aiding weight loss.

Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

This tea is extracted from the gardens of china. Numi tea is sourced from the Hunan province. The tea produced in the region blends the tea leaves with jasmine. These two inseparable pairs work well.


Jasmine offers a beautiful scent and this subtle scent is recreated by infusing green tea leaves thrice in the jasmine flower. This organic tea takes the purest of the form.

This tea is not only vegan certified but gluten-free and carbon-free. This healthy tea is Kosher as well as Halal. Numi teas are not only pesticides free but also free from other harsh chemicals.


The tea comprises of antioxidants which will strengthen your immune system coupled with other health benefits. This tea provides a great chance for an appreciable weight loss.


This healthy chemical-free brand offers a subtle taste with a wonderful fragrance. You will get this tea in biodegradable packaging.

Lipton Green Tea Orange Passionfruit Jasmine

Lipton, one of the best green tea, provides a worth appreciating blend of organic and premium quality ingredients. Lipton green tea offers an exceptional fragrance and taste of passion fruit, jasmine, and orange.


As far as the 100% natural ingredients of Lipton’s tea leaves are concerned then these are grown on their respective manufacturing companies rooted in 35 different countries.

The orange flavor offers sweetness to counter natural bitterness. These ingredients are free from any colorings and other preservatives.


This pack also shares the same green tea benefits like maintaining cardiovascular health by improving vessel functionality and blood circulation. Apart from boosting the alertness, focus and hydration level, this green tea helps you lose weight.


Lipton’s green tea makes a great addition to a weight loss diet. A box offers 20 little parachute tea bags that can be relished upon preference. 

Uncle Lee’s Green Tea

The other brand which sits as a perfect fit for many is uncle lee green tea. This product has been satisfying many for generations thus know what goes into producing the best organic tea.


The thing which sets it apart is extra-large bags coupled with tea leaves. This strong green tea gets sourced from China.

This tea only makes use of natural fertilizer for staying chemical-free and pesticide-free. Each bag constitutes 30 mg caffeine and this quantity is lesser than the one present in the black tea.


This certified organic tea offers premium-quality whole tea leaves for additional health benefits. By availing the exception tea leaves one can achieve an appreciable weight loss at a faster rate, for its higher effectiveness.


This organic product comes in a count of 100. Packed with natural flavor, this preservative-free treat offers only quality for its price.

Alternatively, you can also go for smith teamaker jasmine silver tip blend tea if you are fond of jasmine flavor. This tea is also organically cultivated and offer similar health benefits.


What to Look for When Buying Green Tea

Wondering which factors to look for when buying a tea? One needs to take into account how green tea is processed, the level of caffeine present, what does it taste like and what range of health benefits green tea offers.

To avail the maximum benefits of green tea for weight loss, you need to check how much you consume it and at what time.

Many people accompany their consumption right after every meal, some in the morning and at night. If you will go for tea’s consumption at night then ensure you are doing it for at least 2 hours before hitting the bed, else the caffeine will force you to stare room ceiling whole night.  

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10 kg Weight Loss In One Month | How to lose 10kg in 1 month (17 Steps)

10 kg Weight Loss In One Month | How to lose 10kg in 1 month (17 Steps)

Aiming for 10 kg weight loss in one month? It is surely possible for losing weight is just about the following few principals. By the end of the day, it is just pure math.

Yes, pure math where one needs to burn more calories than one consumes.

Ever heard of rebound weight? Well, you need to avoid this rebound weight no matter what. In doing so you need to lose fat safely.

Follow the steps below for 10 kg weight loss in one month.


Step 1: Flush it all for 10 kg weight loss in one month

If you want to make this 10 kg weight loss in one month effective then go for a fast cleanse. Start your plan with a 24-hour liquid diet. Drinking clear liquids will detoxify you. This will act as a restart and reset your whole body system, flushing the toxins away.

Many go for one-day flushing programs for kick-starting a healthy weight loss journey. If you are supposing that you can’t resist a day without eating then you are wrong. You surely can.

Step 2: Fewer calorie consumption

Are you counting your macros and calories? If you have not started with the tracking procedure then now is the time.

Macros are simply the grams of proteins, carbs, and fats. For 10 ks weight loss in one month, you need to track for at least 30 days.

Bear in mind that target 1000 calorie intake on the day when you are going for high-intensity workouts. For the rest of the days, where cardio exercise dominates, 1200 calorie intake is recommended.

Step 3: Incorporating Interval Eating

Tried intermittent fasting? This is simply providing your digestion machine an ideal time. All you need to do in intermittent fasting is to skip breakfast while compressing your other daily eating into shorter time intervals.

For man, the 8-hour window works the best (start eating at noon and stop at 8 pm) while for women 10-hour window (start eating at noon and stop at 10) suits perfectly. Means man should fast for 16 hours and women for 14 hours.

If you follow intermittent fasting religiously then you can use this method as a way of improving the meals you consume. Many people often prefer this sort of fasting to get rid of their habit of consuming crappy food all day, which multiply their weight.

Step 4: Snacking Window

Are you eating your food slowly and stopping exactly when full?

If your answer is negative for the first and positive for the second then there is some serious concern which you need to deal with. Bear in mind that your body needs half-hour time after the meal consumption to make your less hungry.

These thirty minutes are vital for you can eat several things during this time which is a matter of concern. If you do not want this to happen with you then simply consume healthy low-calorie snacks within those thirty minutes.

Step 5: Tricking your stomach

Strategy 1:

Heard about drinking sugar water once each day? This is purely a hack for it suppresses the production of ghrelin which is a hunger hormone.

Are you questioning the contradiction where on one point this article says no sugar consumption while on the other it is talking about the consumption of sugar water?

Well, in that case, this is an exception that is deliberately added. If you will follow this technique then in no time you will experience a drastic decrease in hunger pangs. Make your diet much easier to stick with by suppressing your overall appetite.

How to implement this strategy?

Well, you need to practice this tip during a fasting period. All you need to do is to grab three glasses of iced water.

Each glass must have not more tablespoon of sugar this will ensure that sugar water will bear very little taste. Nothing must be consumed about an hour before or after this. As you do not want to associate the flavor with this calorie consumption.

Strategy 2:

Tried consuming about five almonds before every meal? If you have not tried this then you will be amazed at how it helps you in eating less. You will feel a bit fuller before a meal and won’t overload yourself. Apart from this science, there is a great nutritional benefit of nuts.

Strategy 3:

Are you staying hydrated? Watch out on your water intake. You need to fill yourself with water for dehydration manipulates your brain and it receives the signal of hunger. Drink water in gallons.

This practice can be made easier if one starts consuming water in different forms like green tea. Try consuming a glass of water before every meal. This will not only help you in hydration but this process will also aid you in eating less, for you will feel fuller even if you have space.

Step 6: Go Shaking

You need to pay attention to the sort of workout you are performing. These must not only be short but intense as well.

Separate your cardio and resistance training by specifying days for each. Give at least 25 minutes to your body in this calorie-burning process.
You can perform weight training in two ways.

Reserve 3 days for full-body resistance training or either reserve 5 days where you will be splitting the body parts workout. If you will be not be joining a gym for this weight training then it is recommended that you get resistance bands, yoga mat, adjustable dumbbells, and a pull-up bar.

You can also avail two alternatives for cardio. Many recommend going for 45 minutes steady cardio where they simply maintain an acceleration that they can sustain. The next option is to avail of short yet intense sprint workouts.

Apart from these ways, you can additionally go for very short body-weight workouts. But bear in mind that such exercise needs to be the first thing in the morning. Remember this is a form of additional workout which will multiply the effectiveness of 10 kg weight loss in one month.

If you can not practice body-weight as a first thing in the morning then go for an alternative. Practice a 20-minute moderate cardio workout as this will kick-start your day with great energy.

Step 7: Go an extra mile of 500 calories

Burn extra calories. Yes, you need to burn an extra 500 calories per day. This is vital. Whatever is your current weight loss process, you need to go the extra mile from it and aim for an additional 500 extra calories.

Apart from your cardio and weight training, you need to burn additional calories. Simply burn those calories by walking at 3.5 mph. This rate will easily burn your 400 calories. If you love cycling then a of 18 mph speed will get your 800 calories burnt per hour.

You need to target this additional calorie technique. Bear in mind that a high percentage of the obese population is aware of the calorie deficit game.

But no one just pushes the extra mile. If you will burn the extra 500 calories then expect a significant weight loss results and that too fast. If you truly want a decent result then go for an extra 500 calories. So the first rule is to go calculating your calorie deficit through any calculator.

Step 8: Incorporating Unusual Practice

Has anyone ever told you that exposing yourself to cold will help you burn more energy as heat? If not then now is time. You need to consider drinking ice water.

Go for cold showers. Many people often consume cayenne pepper over salads just before the cold bath and guess what this unusual tip does the trick and helps significantly in fat burning. 

Step 9: Don’t Doze off

We all feel extremely lazy and hungry after sleeping don’t we? But you need to do the opposite for fighting weight gain.

Go for a short walk or spend some time doing pushups. Why this process is effective for weight loss? You need to realize that any activity after food consumption will trigger GLUT-4 receptors which in turn will ensure that the fat store does not mount.

This food will rather be used up by your muscles. That’s exactly what we all want.

Step 10: Hit the bed early

Are you sleeping for at least 7 hours? Bear in mind that sleep owns an indirect relation with the weight loss process.

You need to sleep so that you could eliminate the lethargic feeling which will tire you up long before you start exercising. Better sleep will ensure that you could move around more and burn calories.

If you need proper appetite regulation then your program of 10 kg weight loss in one month should focus on sleeping patterns.

Step 11: Triple Rs: Religiously Respect Restrictions

Stay away from alcohol for it is saturated with unhealthy calories. These calories will disrupt your sleep and drag you away from 10 kg weight loss in one month goal.

Fond of sugar? Well, you need to eliminate not only sugar but all sugar-related liquids. Even maintain a large distance from the condiments and other sauces that may contain hidden sugar.

If you are still tossing white stuff into your plate then 10 kg weight loss in one month is hard. Haven’t you heard that white flour is your biggest foe? What else is out? All the white stuff. You need to bid farewell to white rice, white pasta, white pieces of bread and potatoes for they will stick to your body. You need to go for replacements. Find the brown alternatives as this will boost your 10 kg weight loss in a month process.

Step 12: Design a boosting system for 10 kg weight loss in one month

Streamline a system for yourself so that it could make your 10 kg weight loss in one month goal much easier. You need to constantly remind yourself of a mission. Remember you are not fat, but you have fats.

1) All you need to do is to click your before picture and paste it over your personal space. This motivation drill is vital for it reminds you of your health.

2) Apart from this picture drill, you need to surround yourself with people who encourage you. Social environment plays a vital role thus it impacts your success. Fitness groups provide a great chance where you can interact with other individuals who are in the same weight loss process. Forums are a great way of interactions that will make you stick with your goals.

3) Another motivation drill is to keep workout and other weight loss apps. The last vital aspect to stay in a system is Meal planning. It is vital for 10 kg of weight loss in one month.

Do you realize why many diet and weight loss programs fail? Well, the real reason lies in inconsistency. One does not remain consistent in conscious meal planning and meal preparation.

This world is a busy place where no one has enough time. But the key here is to prepare a meal in bulk for this will make the diet and weight loss plan easy to follow.

Don’t let no time hinder your weight loss journey. Even Many busy people who indulge themselves in work for 60 hours per week remain in shape, so why can’t you?

4) You need to keep a food journal for an effective weight loss plan. The inclusion of a food journal in 10 kg weight loss in a month plan will help you a great deal.

Bear in mind that you need to do mindful eating and for that, you can underestimate the power of jotting down what you consume.

Step 13: Find other root causes

Heard of bloating or experienced it? Well, this is a fairly common problem but the issue is that many are not aware that they are bloating.

There can be a huge probability that you are carrying water weight. Your body might also be holding gas. The simplest approach is to stay away from the foods which are causing such an effect.

Confused what are such foods? Well, bid farewell to carbonated drinks and high-in-sodium foods.

Step 14: Cheat but be wise

Who does not cheat? Hold on, I was only referring to diet! You are bound to cheat but at least cheat wisely. Keep a record of what you are eating on your cheat day.

The idea is that you do not want to destroy the discipline which you form in this 10 kg weight loss in a month plan.

Step 15: Feedback of 10 kg weight loss in one month

Are you weighing yourself each day? You need to weigh yourself every day. Bear in mind that for long term diet plan it is not vital to jump on the weight scale every next day.

But when you are going for short term goals, you need to weigh yourself each day. The feedback loop in vital. Treat this as your business.

A downward trend on the weighing scale will ensure that you are heading towards the correct trend but if things are different then you seriously need to analyze your current diet plan.

Switch your weight loss plans as it can be the case that one plan which might work for someone may not work for you.

Step 16: Stick like a leech . . . to a meal plan

Finally, stick to a diet plan. You can not achieve a 10 kg weight loss in one month without draping yourself under the shelter of an effective weight loss diet. The key to select a meal plan is consistency.

There are a few questions which you should ask yourself before picking a diet plan. You need to ask yourself whether you will be sticking with it for long.

If you can repeat the plan for the next 30 days without getting bored or quitting in a midway then a green signal for it. Else just rethink your options. Ask the question of convenience to yourself.

Below are a few suggestions which you can take into account while deciding your 10 kg weight loss in a month plan. This article suggests a few of the weight loss diet plans which you may want to opt for.

Last Step 17: Consistency in 10 kg weight loss in one month

Why do people experience rebound weight and a slow metabolic rate? Well, this is largely because, in the weight loss process, they tend to lose muscle mass rather than the actual fats which must be targeted.

To overcome this problem the maintenance of good nutrient balancing is a must. All you need to do is stay consistent with the fitness plan you are following.

You do not need to starve yourself for a starvation diet and have never done any good to anyone. 

Final words to lose 10 kg of weight loss in one month:

To sum it all up, the best weight loss approach is:

  • curb your appetite by the methods mentioned above
  • go the extra mile and burn an additional 500 calories apart from regular workout
  • to stay committed to a suitable meal plan

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Chia seeds for weight loss | How to lose weight with chia seeds

Chia seeds for weight loss | How to lose weight with chia seeds

Wondering about the taste of chia seeds?

It is bland and can blend well with many recipes. If you are thinking of the easiest way then try combining chia seeds with water or juice.

There is one thing which you need to bear in mind and that is to let seeds fully expand.

Eating chia seeds dry is not recommended as one will experience difficulty in swallowing. Apart from swallowing issue, chia seed is not a recommended option for it causes a blockage in the esophagus.

The other simple additions of chia seeds can be made in oatmeal, salads, smoothies, soup, yogurt, bread, muffins, pudding, and baked goods. When using chia seeds, remember the more seeds you use and the longer they sit, the thicker the final product.

Let’s talk about WEIGHT LOSS which is in essence FAT LOSSChoosing to do nothing about your increasing weight has consequences. So, ignoring the problem doesn’t solve it.  

 What Most People Do is they verge on a weight loss journey without setting up any definite target . . . That is a huge mistake. You need to give yourself a challenge. 

I can recommend experts who exactly knows what it takes to dissolve that stubborn Ugly Fat .

I have been recommending Todd since ages! You probably have heard about his 21 day belly fix. A proven program that is that is availed by thousands all across the world deserves your attention today. 

Back to the Point! If you do not need immediate or drastic weight loss then you can cling to home remedies like using CHIA SEEDS. 

If you aren’t a fan of the texture of chia seeds, blend them to your preferred consistency. Let’s dig into more such details:

1- Do chia seeds help you lose weight? Will chia seeds help with weight loss? Chia seeds for weight loss:

This is the most general question which needs to get addressed. Let’s address this. Well, chia seeds are saturated with fiber, omega-3 fats, nutrients, and antioxidants.

You will also notice the reduction of inflammation with chia seeds. Include this additional source of calcium and protein in your diet. Consistent usage will give you a boost in the weight loss journey but don’t expect to shed pounds with it.

2- Are chia seeds good for diabetics?

There has been preliminary research done which suggests that this omega-3 fat source could help people with diabetes. There is the possibility of chia seeds controlling blood sugar and protecting hearts.

3- Are chia seeds paleo?

Yes, chia seeds are paleo along with flax, sesame, pumpkin and hemp seeds. One may already know that the paleo diet aims to balance omega-3 fatty acids with omega-6s.

4- Are chia seeds gluten-free?

One may get concerned about the dosage of protein which chia seeds provide. But don’t worry as these are gluten-free.

5- Are chia seeds safe to eat?

This is absolutely a valid question which should not be ignored. These oval and tiny seeds should not be consumed in a dry or raw form. If you are properly consuming them then these are safe.

6- Can chia seeds be eaten without soaking can chia seeds be eaten raw?

Well, it is not an absolute necessity to soak chia seeds overnight before consumption. One can consume it safely without soaking.

But if you will soak it then, without doubt, get ready to experience added benefits. One should consider eating chia seeds in a dry manner only to ease acid reflux.

Dry chia seeds are capable of absorbing the acid. But ideally, consume chia gel by adding it to protein shakes and smoothies. Bear in mind that the chia seeds tend to swell up a little once you eat. You will also find them crunchy.



7- Can chia seeds cause constipation?

Chia seeds will not cause constipation if you will follow certain rules during its consumption.

Tip 1: Be slow
It is better to consume chia seeds slowly. You need to realize that gel-like chia seed is different from most of the foods.

Thus, give your body some time to adjust the texture. If you have decided to incorporate chia seeds into your diet then ensure to start with small while increasing the consumption gradually.

You will not experience gastrointestinal side effects if you start slow. Bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and hard stools are only experienced by those who will load their stomach with chia seeds.

Tip 2: Use a Smaller Dose
The best bet is to start taking a smaller dosage. Now the recommended dosage means minimum 2 tablespoon and maximum 6 tablespoon a day.

Even these suggested doses may not suit many. In that case, the best bet will be to stick with 1 or 2 teaspoons, until the stomach gets used to.

Tip 3: Up Your Water Intake
Many people who can not avail the benefits of chia seeds drink very less water. If you want to completely prevent the gastrointestinal side effects then the best tip is to boost your water intake.

You need to realize that these tiny seeds will do that trick and suck up all the moisture left in your body.

Thus, you need to compensate for the loss by taking in more water. Try drinking fruit juices, or herbal teas if you are finding ways to fulfill the requirement of your body. Don’t go for liquid drinks which have dehydrating properties like energy drinks and coffee.

Tip 4: Soak the Seeds
You will be amazed by how soaking the seeds will help you further. By pre-soaking the fluid-absorbing seeds you are limiting the chance of chia seeds to absorb water from your body. (as during the soaking process they get to absorb most of the fluid).

If you can’t soak chia seeds for overnight then the best approach would be to soak them for at least 15 minutes before consumption.

8- Can chia seeds cause bloating?

You must have seen these tiny seeds expanding in the smoothies. Well, they perform similarly in your stomach. Yeah, you can visualize it.

So the best bet is to use pre-soaked chia seeds so that could expand in the liquid. Let a teaspoon of chia seed soak up in 9 teaspoons of water.

9- Can chia seeds help constipation?

There is ongoing research about easement of constipation through chia seeds. These gel-like chia seeds contain soluble fiber thus it can be tolerated by the ones who have IBS.

It has not been proven yet but it is expected from chia seeds to help in stool formation and to make it easy to pass.

10- How chia seeds burn fat?

Given that chia seeds are high in fiber, protein, and omega-3s, they may reduce your risk of heart disease.

Rat studies have shown that chia seeds can lower certain risk factors, including triglycerides, inflammation, insulin resistance, and belly fat.

11- Chia seeds when pregnant / chia seeds and pregnancy?

If you are wondering whether chia seed can be consumed during pregnancy or not then the short answer is: YES. This excellent dietary source contains fiber and one needs an adequate amount of fiber during pregnancy.

If you want to prevent bouts of constipation during pregnancy due to GI changes then the best bet would be to include chia seeds.

12- When to eat chia seeds for weight loss?

For your knowledge, there is research which suggests that one must consume 30 grams of fiber to lose weight accompanied by a suitable weight loss diet.

So 2 tablespoons are giving you about 10 grams of fiber already. Thus, about 40 % of intake almost gets met. And that too with ease.

Which chia seeds are best for weight loss? Which chia seeds are best black or white?
A question of best chia seeds is not new.

If you will go for black chia seeds then they are saturated with higher protein content. Whereas the white chia seeds contain a slightly higher level of ALA omega-3 fatty acid.

13- Which chia seeds to buy?

If you don’t want to quiz your mind about choosing the chia seed in the superstore then the best bet is to go with this best-reviewed.  

14- Why are chia seeds a superfood?

Concerned why chia seeds are a superfood? Well, these are super antioxidants which comprise of different phytochemicals. These contain anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
Secondly, these posses plant-based omega 3 (60% of its oil ) which is vital for heart health.
Chia seed is also considered as super-food because it owns plant-based protein.

This is a very uncommon specialty. You can avail all the 9 vital amino acids, what else do you want? Lastly, they are super-rich in fiber (about 37%). For maintaining a healthy digestive system, blood sugar control, and proper heart health you need this fiber source.

15- Chia seeds for weight loss drink?

Wondering how to make easiest chia seed drink for weight loss. Add ¼ cup of chia seed to about 4 cups of water and let the mixture sit for about 15-30 minutes.

You can always add flavor to the drink by adding chopped fruit in. You can even squeeze a lemon in for additional flavor.

16- Chia seeds and flax seeds? Chia seeds versus flax seeds?

Well, both chia and flax seeds are rich in protein and omega3 fats. Flax seeds additionally contain more copper, potassium, and copper.

If you are confused about whether you should go for flaxseed or chia then it depends on your need, as you know that both of them are more nutritious.

Chia seeds are best if you want a high amount of fiber, iron, and bone-strengthening minerals (calcium & phosphorus). While preferring flax seed for slightly more omega-3s.

17- What chia seeds taste like?

To be precise, Chia seeds have a nutty flavor thus they can be well-blended int savory dishes as well as to the sweet ones.

One will appreciate the subtle taste which they have to offer. If you have tasted alfalfa sprout then you will sense the same taste. These are dense and crunchy when taken in the raw form.

18- Connection of chia seeds and diabetes?

There is a connection with the consumption of chia seeds and diabetes. You already know that chia contains fiber which slows down the process of absorption of sugar in the blood.

So, the consumption of chia seeds in moderate amount ensures a balance check of the blood sugar levels. Indeed helpful for diabetic patients.

19- Connection of chia seeds and blood pressure?

Chia seeds play a role of blood thinner, owing to the omega-3 fatty acids. If you are not already aware then omega-3 fatty acids also help to decrease the blood pressure.

So, if you want to enhance the overall activity of your blood pressure then include chia seeds in your diet.

20- Relation of chia seeds and almond milk?

If you do not want to consume chia seeds with water then try availing its benefit with almond milk.

All you need to do is to soak about ¼ cup of chia seed into a cup of almond milk. You need to soak for about 20 minutes or when you think they together made a chewy texture.

If you are a busy person and you want to batch soaked chia seeds for reusing then you can refrigerate it for 5 days.

21- Relation of chia seeds and coconut milk?

You can also avail the benefits of chia seeds with coconut milk. This indeed makes a very tasty drink.

All you need to do is to mix unsweetened coconut milk, agave nectar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and salt in a bowl. Then just pour the chia seeds over.

Lastly, stir well. You should wait for about 20 minutes before consumption. Or you can refrigerate it overnight but make sure to cover the bowl with plastic wrap.

22- Chia seeds vs hemp seeds?

If you are lost in the battle that whether you should go for hemp hearts or chia seeds then this depends on your need.

Narrowing it a bit further, if you need to add a higher percentage of protein source then morning smoothies with the addition of hemp hearts will fit well.

All you need to do is add about 3 tablespoons of hemp heart in your diet and it will be equal to proteins you get in 2 eggs.

Whereas, if you want to boost your body with vitamins and minerals then add chia seed to your diet.

Chia seeds are also a great source of proteins but hemp seeds outperform in this need. If you have verged on a journey of dairy-free diet then chia becomes essential. For it provides a load of calcium.

23- How to use chia seeds with yogurt?

One can avail the nutrients which chia seeds have to offer by mixing it in the yogurt. Chia seed added to yogurt will retain slight crunchiness.

24- Link of chia seeds bodybuilding?

If you are into fitness, then the essential need for protein for bodybuilding must have struck your head. With a decent protein percentage, Chia seeds offer an easy way for sailing on a high protein diet.

25- What are chia seeds calories per tablespoon?

Let’s drill the nutritional value which chia seeds have to offer. Your body will gain 139 calories, 9 -grams fat, 11-gram fiber, 12 -grams carb, 4-grams of protein and a load of mineral & vitamins in two tablespoons of chia seeds.

26- What is chia seed and lemon for weight loss recipe?

Now, finally, a practical drink that works very well for weight loss. You can add this powerful drink in your diet and lose weight effortlessly. The great part is the elimination of dehydration as you are filling yourself up with lemonade.


  • 2 liters of lemon juice
  • ½ cup of chia seeds
  • 250 ml of water


All you need to do is toss ½ cup of chia seeds into 250 ml of water (15 minutes). Once you notice an increase in size, filter the water and keep the seeds. Turn to drop those seeds in 2 liters of lemon juice. Ready to drink?


Ideally, consume it for about four times a week. Skip the other week and prepare this nutritional drink again the following week. Repeat this alternatively.

If your mind is not already loaded with the nutritional value of lemon then let’s dig into some of its benefits for weight loss.

Benefits of the lemon for weight loss

  • Lemon contains metabolites called flavonoids which work to remove the fat present in the blood.
  • Best for cleaning toxins
  • Being alkaline, lemon juice offers better digestion.
  • Ideal to treat bloating
  • Contain soluble fiber “pectin” which prevents huger.

Benefits of chia seeds to lose weight

  • Chia seeds boost metabolism (help get rid of the fat present at waist and abdomen)
  • A load of calcium provides easy digestion
  • Decreases anxiety and generates satiety
  • Treats bloating
  • Great for bowel regulation for it contains fiber

This is not a magical drink which will make you shed pounds and pounds overnight. This is the best assistance which you can get in your weight loss process. Just pair its usage with weight loss diets that work. Now lose weight without additional suffering.

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Step-By-Step: How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days? [PROVEN KILLER WAY]

Step-By-Step: How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days? [PROVEN KILLER WAY]

Excited to know how to lose belly fat in 10 days? Just Aim and get ready to lose weight fast at home  . . . flat stomach with whole body transformation at your service!

So, I was scanning several resources which could give easy to follow, logical and coherent plan for weight loss. One of the books caught my attention as it offered a really simple way of achieving significant weight loss. It was referred to as spike diet.

Generally, many diets seem to fail. Why? Well, they will rightly work for few months by making you shed extra pounds but then what? STALLED PROGRESS!

That stagnant weight! Well, but I have heard that this diet gives permanent continual progress owing to the way it is designed. The best thing while reviewing this diet is that you don’t have to give up on your favorite foods instead, you can enjoy everything and lose more than 50 pounds in just 6 months.

Are you like, “6 months! Oh, this is too long and I want quick results.”

(Don’t worry, you will start seeing great results within days! But not the complete ones)

Well, the spike diet is the whole lifestyle change where you don’t have to change the foods you eat. Thus 6 months is the safe time duration for witnessing significant results.

Don’t get disappointed, as there is another highly recommended way which is a quick fix to lose weight in less than a month with guaranteed results.

You can expect to shed ??? pounds in just 21 days by flat belly fix challenge. This is the only challenge which I have been recommending for ages now. I know that it works. Proven results by Todd, else money back.

For quick, scientifically proven and safe weight loss you need to invest in yourself. Tossing approx. $30 is not quite a big investment which you will be making on yourself.

But If you can stick around for six months then scan through the methods adopted in the spike diet.
Fair enough!

This diet plan was designed by following it by himself and following bodybuilders, nutrition experts, and other medical studies.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

This spike diet , one of the best way to know how to lose belly fat in 10 days,  is a continual plan which you will follow every six days. You do not have to dig into a complication of counting pounds rather you just have to focus on today!

One of the best parts which I found about the spike diet is that you will not feel guilty while enjoying the foods you love as these are vital for keeping this diet functional.

You are on a weight loss journey which means that you have heard of the term metabolism. Decided.

If you are overweight then there is a high chance that you own low resting metabolism. You need to pay attention to this RMR (resting metabolic rate or low resting metabolism) for controlling your weight. This is what will yield you results.

Have you ever envied those people who eat a lot but they don’t even gain a pound? Know why? Well, because they own a very high metabolism.

By now you must have realized that it is the game of metabolism after all.

A good diet will never be that restrictive as the ones which are too restrictive are not workable for long. This is the reason why only 1% of people lose weight permanently in such diets.

What we do when we are bored? Eat. What we do when we are sad? Eat. What we do when we are happy? Eat. So fond stuffing in right!

This emotional overeating will not only stop with the spike diet but will get limited so that your body could function effectively, resulting in significant weight loss.

Let’s see how you can maximize your body’s metabolism.

Calorie deficit is the closest answer but in a different way. In this diet you will not consume a fixed amount of calories each day, instead, follow different number so that you could spike your metabolism which in turn would avoid all the possible diet plateaus. This phenomenon is vital for permanent weight loss.

Features of Spike Diet

Well How to lose belly fat in 10 days? Let’s dig in spike diet’s main features.

Weight lifting: Are you scared of weight lifting? Well, don’t be. You need to befriend. If you own this general and very common perception that weight lifting will just strengthen your muscles and tone it up then this is not it.

By lifting you will burn much more calories than doing aerobics, owing to its afterburn process. (where your body stay in calories burning mode for 48 hours even after the workout).

By adopting weight lifting you will be burning calories at a much higher rate as your muscles will break and get repaired. Weight lifting is exceedingly vital for fat-loss and you can even do it as home, no need to strike the gym.

The other feature of this diet is that you vary your calorie intake daily. You will have your high days and low ones.

By altering the number of calories, you will be burning fat efficiently.

Are you like if there will be high days (where you will be consuming more calories than usual) then won’t it disturbs the whole weight loss journey?

The truth is true that high days will make your low days very effective.
For clearing it all up: Your high day equals your RMR, Low day equals RMR minus 500-750 calories.

Are you questioning where does spike come in? Yeah, so finally. You will have a day in a week termed as Spike Day.

This idea of a spike is not the same as a cheat day. You have no idea how beneficial it is for you. Your all the cravings will get satisfied and diet will get reset for the next week.

The above mentioned high and low days are only for six days and on the 7th day, you have this spike day where you can gulp all your favorite foods.

What are the rules?

The rule is simple: You will have at least two and max three “high days” during the six-day plan. The rest are without doubt your low days. (means RMR minus 500-700 calories) The 7th day is spike day.

Role of RMR:

So let’s see what RMR can do for us? It is the initial starting point of the whole plan and the spike diet completely revolves around it.

You do not have to dig into maths! After all How to lose belly fat in 10 days is not that hard! Gone are those days when numbers used to bother you by dancing across the whole paper! This calculator will get you your RMR just with a click. Fill in the essential information.

For making things clear for once and for all:
High-calorie day: RMR
Low-calorie day: RMR – 500 calories
Spike day: RMR times 2

Low-calorie day essentials:

Now if the resulting calories are below 1200 then don’t go for it. Ensure that on a low day you at least consume about 1200 calories.

Confused? Well, if your RMR is 1300 then minus 500 from it, which is 800 daily allowance.

You should not only consume 800 calories as it is really less.

Rather eat 1200 calories throughout the day and burn 400 calories additionally so that in essence your body gets only 800!

If you will have a high RMR from the beginning then you won’t need to do cardio for making up the difference in the first place. (Questioning how to get High RMR? By getting developing more lean muscles)

Eat and write

You have to maintain a log if you want to lose belly fat in 10 days , also  you  will remember your calories and workouts! You need this to maintain your overall progress. You will realize that logging makes a great difference. It can sound tedious but you can even use your notepad for doing this!

What to eat? Diet Plan?

By now you have an idea of the calories that should be consumed on a high day, low day and spike day. But what you should be consuming. The rule is simple:
Include more proteins and carbs (fiber). Don’t exclude any food group but just keep an account of the calories.

On low days you should try to consume a lot of fruits and veggies as they will keep you fuller while adding up to less number of calories! Include a fist-size protein with every meal as it helps building muscles and muscles are vital for weight loss!

There are several diet plans out there which you can follow according to your feasibility but the key is that follow the blueprint mentioned in this article.
You just have to focus on remaining full, healthy, satisfied and excited!


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Importance of spike day

The spike day will keep your motivation high as you will be waiting for this day of the week to strike. This is the reason why this plan of How to lose belly fat in 10 days is much easier.

Why this plan of How to lose belly fat in 10 days  is vital?

You need to prevent the diet plan from backfiring, which can easily do if your metabolism drops to an inappreciable level. Thus you will not be taking this chance and with a spike, day boosting it up again.

Remember drop in metabolism is the key reason why several diets fail. Other diets can drop your metabolism to 40 % by restricting you which is going to lead your weight loss goals nowhere.

Spike diet will not allow your body to adapt to low-calorie intake. Instead of throwing it into starvation mode, the spike diet will compensate the losses.

Spike day will remind you that you are not in the middle of a famine!

You might have known about glycogen (stored glucose in our muscle) These muscles deplete as we diet which is required for workouts. Don’t worry as Spike day will restore it! The extra calories which you will be consuming will for the restoration of glycogen.

You will realize that your best workouts will be on the day followed after spike day. Why? As you will be loaded up with extra great energy! You will have the strength after the spike day to exercise with full potential. On that day you will be able to burn all the excess calories gained on spike day!

In short spike, the day is there for you so that you go back to normal mode and could burn more body fat in the next six days to come.

This is the energy day where you will restore vital muscle glycogen. You need to turn your body into a fat-burning machine and for that, you will have to charge it up by restoring glycogen.

You have no idea of the importance of this spike day on your diet plan. Calories surplus is the absolute necessity. Easily attainable calorie plan which is RMR multiply by 2. Make sure that you are cheating throughout the day as one cheat meal is not enough.

Hey, I Have a question!

Are you concerned that you will only be eating healthy foods on spike day? Well, not necessarily. You can consume pizzas.

Yeah, you read it right! You can dig into pizzas, cakes, and cookies. You can eat it all without having that guilt striking.

It is not a junk day though, you can eat whatever you want. Just remember your goal which is calories surplus. I THINK THIS DIET IS GOING TO BE FUN! Because you can consume the forbidden!

Exercise Routine!

Bear in mind that you have to indulge yourself in exercise every day. Simply do cardio for 45 minutes, drink protein whey and do weight lifting for another 45 minutes. You can reduce the time on low days as you will have low energy stored in your body.

As far as exercising during this spike day is concerned then doing cardio is not recommended as you will be defeating the purpose. You have to stay on calories surplus.

You need to exercise maximum on high days as during those days more energy is available in your body for getting used up.

Final Words About How to lose belly fat in 10 days:

This diet plan of How to lose belly fat in 10 days seems to provide a logical blueprint thus I can sense it will work. Tell me what do you think in the comments! If you want to get proper diet plan then you can dig further into Russell Branjord’s book of Spike Diet.

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lose weight fast in a month (2) (1)

31 New Tips for weight loss for women| Fitness tips of the day

31 New Tips for weight loss for women| Fitness tips of the day

 Want some quick fitness tips of the day for losing weight fast. You can use this article as a checklist and see if you are following some basics which are essential for trimming down.

Next most important thing is that If you are not investing in yourself and relying on inconsistent weight loss schedule then you are fighting against time, which will yield no significant change.

So set a target today! If the only thing you get is expert tips for weight loss for women and insider understanding of dissolving your fat then you can expect scientific miracles. 

I can recommend experts who exactly knows what it takes to dissolve that stubborn Ugly Fat. I have been recommending Todd sinces ages! You probably have heard about his 21 day belly fix challenge. A proven program that deserves your attention today. 

Let’s dig into 31 quick tips now!


 “Short & Quick Tips

1- Have your mind ever gotten confused as what ‘Net Carb‘ is? Well, you may already know that fiber is a carb but when it comes to net carb then this doesn’t include fiber, as these don’t get digested. Start including fiber in your diet.

2- Do you feel the burn after working out? Those sore muscles? Well, that is a result of produced lactic acid. You may not like it, but it is vital for producing growth hormone release. Soring is normal so gives your muscle time to heal and regrow before jumping again into HIIT.

3- Are you including protein with every meal? If not then start doing it! 

4- Do you drink at least 64 ounces of water every day? It should be preferably cold water.

5- Are you staying away from white death? I meant starches and other sugary delights?

6- Do you consume low carb, high protein stuff before bed? If not yet, then do so.

7- Indulged in weight training yet? You must engross yourself in not just aerobic exercises but also anaerobic ones.

8- Are you consuming healthy calories after your workout sessions? If not then grab immediately after it.

9- Do you often feel hunger pangs that destroy your diet plan? Try grabbing a mint gum and chew it to ease your habitual overeating habit. Mint flavor is preferred. Why? It works very well in ruining the taste of other items eaten after thus you will not even feel like stuffing any other edibles!

10- Want to know any other way of suppressing appetite and avoiding hunger pangs?? Try drinking a big glass of iced water and you are good to go!

11- Want to know the method of avoiding insulin spikes? Eat proteins + Fiber!

12- You can control your metabolism fully and have it boosted throughout the day. How? Well, the solution lies in consuming at least 6 meals a day. Tips for weight loss for women stress upon ‘frequency’ a lot. Frequency is a key but make sure that your calorie deficit plan in line. The frequent meals will also soothe your unhealthy cravings.

13- Need a quick fresh start of the morning with optimum metabolism rate running in place? You need to consume iced water with whey protein. EASY!

14- Are you aware that not all fats are bad? There is a difference between saturated fats and unsaturated ones. Thus, never eliminate the consumption of omega 3 and omega 6. Need some good fats? Start consuming fish oil and flaxseed oil

What about bad fats? A single gram of fat has 9 calories! A lot right! As far as proteins and carbs are concerned then you intake only 4 calories. So be mindful of fats from today.

15- Are you working your sweat off in the gym but yielding no results? Let’s fix what is going wrong.

16- Do you consume a balanced meal for about two or an hour before exercising? Even try including a small snack like banana and apple before a workout.

17- Are you performing weight lifting before a cardio workout? If not then try doing this. More over consume a whey isolate drink with vitamin water after a workout but before cardio.

18- Tried Intensity workouts? You need to have the intensity and focus during a workout for don’t overdo the timings. The best approach is to split up the body parts exercise and not spend more than 45 minutes a day.

 15- Do you dislike that fishy taste? Well, you can get yourself fish oil caps for supplementing your body with vital fats.

16- You should get yourself a pedometer and start moving. You need to give the metabolism a boost thus walking is vital. All you need to do is set a goal of only 10,000 steps and you are good to go! (yes, it is only!)

17- Do you drink milk before bed? Well, if not then try it. Don’t like milk? Dig into eggs or meat as these all are those proteins which are slow indigestion. This will keep your metabolism busy while you dream.

18- Are you aware of the importance of getting proper sleep for weight loss? If not then you are missing out an opportunity! Get 7-8 hours sleep for burning max calories through basal metabolism.

19- You know your goal that you need to consume fewer calories and burn more. This goal becomes very easy if you start splitting your calories into many meals. Just increase the frequency of your meals and you will notice how easy it is to follow calories in Vs calories out!

20- Make sure that you are not boycotting any particular food group as your body needs a balanced proportion of them. I’m sure you’re with me on this one!

21- Wonder what causes plateaus in fat loss journey? Your power saves or starvation mode. When you starve, you are in essence slowing down the metabolism which leads to stalled weight loss.

22- If you are finding out a way to avoid hunger pangs then you should try consuming more protein and high in fiber foods.

23- Fitness tips of the day suggests that you need to start reading the labels carefully if you have long stayed unconscious about that. Why? You owe a responsibly towards your body! Start reading about different Make sure to log everything~

24- All you need is a proper disciple and consistency in your weight loss journey and you are all set to accomplish the ideal body composition.


Persue Perfection in workouts!

  • Consume 100 calories of healthy carbs (e.g banana) before warming up.
  • After warming up, dig in weight training for the next 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Then consume a protein shake
  • Dive into cardio for another 30-45 minutes.
  • Consume meal within an hour!
  • Tried HIIT yet. If not then dig into it today!

25- Another great type of cardio workout to burn body-fat is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT); which is 30-second intervals of high-intensity cardio, like sprinting, followed by 30 seconds of low intensity like walking or jogging 20. Do the 30-second intervals of fast then slow for 8-15 minutes. Tips for weight loss for women keeps this on the top for, this type of exercise is great because it burns a lot of calories after the fact with a metabolism boost.

26- Are you waiting long after workouts? What are you waiting for! Dig straight into a balanced meal!

27- Many of the fitness tips of the day tells that there is a high probability that your body parts remain sore for long after a workout. Why does that happen? The body is re-building the muscle while resting which mean resting is vital. As you do not want to tear it down again before recovering by starting over-training again.

Use fast acting whey protein:

28- Many people do not realize is how critical it is to consume whey protein after working out. You need to bear in mind that after an intense workout body starts feeding on your muscles. And you surely don’t want that as more muscle = high metabolism!

So just pump yourself up with amino acids and you are good to go!

You might have realized by now that how important is whey protein in giving you strength and a lean muscle mass.

Whey protein has the highest biological value found in any protein which simply means the easiest absorption level. It is not a hard nut to crack to consume about 40 grams of whey protein post-workout.

The other approach which fitness tips of the day tells you to do is ‘take whey protein first thing in the morning’ as this will give your body a boost which has been into the starvation boy while you slept.

Ignored Glutamine?

29- Heard of glutamine? It aids the development of muscle mass and for offering strength. Excessive workout depletes the glutamine stored in the body thus it needs to get balanced.

Fat Burners for the rescue!

30- Many of the fitness tips of the day assume that you already know that there are several fat burners out there which can surely boost your energy level and help you suppress your appetite. But guess what I realized just in the nick of time, if you need a boost in metabolism while maintaining great focus throughout the day then toss in some fat burner! These work like a charm!

(Take the only FDA approved and scan your medical conditions first.)

31-  Take FDA approve water pills for water retention. But But..Don’t get caught and throw good money after bad!


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Rarely shared tips for weight loss for women revealed. Weight loss tips on how to lose weight. Get tips for weight loss home remedies. Looking for special tips for weight loss 10 pounds? Got you covered. Weight loss exercise, healthtips , food tips for weight loss and clean eating tips for weight loss covered! Simple tips for weight loss for women. Tips for weight loss burn calories tips for weight loss fat fast tips for weight loss
Grandma home remedies for weight loss| 15 Weight Loss Tips For Women

Grandma home remedies for weight loss| 15 Weight Loss Tips For Women

Explore Grandma home remedies for weight loss. Let’s get it all sorted for once and all!

To be precise, start prioritizing yourself, examining your belief, creating a positive mindset, and setting new goals.

Let’s discover some essentials which are either long forgotten or never even touched upon!

1- Target is everything partner!

Grandma home remedies for weight loss says that you need to define your goal which you could chase. Bear in mind that you will easily lose motivation if you will have no definite target date set.

You want math to favor you. Let math owe you something finally, the numbers can truly push you towards your goal.

If you will be starting the weight loss journey with the correct mindset while having a fixed date in mind then you are more likely to accomplish significant results.

It is good to start a weight loss plan to sail on a healthy lifestyle, but this reason alone is not ideal until you pair it with a deadline.

Why weight loss programs tend to do so well, yielding some significant changes? Well, because they are designed as a challenge. You may have heard of a 21-day challenge. Why is it working so well for people around the globe?

Why is it selling every minute?

Because people have accepted that for serious and permanent change, goal and deadline are vital.

You need to be firm so that no source could muster your will power. By opting for challenges and fixing date you are locking all the doors of quitting.

SO DECIDE A DATE OR TAKE ANY CHALLENGE. You will surely reach there.

2- Are you scribbling a food diary?


Not yet?

Oh, it’s never too late to start! Says Grandma home remedies for weight loss

Are you thinking that having a food diary is same as counting calories? If that is your perception then let’s alter it a bit. If you will be documenting your progress then you will be mindful of the eating patterns.

No need to carry a journal for this, you can even start documenting on your phone. All you need to do is just scan through your consumption after a week to see where you actually went wrong or possibly go wrong.

This is a piece of effective advice as a study was carried out by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research where 1,685 obese adults were studied.

It was concluded that people who eat, then write lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t believe in the power of food diary. The call is yours!

3- Is your cupboard still full?

Are you laughing at this? Well, this is one of the simplistic Grandma home remedies for weight loss. This approach can release you from a cage of junk. You need to empty your refrigerator, cupboards which threaten to break your weight loss goals.

4- Grandma home remedies for weight loss: Go Shopping

Try to shop for at least twice a week. Stuff your kitchen with fresh healthy items like veggies and fruits.

Remember, if you will have a continuous supply of healthy food then you will not sneak peek at snacks.


Don’t do grocery shopping online. Why? Shake up a little and burn additional calories! Try parking your car far from the store, so your feet meet the floor for long!

You need to realize the importance of movement as an Australian study showed that people who sat for more than 6 hours a day were up to 68 percent more likely to be overweight than those who sat less!

5- Chew Chew and Chew

Have someone told you yet, that you are literally gulping food very fast? Be mindful of the pace.

Why? Eating too fast will multiply the chances of overeating while making the food indigestible resulting in disturbed metabolism.

You need to chew very slowly so that your saliva could smooth out the digestive system. So, just chew, chew and chew!

You will eat very less, about half of initially planned. Don’t believe? Dutch researchers proved that people who took smaller bites and chewed for 9 seconds ate 52 % less than those who just chewed for seconds! Hell yes! Conclusion: Eat slowly for reducing calorie consumption. 


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6-Spare your plate! -Grandma home remedies for weight loss

Are you aware of the survey conducted by Cornell University? Well, it suggests that
Cleaning the plate results in large bellies. They studied heavy participants who stopped eating only when nothing was left to swallow in! Grandma home remedies for weight loss says that don’t eat till you feel fuller. Leave the half way!

7- Munchie Modifications

Are you habitual of munching? Well, most of us are! And these exact cravings get us off guard! THESE OFTEN GET THE BEST OF US! Instead of eliminating the cravings, the best approach is to limit it and find healthy alternatives.

You need to treat stuff lower in glycemic values as your snacks, as this will not do much damage to your weight loss journey. Fond of pretzels? Swap it with a handful of peanuts (And I know that you know what handful means!).

Love jelly beans?

Time to bid it farewell and instead enjoy a few peanut M&Ms. Replace ice cream with low-fat chocolate milk. Who doesn’t love chocolates?! Time to ditch it for raspberries! Effective Grandma home remedies for weight loss, aren’t they? 

8- Cookie Catastrophe

Are you that cookies person? Or is cookie craving holding you back from successfully completing your weight loss journey?

In that case, make use of these Grandma home remedies for weight loss so that you don’t get into a disastrous diet! Make use of whole grains, nuts, oats instead of flour, and oat bran into your mix.

For doing the least harm, you need to consume a protein portion before you indulge in that heaven piece!

9- Nourish No-Cheat Sheet

I know that you are eating sweets! Caught you! Well, you need Grandma home remedies for weight loss , a quick fix for balancing the blood sugar levels.

You want the least damage, don’t you?

All you need to do is to add protein powder to whole-grain cookies, cupcakes, and pancakes. Didn’t think of it? Knew it!

Can’t get your hands off baking?

Well, you need to sprinkle flax and wheat germ on top for cushioning the sugar response! Again don’t forget to have a serving of protein before dessert for balancing insulin!

10- Metabolic Minutes

Weight loss is often linked with metabolic rate! Now the question stands that what are some quick five ways which you can adopt today for jumpstarting the digestion process?

Start in the kitchen! What?

You don’t need to watch the movement of water molecules till the water in the boiler boils. Instead, just grab soup cans (a couple of them) and start doing 20 shoulder lifts and biceps. You must repeat this three times. Easy and effective.

11- Restroom burner!

Do you idly staring at yourself in the mirror or counting your new pimples while brushing your teeth! If yes, then you can utilize your time instead. You can perform modified squats 15 times! Increasing your overall movement and thus burning calories is that easy.

12- Dance on commercials! -Grandma home remedies for weight loss

You can boost your metabolism while watching TV. Just divorce yourself from the sofa during commercials and dance, do 12 pushups plus 12 lunges!

13- Breathe . . . Breathe . . . Breathe

You need to practice conscious breathing wherever you are at every possible location and place.

14- Catch that lap -Grandma home remedies for weight loss

If you are not taking a lap before entering your kitchen and house then you are letting go calorie-burning opportunity.

15- Get a buddy

Find someone who shares common weight loss goals to make the journey a lot fun and easier! 

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