Importance of self image | Quick Ways To Ditch low self esteem forever

Importance of self image | Quick Ways To Ditch low self esteem forever



Have you dropped something? Right behind you? Check, maybe it’s self image.

Don’t worry let’s together pick it up!

Your head must be aware by now that there are two types of self image one is healthy and other is an unhealthy one.

People get targeted with unhealthy self-esteem . . . if they don’t fulfill their certain emotional human needs.

For your physical health, you do eat food. So similarly, for your mental and emotional stability, you need to pour in strength.

You want to get the importance of self image or self value if you:
Have been oppressed at some point of time or been submissive?
Not succeeding in your current relationships?
Never leave your house? With concern of how to interact with people.
Saturated with a feeling of worthlessness or feeling inadequate? Means you have lower self image.
Well, all these states justify nothing.

This is a wrong perception to judge low self image based on the above-based findings.

How are you right now with low self image? [effects of low self esteem]


In any walk of life . . . like from lawyer to investor from teacher to mechanic . . . at some point, you will face self image issues.

This means that you might be involved in self destruction.

You should realize that unhealthy low self image is like a beast. It can uninvitingly enter your personal space.

That beast is very clever as sometimes it masks itself in various forms and shapes. It can make an entry as depression, anxiety or fear.

So you are in a verge of depression owing to self value.

With low self image, you are in a constant process of validation. That is not a self-validation which is a positive one. You are constantly depending on others to tell you your worth and merit. Other’s approval is an oxygen which you need to survive.

You can act immature a lot of time, and it will encourage the production of poor interpersonal skills.

Your anger knows no limits and you can lose your temper in front of anyone.

At some point in your life, you sacrifice your identity. Why? because you want to fit in.

You don’t want to face reality or any unpleasant situation. Dodging the reality gives you nothing. Consequently, you don’t get a position of higher success.

You might enjoy when other people are being humiliated in front of you.

Instead of taking compliments generally, you criticize yourself in front of everyone. This is self-destructive behavior. Sometimes, conversely, self image can often lead to self-bragging.

If you don’t boost your self image today . . .

then you can totally fall in the criteria of those people who pressurize others. You can become completely overbearing. 

The feeling of low self image can gradually expand. It can provoke some sort of domestic and other social forms of violence. Thus, you should know how to raise your self-esteem.

Inferiority complex makes you concentrate on your weakness, failures, and setbacks that life has given you. You will hate yourself. If by any chance you have hate yourself then you will love this article of why I hate myself.

The emotion such as grave insecurity with lacking self respect mounts. It increases to such an extent that you can begin to think of yourself as an individual who can never get loved.

With lack of self confidence, you consider yourself a person with no personal identity. Thus, you don’t respect yourself. If someones ask you to describe yourself then? You are lost at words. Why? because you never contemplated the reflection of a self image.

Without high self image, you do feel lonely. You do have times when you fear immensely. A great deal of immense anxiety saturates your soul.

You trust nobody. A person with low self image is not confident. One tries to take control of the situation in a very irresponsible manner.

How will you be like with healthy self image? Why is self image important? 

With high self image you will get the idea of your potential . . . much more than the others and you will only rely on yourself in every matter.

The opinion of others won’t interfere in deciding your future. You will know yourself by drilling the idea of self-security within you.

A larger degree of self image you will know how to be happy with yourself. It means you will be able to let go the past traumatic incidents in your life.

Without a greater level of self image, you will not be able to enjoy the world around you. Lower self image will trap you in the hollows of past.

With a higher esteem, you will be actually able to see the reflection of goodness in others. You will also know the recipe of how to like yourself.

You will actually be able to observe the beauty all around you.

Acknowledging the goodness in others is also one of the strengths. You can actually earn the joy by complimenting the world around you.

Ability to forgive others will penetrate deep down in your heart. You will become more forgiving.

You will ignore all sorts of negativity around you. Your self-value will make you realize your actually worth and integrity.

With higher respect, you will be able to take care of your mental health. With good mental health, you will become much more optimistic about the future. Happiness will touch your figure when being with others.

With a positive philosophy of self value, you will take full responsibility for your actions and thoughts.

What more?

You will get what is self worth. As by developing self-esteem today you will never feel left out. You will always have those caring relationships around. Ones who will never let you feel lonely.

The best part is the longer you live, the better you try to appreciate your accomplishments. You don’t want to be among those who only wish for loving friendship. In that case, your health will get badly deteriorated.

Bear in mind that you have to build your self image. Else you will be in a constant phase of insecurity. You will find that the relationships which you valued were completely futile. They control you making you lose your self dignity.

If you get higher self image and self value . . . then you will always stay away from unhealthy people. Those who are trying to contaminate your life with poison. If you don’t want them to infect your feeling then you should better never compromise.

This article covers life-changing ways and for further guarantee do know the secret of how to like yourself here. 

Guaranteed benefits of high self esteem

Touch skies

Only with highest self image, you will be able to achieve the world. Future smiles with pleasurable anticipation at those who have higher aspirations and hopes. Unhealthy self image never permits you to value tomorrow, placing you last in the race of life.

People who are able to see beyond black inky night are actually able to realize the pleasure. A true bliss which life has to offer.

You need to identify the drive which will help you to look forward. . . from any fancy meal stretching to a much more complex goal of a Ph.D. degree.

If you love your dreams develop self image and bid farewell to lack of self-confidence.


Improving your self with Problem-Solving Skills

You probably lack Problem-Solving skill, if you don’t have any experience worth sharing. . . any useful piece of information worth transferring.
Do you get ashamed to share your ideas? Or consider them very petty, useless or simple in solving challenging issues? Is finding yourself ineffective while communicating with others common problem attached with you?

Nodding right? Means you are in need of a boost. With High level of self image, you will surely know how to solve Complex problems as all is in your head.


Critical Thinking [signs of high self image]

Higher of self image will enable you to develop critical thinking. Now you need to realize that critical thinking as a weapon. This is a tool which will help you to survive when others have actually failed.

Critical thinking has become such an important aspect in this modern world. Why? As this ability cannot be automated like all other aspects.

In the professional sector, there is a great demand for critical thinkers. What is critical thinking?

It reflects your intelligence which is really important for any modern-day workplace. Engrave in heart and I repeat . . . drill in your mind that without critical thinking you will not be able to penetrate up in the hierarchy of management or upper positions.

Now for critical thinking, you will have to develop a great ability. Of what? Of conducting research and doing statistical analysis. You will have to sort out all your emotions and reach a final coherent unbiased conclusion.

With proper judgments, you have to ignore fallacies along with other false judgments.

Now why you will develop this important skill if you own high self image?

Well. . . Because with low self image you will never be able to reach a proper conclusion with reasoning and logic.

You will remain trapped in the cycle of self-doubt.

It will spin your mind and force you to second guess the outcome . . . and that too without formulating the inferences.

You will be afraid to make proper decisions and never see yourself in positive self regard.

Creative Thinking

With higher self image, you will become a creative thinker. Means you will be innovative. And innovation is in demand.

Have confidence in your ideas, suggestion, and thoughts so others appreciate it.

If you have something new to tell this world… .then you can become a leader rather than just standing in the queue of followers.

Only with higher self image, you can become conscious of unchallenged supremacy.


Practical ways for self happiness and high esteem: 

By now you must have actually got the importance of self image and importance of self love.

Cultivate this fact in your head that healthy self-image is actually possible. It is indeed real. With the use of the correct technique, you can actually experience this real feeling.

You will be able to develop healthy self image while improving your self if you nourish your :
creativity, flexibility, openness, honesty, acceptance, cooperativeness and independence.

Achieving your dreams by Creativity:

You can boost your creativity level by making a short 3 minutes film. Write any 3-minute script on something on which you strongly believe in. Every person has a story to tell the world. Let your creativity run wild.

You start filming with your phone and edit it with any free software. Then upload it on your private you-tube channel. This will make you proud of yourself giving you a high self-esteem.

How to make yourself feel good by Flexibility:

If you want high self image then just go out without your cell phone. You can avoid people by engrossing yourself into your phone.

What if you have no option? . . . but to actually communicate with strangers and see the world from another perspective? Enjoy the forceful communication with the world.

You have to take care of your mental stability so train yourself for a marathon. This is an important accomplishment because it is not easy to run 26.2 miles. Trust me you will learn to be flexible by crazily setting the goal and crossing that finishing line.

Feel yourself by Willingness to admit mistakes

If you have low self image then you will not admit your mistakes. So better you pay attention to this weakness and regain your lost confidence. You have to intentionally make mistakes and then admit them. Only then you will be apologetic in the time where you are actually wrong.

Intentionally pay wrong bills and wait for the cashier to correct you. It will be hard to say sorry but you will learn.

You have to press the wrong button for a person in the elevator. Then apologize by pressing the right one.

Just catch any lady who is with her daughter and then you need to compliment her by saying, “Your son is adorable!” You can do viceversa . . . you know what to do when that lady breaks the reality to you! Just hold in high esteem throughout.

Where does confidence come from ? Openness:

You can expand your openness by getting out of your shell with confidence. Just ask for a discount on something. With full confidence embarrass yourself if you are asking discount in inappropriate places. You have to mask your face with usual expressions as if you are loaded with confidence.

Good self image by Acceptance:
You need to accept the way you are. If you want to sing then sing even it is in the public toilet. Yes, trying singing there.

Be what your heart instructs you, don’t become the slave of others judgment. Living life commanded by other is enough for hating oneself. So avoid such causes of self hatred.

Overcoming low self image through Cooperativeness:

Establish Cooperativeness by making food for poor people. This will empower you in several ways and give you pure joy. You should try to spend as much time as you can for elderly people.

You must plant a tree in the garden. By doing such acts you will love yourself more and forsake low self opinion. Help yourself in knowing your self worth through such acts.

Strong confident you by practising Independence:

This will highly increase your self image as you will be on your own. For liking yourself make decision be confident on them.

Just travel. You should try traveling by some unusual means of transportation. Why? Your perspective of seeing the world will change. Just hire something.



 Thoughts on improving self esteem activities? 

Remember to upload video of these self esteem activities on your private you-tube channel or upload of Google drive.

Please maintain this for actually seeing the benefits of high self esteem.


Comment fast : Your time starts now 1 2 3 go!


Why do I hate myself?| 6 Signs And How to overcome them (10 STEPS)

Why do I hate myself?| 6 Signs And How to overcome them (10 STEPS)

Do you think this question why do I hate myself is not common?

It will be hard to digest for you that about 10,000 people search monthly that why do they hate themselves . . .

And God knows how many experiences this thought? But then they ignore it by feeding this question inside their mind. 


Reason of Extreme Self-hatred ? 

There can be several reasons that can leave your self-pride in this devastating situation. You must have some inferiority complex.

If someone says that they never had one or experienced feeling inadequate.

Then don’t believe them. It is alright to have complexes, as it is a part of life to see a thing then cultivate a wish for it . . .

Your past can be a reason why you hate yourself. Our society has uncountable faces . . . . Even more than the count of people that actually exist in this universe?


Because every person does not have only one face. There exist people who have double-face and faces which you are completely unaware of.

In the middle of negativities, you will never learn how to like yourself

 You can have low self esteem about yourself because: 

in past other people, maybe your parent, sibling, relative, friend or teacher, had always let your self-pride down. See how to let go past here.  You already know what perception is. But perception never developed out of Nowhere. It has its roots. 

You might have heard something in the past from anywhere or you might have read in books . . .

 Similar is the case with your self-perception that develops over time, a clear cause making you yell why do I hate myself.

You are just a clean slate when you are born, you have no perception of your own.

Ever wondered why as a kid you laugh when others are laughing? It’s all a game of perception which gets drilled to your head.

 If in childhood you have been commented as detestable, unlucky, or unwanted  . . . then you will actually begin to nourish that self image of low self esteem inside you. I personally suggest you should never give anyone a right. Don’t give the access key to your mind where they can write anything.

Digest importance of self esteem.

Another reason which can tone up your voice and force you to shout why I hate myself is crippling anxiety, guilt or unfavorable event.

Is lonely a feeling?

Yes, it is. Unfavorable events can leave you lonely. Those lonely times can hollow you from within, stealing every answer of how to not hate yourself.

Feeling of being lonely is when you know that no one will message you, no one will call you, no one asks about you . . . or even no one will really care if you die today. This is the feeling of loneliness. How many times you are surrounded by people yet you feel lonely, so anxious?

In those moments of loneliness, you need to befriend yourself. Instead of feeding the feeling I don’t like myself. 

If no one bothers to ask about you then don’t give a damn and you don’t have to change a thing.

Just for eliminating lack of self confidence gift yourself something you love. . .  be it your smile.  It truly experienced what loneliness is when Papa passed away a few months ago.

There is a piece of heart which he took with him . . .  Even getting surrounded by people won’t guarantee freedom from loneliness.

Trust me this feeling is not that bad if you hold your self value.

This feeling will teach you that you don’t need to hold yourself guilty for what has happened to you.This feeling and this thought that why do I hate myself will give you an intimate time alone with yourself . . .


Is self hate a disorder? [Low self esteem signs]


1) You don’t realize, you lie

People frequently ask this question. This is not a disorder but you can make this one a disorder for yourself if you will not stop lying.Yes, you lie.You lie to yourself. You lie often to others to please them.

2) Why I hate myself? Excessive apologies?

Because you apologize a lot you apologize for things which you have not done and in the fear of being judged. We have been drilled since childhood that apologizing is a good act. Don’t curse me I am not distorting your values.

It is surely a good act but if it goes excessively out of the limit then it can negatively affect you.


3) You are always the culprit

Build yourself and Stop taking full responsibility of others act which if simply put is blaming. You can surely have self-hate disorder by blaming yourself.

Try Playing this game you will feel good, How?

You need to put the blame on others to comfort your soul and mind.

Chill I am not guiding or promoting some sort of criminal blames here.

One day my paper went horribly. 

According to me, I was on a verge on flunking not because I hate myself . . . or I am incapable (i could have easily labeled all these things).

But because my sister took my watch, my mum didn’t let me take headache pills, my dad dropped me just five minutes before the exam to the hall which gave me less time to mentally settle . . .  and lastly, because that neighbor played a piece of loud music for few minutes last night, gifting me a disturbing sleep.


4) Too sweet to cause diabetes

 You don’t want this self-hatred or lost confidence to become a disorder right? Then learn to say no and stop pleasing others on the stake of your own happiness. 

You are compromising your will.You consider other people superior to you.

By this, you are actually giving such higher regard to their need while suppressing yours.

Instead, love yourself respect yourself.

5) Too shy in taking the compliment


Because you hate yourself remember? That extreme self hatred won’t allow you to receive compliments.

That is why if someone speaks nicely about you then instead of getting flattered you treat it as a joke.

You justify till the end that why you don’t deserve the praise. You are like no i hate my personality. This is not how to make yourself feel full.


6) You are so indecisive

A gush of sweat will accumulate over your forehead . . . if you have to make choice whether you should opt for a blue pen or black pen one for the exam.

This reflects that you do not trust your instincts.  With no sense of identity, you will choose to prefer what others will prefer.

If you will keep insulting your preferences and won’t hold in high esteem then you surely will get the disorder.


How do you like yourself for who you are?

Now you must have identified several symptoms of low self esteem and now you have to get rid of them immediately.

This article helps you through several ways, for additional boost to reduce feeling inadequate scan here.

My friend, I am there with you but please do me a favor. Whenever you are carrying out these activities then please just record a video of yourself through any means.Take a picture of the moment. You are assigning a milestone by placing that clip on private you-tube channel or drive.

Trust me on one thing, it will motivate and add in special strength.See a beautiful you today . . . that is how to stop being self conscious. 

1) How to love yourself, be confident and decisive

Now, remember that you need to ditch being indecisive with no preferences. So today call any hotel and ask the number of any other hotel from them.

If you don’t want to sound rude then throw a query about a facility which we know that the specific hotel does not offer and then you can politely say please can you give me the contact of any other one.

Similarly, you can do this with any insurance company.

2) Climb a Mountain: feel yourself

You have to let go your past and move ahead now. Let’s find a place where you can actually bury all your bad memory when it has to be a place somewhere very high so why not Climb a mountain. Do something worth remembering to wake me. The best thing just goes with a guide and befriend one.

3) Know your self worth, get the importance of self love


How to do something amazingly crazy?

Now, why you want to do that? You want to challenge your old self. There are several crazy festivals around just cool them and you will find crazy people running after bulls into mud festival so just become a cute weird who is weirder than any other weirdo!

You have to find happiness in this craziness because you have to steal fun alone.

Don’t depend on other people who will leave you in the middle of your life’s journey.


4) Compliment Strangers  for overcoming low self esteem

In this time you have to be near people. I am not talking about those people who have left you.

Nor, I am referring those who have betrayed and demotivated you or made you say I don’t care about myself.

I am highlighting those creations which you are not aware.

I am talking about the strangers who can listen to you and boost your lacked confidence.

Do you think I am a stranger or this community of like-minded people?

If yes, you can bombard the comment section or my email with your concerns . . . your talk. I promise I will be there for the sake of your confident face.

To flush out old people from your life you should actually interact with new strangers.

Just interaction isn’t enough you also have to compliment them to feel good about yourself. You can find a potential stranger at any corner of your street.

 By spreading smiles you can learn how to be proud of yourself and beat low self opinion.


5) Be yourself is all that you can do

But remember never let go people who care about you. All you need to do is tell how much you love them but you have to be a little innovate.

Instead of telling them how much you value them, you can gift them. You should write a letter and attach it with that gift. It has to be a letter.

A letter will show your dedication. that person will not leave you because one will get the reflection love.

You can even write the compliments in that letter for anyone you like.



6) How to make yourself strong

Let’s get rid of your habit of excessive apologizing to people. How?In that crowded place, you need to pretend as if you recognize that person. Just walk up to any stranger and say hi how are you doing.

The person will tell me quickly that you are mistaking for someone else but you don’t have to apologize.

Remember the rule sorry but not sorry. If you have really got guts then instead of saying how are you doing just say “YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! It’s A MIRACLE


7) Be assertive for good self esteem

With lacking self confidence, it is so hard for you to say no right. Next time when any telemarketer tries to disturb you then before he could sell, you need to sell one any stuff.

Learn to be assertive. A cute way of politely saying no.  


8) Trash fear of being watched or fear of being judged

Now you are always thinking about the worst case scenario with this attitude you will attract negativity and yell I hate being me.

All you need to do is just after getting done with eating pay entirely in pennies.

Come on the cashier won’t throw you out of the restaurant Right. Nothing worst can happen so halt your mind there.  Count very slowly and remember strong confident you just learned not to apologize.


9) How does it feel to be on your own with killer confidence?

Don’t hate yourself. because you think that you are missed it or any group or any area where you belong any place where you breathe in. 

You can never please everyone so the best method is to please yourself which you can do. isn’t it easy?

To overcome your loneliness just go to any restaurant. Turn around and shout, “Hey it’s my birthday today.” Watch others value you by singing a song.

In this way, you can practice being comfortable with praises. Remember you don’t need negative people around who can’t make you happy. Respect yourself and others will respect strong confident you.


10) What to do when you hate yourself

Have fun by yourself. You don’t need someone else to make you laugh.

If this question of why do I hate myself so much is popping up inside your head then consider it a blessing . . .

As through this, you can actually spend a little time with yourself. You can become intimate with your feelings. A way how to respect yourself. Trust me if you are thinking that I have gone mad let me reveal with full self dignity. I have not. It will sound strange.

You have to stare deep into your eyes as a self love symbol.Tell yourself that you have gone through a lot in past, dealt with people, gotten hurt or betrayed. Thus you have turned out to be the better version of yourself.

You don’t need any counselor or professional for support trust me.  You don’t need any therapeutic advice you just need an advice of yourself that’s it.



Just sit down makes sense of your problems.  Analyze the characteristics of low self esteem.

See causes of low self esteem from different and new perspectives.

You need to map out self happiness in a must more visually comprehended way.

Only you can control your inner turmoil for positive self image.


Your time starts now 1 2 3 go!


How to love yourself and be confident| 3 QUICK REAL WAYS NO GENERIC TRASH (2019)

How to love yourself and be confident| 3 QUICK REAL WAYS NO GENERIC TRASH (2019)



Has the question How to love yourself and be confident tortured your brain cells? I am guessing . . . YES!

Liking yourself is very important. Otherwise, you will have lower self esteem.

It will then cause you to experience a great deal of depression, anxiety, and other anger problems.

You will be in chronic pain with physical and psychological illness.

Start mindful meditation for regaining self value.

Wondering that what is mindful meditation?

Or Are you tired of understanding the process of mindfulness meditation?

In either case, allow me an explanation.

How many times you only see the traces of self-hatred and depression, when you sit and ponder beyond the farthest edge of the night?

To get rid of the psychological conditions you have to open up your wisdom mind.

A mind where you only experience deep and peaceful feelings . . . quieter than the depths of oceans. That is the best way how to improve yourself.

Mindfulness meditation ensures you blithe with the bliss of the dusk . . .

But for that, you need to push your self to dislike thoughts and hug the idea of self respect.

You have to tune your natural state of mind with compassionate and dignity for oneself.

The positive self image and self-love already exist in your heart. Just know that the process of being all aware is mindfulness.

Your mind reacts the same way as your heart. So it is exceedingly vital to release ordinary attachments of mind. It keeps your spirits low.

Human experience sleep and eating disorder as a result of the unhappy mind.

I hope I succeeded in clearing that gaze of curiosity about mindfulness.

The question strikes here  . . .  How to practice it?

How to raise your self-esteem through it?

Here you will take the aid of two raisins and eat them mindfully. Do you want to collapse your soul in anxiety and depression about self-hatred?

At least 15 minutes for getting fully aware of what is in your mouth.

You have to pick the other and scan the details of the raisins . . . from it ridges till its stem, from its color still its aroma.

The love story of your and raisins does not end here. You need to feel it between your fingers by rolling it while experiencing the sound it makes.

Before throwing raisin into your mouth, several thoughts will burn across your head.

You will be like what the hell?

Are you wasting my time . . . I don't think it will actually work as it has nothing to do with mindfulness .

Most of all why even I am eating it when I dislike it to a great extent.

Now you have to give these thoughts a warm reception and welcome them cordially.

The moment you throw that raisin into your mouth you have to bite it and feel the flavors bursting out.

The best thing which you can do is place the raisins in different areas of your tongue.

You will experience a completely different taste. One which you would have never experienced . . . if you would have heedlessly eaten without pondering. That's the difference between mindfulness and mindlessness.

Keep in mind that you have to chew very slowly for experiencing the intense taste. You are missing a lot in life if you are not being mindful.

Now grab that second raisin and trust me. the taste which you will experience this time will be different.

How to love yourself and be confident through this method?

To answer the question of How to love yourself and be confident, you have to like everything present around you. You have to appreciate by being mindful about each and every creation. In that way, you will be able to appreciate yourself.

Do you want to keep questioning why do I hate myself?

Nodding NO for both cases right?

So for that, you have to be patient with this exercise.

You will experience a completely different sensation . . . when that raisin will travel through your throat down your stomach.

This exercise was meant to:

  • calm you down
  • force you to ponder
  • teach you how to be in that moment
  • stop passing judgments.
  • Be mindful about yourself about your appearance and personality traits.

Three practical steps on How to love yourself and be confident

Before diving into these steps, you will appreciate a glimpse at this article of how to be more outgoing.

Once you will open up and become outgoing, you will begin to love yourself.

Heading back to 3 quick ways . . . Well, you don't realize what negative thoughts are doing to your self-respect.


Because they are ingrained so powerfully in your head. Due to those thoughts will never be able to experience high esteem . . . Or understand How to love yourself.

Have you ever seen that cloud of debris after Storm?

That is exactly your condition . . . as if you are taming the negative thoughts within you which clouds your core.

I don't like myself . . . Yes, that is you who become so unreasonable at times. You start labeling yourself . . .  "I am a loser."

I am boring what an idiot I am and why am I so stupid?

Those thoughts will always trap lack of self confidence in you, leaving you powerless. Those unkind judgments will only demotivate your self-dignity.

It will add up to the causes of low self esteem.

1- Deal with negative thoughts: how to not hate yourself

If negativity has possessed you then?

You will likely overgeneralize stuff and used words like nobody and everybody.

Only negativity encompasses your eyes in every situation devoiding self happiness.

You won't even spare that poor waiter. As you will be like 'Oh my God that waiter dislikes me . . . look at the way he treated me.'

Your distorted mind reading ability has made you react in such a way. With no trace of a positive self-image, you will likely to take the blame on yourself.

For you, that waiter was unhappy because you must have transferred negativity . . . or you must have said something which was not appropriate.

Get rid of those types of self-concept

It might be the possibility that something has happened with him 20 to 30 minutes ago .

He may had his bad day with his own reasons. but you no no no no you have to get into the root, place your picture there and shout on the face of EARTH I don't like myself . . .

I don't care about myself.

If a question burns across your senses: How to improve myself?

Then there are 3 steps which are vital for handling negative thoughts. These are things to make you feel better. . . the secret to how to love yourself and be confident.

First of all, for a confident image, you need to realize that they are extra baggage. Instead of drowning in the deep sea of negative thoughts you need to change your perception?


Just hold in high esteem.

I know there must be incidents where you experienced guilt, regret, and self-hatred. . . Where you shouted I hate my personality or hate being myself.

Instead of torturing yourself in the memory of those thoughts. . . just give them a little acknowledgment.

How to make yourself feel full? [CARRY ALONG]

Well by actually carrying that extra luggage wherever you go.

Grab a paper, ink out all your negative feelings and burn that paper with a lighter and fold that paper, slipping it into your pocket.

You have to carry it with you just for a day. Just summarize all your feelings into writing.

Carry the summary as a symbol of a reminder that you are aware of those memories and past incidents.

Notice that while despite carrying that paper, you will have a fun-filled day.

Just feel yourself with satisfaction from all the past negativity.

Once you start carrying the source of pain what you need to do is get a replacement for them.

This will help you in overcoming low self esteem.

Increase your interaction with the positive thoughts

If you have a negative thought which you don't like I am an idiot as I flunked in paper instead of labeling yourself as an idiot you might come up with a replacement thought which is this was Tough paper. I will prepare better next time.

Grab that overgeneralizing thought and strangle its neck. how? by believing that Some did better but performed worst than you.

She is much smarter than me but I have my own strengths.

If I have not done that thing in past everything here would have been better... good things to say about yourself:

It taught me the real essence of life. . . I have become way stronger than any other person. 

Diminishing Negative Effect 

Done with the replacement of perception? Now for good self esteem, the process of diminishing negative effect starts.

One of the self love techniques and weapon for how to love yourself:

Here you will repeat whatever you have written onto your sheet to yourself.

Repeat every moment of the past which has hurt your self esteem to one way or the other.

Let's see an example:

You got fired. Repeat I got fired three times. Immerse yourself in that experience and just feel that day. Repeat that word for 60 seconds.

Note your experience with that word and all the emotions attached will fade away. that word will just become a word for you with a sound without any real concrete sense.

Negative thought about being a loser or ugly floats through your head then you should repeat loser for 60 seconds till it loses the sense or emotions which you have attached with it.

You will now stand in a position of rating. From 1 to 10, see how distrusting that word or phrase means to you.

Be loud to reduce the emotional impact of the word or phrase. But my friends  don't be loud enough to force your neighbors to call a mental rehabilitation Centre. . . for what?

Your admission!

2- It is time to pamper yourself by taking good care. 

It is time to pamper yourself by taking good care. Importance of self-love is knowing your self worth.

If certain changes to your appearance could boost your self confidence then go for it.

But you should not lose assertiveness. Bear in mind that never lose your true individual personality. A new version of yourself should reflect not only the fashion trends but also the true depths of your eyes.

Be flexible.

Adapt to any occasion very easily. As you need to reflect different and various shades of your personality.

Healthy self esteem with healthy eating habits

Let me elaborate the cycle. Lost in self-hatred and depression, people get carried away.

They ditch the idea of healthy eating and throw whatever they see into their mouth.

This attitude in turns shapes them into a fairly unhealthy and unyouthful individual.

At this point in time, a complain wavers on their lips . . . how to like me?


So here you see, it all started with How to love yourself and be confident (extreme self-hatred) and ended there.

This cycle will keep you rolling gifting you a spun head with endless questions. So it is better to get awareness.

Choose the right diet instead of grabbing food like a starved individual in famine. Monitor your mouth.

Put the brakes on your eating at moments when feeling stressed,anxious, or over-excited. WHY?

Because it’s easy to lose awareness of what is going in your body, how hungry you feel, and what the best food is for you at that time.

Drink about 3 liters of water daily for cleaning your body and eliminating the toxins. Examine the oil . avoid hemp oil.

As it will add most of the fatty acids inside your body (omega-3 and omega-6)

Make sure to always have a leafy Greens veggies in every meal of yours whether it be a cabbage, spinach, lettuce.

Sprinkle a bit of parsley and watercress over your food. you will get the sparkle of minerals and vitamins surely visible onto your face.

Feeling low about your own the living situation? You will feel so better to snack on seeds as the zinc and sunflower seeds boost energy to a whole new level.

Replace white items with brown whether it be sugar, bread or rice. As brown items are more healthy and cleansing for your immune system.

3- Cultivate joy by knowing how to be proud of yourself

Try to be more humorous not for others but for yourself. Intentionally find humorous situations.

Try any of these things. Don't forget to make a video so that you can capture your performance and later be proud of that.

If you 100% want to get the solution of How to love yourself and be confident then maintain a spark in your life by being playful:

How to love yourself and be confident?

Like grab your phone and call someone, asking for their business address.  Repeat it back wrong a few times so you become less self conscious. 

Sail on the journey of making hilarious sign boards and place it near you window. See how people react and ditch the fear of being judged.

Board can have a picture of your pet with label: Fully equipped with weapons, this pet refused medications. Beware!


Any thoughts on improving self esteem activities? aim to try all?

Isn't it so easy to like yourself?

Well, sometimes it may not be enough if you have a long penned self-hatred. You should surely try the awesome new methods used in feeling inadequate.

Time to throw low self opinion and extreme self hatred. Embed the importance of self love.

But if you still feel like hating yourself then read this text for a quick boost.




How to overcome low self esteem and insecurities?| 3 quick blow tips that actually work [Advanced level]


Scared to stare yourself in mirror while questioning how to overcome low self esteem and insecurities? Let me explain the feeling inadequacy definition. The emptiness in your soul matches the spiritless sky . . . that featureless waterscape around you.

You feel the pain of your existence and you feel your energy disappearing. But don’t crease your forehead? don’t tell me you didn’t!

As I will guide you how to get your confidence back.

Low self value, Low self esteem and insecurities has broken all the records when a teenage girl faked her own kidnapping. Why?  To get her ex-boyfriend’s back. If she would have referred this source, I could have advised her to get self confidence back instead.   

I won’t say see where the world is going, rather I would comment that it is just the mentality of feeling inadequate which betrays you.

Be aware of importance of self esteem. If you want to avail the benefits self esteem then check this article out. 

You can feel inadequate due to many reasons:

  • It can be because your face has seen the struggle between shame and defiance of heart.
  •  You can mask rage owing to unhappiness with your facial features.  
  •  When an inferiority complex soars high, it makes you feel the hollows of low self confidence . . . forcing you to feel inadequate about yourself.
  •  You have had a past as history has many cunning passages.
  •  You sizzle with anger when you remember some horrific memories. (bullied at work, school bullying)
  •  Moments which make you drown in your own guilt.
  •  When you have drilled in a head that you can’t overcome shyness.
  •  Your life can become like a dimmer room because of someone else acts.
  • You take the whole blame upon yourself consequently feeling inadequate.

    But now bye bye weakness

    Just hush those self-critical thoughts, which make your life a living hell and low self esteem.

    Your teachers or close ones may have criticized you in the past, lowering your self image. They might have left a stain of an awful memory in your mind by hurting your self respect.  

    You might have been bullied badly normal at school or have tasted failure in exams. Bear in mind that all this happening will make you say

    “I am not good enough” . . . “other people never like me” . . . ” I am a complete failure, truly unlovable.” . . . 

     These critical thoughts will really suck your confidence, giving you low self esteem. But you have to challenge this inner critic by a complete reasoning process.

    How to overcome low self esteem and insecurities?:4 SLOW & EFFECTIVE SELF VALUE STEPS

    1) How to raise your self-esteem?

    Let me reveal . . . All you need to do is that for a week record those self-critic comments which will inundate your inbox of the brain.

    Don’t push waves of criticism away instead note them down and select top 5 by the end of the weekend.

    Now practice a logical approach and through proper reasoning challenge the fault.

    Question your own beliefs which are promoting inferiority complex.

     Let me provide you with a proper example:

    • “Everyone is unhappy with me “

    Now question yourself. . .  Do I Really care about everyone? Maybe whoever is happy with me is a complete selfish who became closer because of own reasons. They lack good character, not me. So I don’t care …

    •  “I can’t do anything right “

    Why? I have been told that I mismanaged the whole event and spoiled the presentation.Now question yourself. . . 

    It is not I who mismanaged, it is a fault of short-term unplanned notice which they gave to prepare the event.

    I have done several right things in the past 5 years. I have accomplished milestones with my own proper organizational skills.

     Let’s throw pearls of wisdom to your head . . .

    Mother Teresa once said that each person is created for loving others and to get loved. She strongly believes that self respect love can heal several wounds. It surely can nurture a stagnant growth.

    Thus, you deserve the love of yourself.

    Don’t question why do I hate myself?  

    Realize that judgment is not important.

     Respect yourself and take the inspiration from a young child. He plays without inhibition. Then gradually with time, he learns to evaluate and judge.

    Keep in mind that judging yourself constantly keeps you down. You will feel difficulties when you want to rise up.

    Learn how to be yourself and head back with a positive attitude.

    2) How to not hate yourself?

    By being not hard on yourself. Else it will gradually lead to negative emotions . . . which you will not be able to control by the end of the road.

     I presented you the example of a child because I want you to treat yourself like one. Keep high self esteem.

    Assume that you are in constantly learning phase of your life. Try to forgive your mistakes as you do of children.

    Bear in mind that you have to love yourself unconditionally as people love children.


     3) How to like yourself?

    Well for this, you have to transform the self-judgement into a new memory.

    You need to write down the critic and it will diminish the intensity of the judgment attached to it

    Imagine that you have a pretty Garden. Apart from one plant, every other plant is blooming. But you tend to sway your attention only to the one which is struggling.

    What will happen? 

    In no time you are mind will filter out the appreciation of other beautiful plants. You will completely forget that they too also exists.

     Similarly, when you see yourself in the mirror. Contemplate about your being. You only tend to focus on your mistakes and your shortcomings. You ignore the rest of your positivity and strength.

    Let’s try to look in the mirror again but with love and high esteem. You need to look yourself deeply into your eyes with heartfelt loving kindness.

    Stare at yourself . Instead of saying I don’t like myself,   today look beyond wrinkles and blemishes.

     Why do I hate myself so much?

    Because of the stress of several things. You have to notice the stress in your eyes, acknowledge it and understand it. This article will elaborate the answer with quick tips to get rid of self hatred.

    Trust me that when you will understand your stress with compassion, it will dissolve. With the addition of a kind of half smile, you will touch your core with acceptance and kindness

    12 QUICK STEPS: How to be happy with yourself?

    You don’t have to change a thing but just Put your sunglasses of appreciation on.

    Print the worksheet below, as this checklist will help you in identifying yourself. Then throw your success party. Widen the Horizon of the word success. No success is big or small, it is the angle with which you see the world.


    1- Find self happiness

    You may feel inadequate because you don’t have genuine people around you. Those who can make you feel special. No issue at all. make friends with a bird in your garden. Don’t forget to talk to the bird daily even if it is only about throwing a “Hi”. Make sure you give that bird a name.

    2- How do I find myself?

    Do one thing every day that will make you smile. If you can smile by even drawing faces over the eggs then do that.

    No matter how crazy the activity is but if it can spread smile then wear craziness.

    3- How to be the best version of yourself?

    You need to get rid of the rule book. Every person has some set of rules which one impose. There are certain actions which a person will not perform.

    Why? Because of the fear of appearing stupid in front of people.

    These rules are set because one loves to stay in the comfort zone.

    But you have to step out of it and break all the chains of limitation which is holding you back. You do want to feel self-assured.

    Get out of your comfort zone and dress in an unusual way. Don’t style yourself normally but try something different and new.

    Try things which you will never ever think of wearing. This will increase your self-confidence. It will give you great courage to do those things which you will never do out of the fear of being commented out.

    Be a totally opposite version of yourself. keep in mind that you are doing all this because you don’t care what people say.

    4- Do I have low self esteem with lacking self confidence?

    If yes, then go mad.

    Drill in your mind that it is completely alright to actually turn insane. You are not a perfect individual so stop at every point where you think of criticizing yourself.

    Stop taking the blame of your acts. All you need to do is just act stupid deliberately and childish.

    Now how can you laugh at your silliness? You can perform this in a simpler setting like an elevator.

    Take the selfie in an elevator and don’t feel awkward. Make mistakes with an intention as only then you will realize that it is okay to make mistakes.

     If someone asks you to push the button of the elevator then intentionally push the wrong ones.


    This will give you confidence that you are not perfect individual and won’t do exactly what you are told.

    Get rid of the fear of being judged by this method.

    5- What is self worth and how to find it?

     You can face any situation by actually putting yourself in danger.

    Speak in mind that self esteem and self confidence is gained with time.

    You can build a new life by actually appreciating yourself.

    You will only be able to appreciate yourself if you face life in a tough way.As only in that way you can be proud of yourself later.

     Now how to face Life so that you can be proud later? Try survival skills. You need to attend any survival training course in nature and then learn to survive with only a knife.

    This will give you great self confidence. How?

    You will realize that you can do anything in the world. You will get that you own such a great capability.

    Thus, it will stop you from underestimating yourself in any way.

    6- What is self respect and how to get it?

    Be around those people who will make you feel yourself who realize your actual worth and stand by your side.

    Let go of yourself and do funny things with them.

    You can make hilarious signboards and then put them near your window. Catch the reaction of people on the innovation.

    7- How to improve me? Any self esteem exercises???

    Once you stop struggling against certain things, you can learn how to overcome low self esteem and insecurities.

    Stop by and attend an open audition.

    Sing in front of judges.

    Be on the spot.

    Yeah, this is a hell practice which will make you talk in front of a large crowd.

    This week you have to handle your nerves but you can do it. You must have gotten the idea that I am suggesting you those things which will later make you proud of yourself.

    You will gain more than an average person.

    8- Improving yourself further. . .

    For once don’t weigh things according to their pros and cons, instead be bold. Be ready to face challenges and fears.


    Have you ever land thought to directing and acting?

    I bet no! Now is time. Just put on a play. I can sense that though flashing across your head . . .

    It is not as easy as it looks.

    Go and challenge yourself by preparing a show for a small audience. This small audience can even be your friend circle.

    I’m not suggesting Shakespeare, leave it for later! Instead, grab any 15 minutes play.

    9- Any way of raising self esteem and self worth?

    You should hate the idea of validating. But guess what? You don’t.

    Instead, you love validating Yourself by comparing yourself to others. A complete wrong approach.Direct no.

    The best practice is to go on a social media detox as that tops the list of this root cause. Don’t flip through the profile as this can be completely destructive behavior.

    10- How to stop being self conscious?

    As a human, you are bound to compare and not only that . . . You are forced to Aspire.

    Don’t get exposed to the images of a so-called perfect life. It will lead towards low self esteem and insecurites. Ditch such platforms. 

    11- Things to make you feel better?

    How to overcome low self esteem and insecurites with the help of people? Learn to compliment them. By complementing you will not only make others feel happy,  but you will get back positive energy.

    This will make your day. It’s not that you only compliment those people who you look up to but even compliments the strangers.


    Well, storm into the town, head towards several shops for fun, simply compliment at least one person when you visit any shop.

    You will feel as if your life is changing

    You will not experience feeling inadequate by realizing your self-worth.

    Be independent of the validations of others.

    What people are saying should not be your concern. It should not affect you in any way. When you heavily rely on people’s opinion to a great extent then you tend to diminish your own judgment.

    This, in turn, diminishes your self confidence and self esteem.

    12- How to overcome low self esteem and insecurites to feel free & independent?

    Bump into any stranger, ask for the directions of a certain place and then? Go to the opposite way.
    This will leave the direction-giver a completely bemused.

    But do you care? Just hold in high esteem and smile my dear.


    Any thoughts on improving self esteem activities? aim to try all?

    No more questions of why am I not confident as i know you are .

    Keep in confidence without being harsh on yourself and without commenting I hate being me.

    Trust me, there are endless benefits of high self esteem.

    So ditch low self opinion and extreme self hatred by drilling the importance of self love.



    Your time starts now 1 2 3 go!


    See How Easily You Can know how to be more outgoing [3 ways+wksheet]

    See How Easily You Can know how to be more outgoing [3 ways+wksheet]



    You are scrunching up your nose on a thought that how to be more outgoing. Just wipe off that formulating sweat as this article will tell you exactly how.

    Let me make a guess and you need to tell me am I right or wrong.

    You own an introverted personality and the love of your life is that warm bed and squishy blanket.

    You hate when anyone distracts you from your own train of thought and invades your privacy.

    Confusion run across your head, “Do I have social anxiety or am I just shy?”

    If you want to trash shyness then this guide has got you covered. Lack of self confidence wants you to be labeled as selectively social.

    With the pack of popcorns in one hand and remote in the other, you would fly your time in watching Netflix rather than attending Rowdy parties

    You experience the feeling of drainage of battery. Yes, I am talking about your battery.

    You somewhat know how to be social. But your lifeline tends to get lower if you have socialized for a longer time.

    Tendency of getting exhausted overtakes you and want to run back home for recharging.

    You love to be termed as a better listener than a talker.

    Sometimes your eyes consume bubbly people in awe.

    You question yourself how to be more social as you want to sound like that chirpy individual.

    One who succeeds in winning the hearts of many.

    An inner voice suggests you to scream your lungs out.

    You do know how to be happy with yourself by digging under some new non-mainstream hobbies.

    You don’t give a shit about seemingly popular interest like reality TV or sport.

    I identified you didn’t I ?

    Is that you to some extent? Well, if yes then breathe you are equally normal like other outgoing individuals.

    There is a 70% chance that you hate yourself because of certain traits.

    In that case, don’t crease your forehead as this piece of article has got you covered.

    You don’t have to change a thing. Ingrain in mind that no one is socially perfect.

    You are great with all these traits till the time you bring positivism on the table.

    Till the time you have substance in your talk, you don’t need to improve. ANYTHING.

    Don’t violate your fear of changing, rather than lace your thought of improving.

    Maintain your high self esteem and self-respect.

    Not a big deal if you hate Sports. That is you.  

    What if a person whom you are talking to loves it? Then to make him love you just follow a bit about sports news so at least get the start of a conversation.

    You will find enough to grease a conversation later.

    Now you have identified yourself that is where you start with how to like yourself. Bravo.

    You have been staying in the background while being not confident.

    You have shut your mouth for so long. Enough of hiding behind the people you love and avoiding eye contact.

    You have carried out such behavior to make you feel better but not for long term.

    Practical ways to start being outgoing

    Become more outgoing by confidence boosters like NO ONE gives a damn of what you do. Start by realizing you don’t have to change a thing.

    Just begin focusing less on yourself. It is seen that socially anxious people set to focus on their lens only towards themselves.

    And then they question why do I hate myself so much?

    There are two possibilities of thinking about yourself so much. Either one will drown in self-obsession or land up hating oneself.

    The worst part is that hating oneself later results in an inferiority complex.

    That is why it is become so hard to overcome social anxiety and become more outgoing.

    You blush, sweat, stammer, and stutter.

    These things can become worst. You get no way near becoming outgoing or more social.

    The biggest flaw is that you are so busy singing I don’t like myself . . .

    I don’t like myself! blah blah that you insults the atmosphere around by ignoring it.

    All hopes of enjoying the surroundings get dashed at the bottom of the cliff.

    You will never feel comfortable in becoming an outgoing individual if . . . you have such a narrow scope of your world that begins with you and ends with!

    Great. You have identified yourself. now stand up and speak tall.

    Stand up, power up, and SpeakTall.

    You want to become outgoing but for that, you have to stand up and speak to all. I know it takes a ton of courage to the start off.

    You have to become outgoing else others will benefit you for being tongue-tied.

    Don’t become one of those types whom people can order.

    Enough of being that billing agent, assistant, receptionist, and too on a little pay.

    You have to become outgoing. Not only because you want to change your personality and make others like you.

    But you want that new improved version of yourself so that others can never take advantage of you.

    Be it your boss, friend family or colleague.

    Learn to say NO, else silence will become your biggest enemy you have ever thought it to be.

    Unmute your button, increase your volume to the highest audible level . . . and learn what does it mean to be outspoken.

    Gone are those days where you would have volunteered forcefully.

    You have to tell people how you want to get treated. This is the sign of high self-esteem and outgoing nature.  

    Speak clear and loud so that from silent you go violent.

    Use power phrases so that no one can backstab you. In a direct way, you can clearly convey your Idea without regretting later. 

    Build confidence at work else pay the price later if you stay silent. Make sure you got that communication style where you are town speak it all.

    Price of Silence

    Silence can make you an introvert. manage your health, marriage and other aspects of your life.

    Become a strong confident you, express your opinion and tell them why you care.

    Speak out if you didn’t like something.

    Give voice to your thought and vomit out whatever you are holding back. Questioning, protesting, and conveying can go a long way.

    I am Not saying you to become offensive. But in a very respectful way say it all.

    Now you must be thinking of how to get started as you might know the price of silence.

    It shows low self esteem. let me reveal a shocking revelation:

    There are 100 people who search this phrase every month: ” How to take advantage of someone with low self esteem?”

    Learn how to become more outgoing . . . 

     No one will actually care and handle all their works to you because they know that you won’t speak for your right.

     For how long you can actually become that slice of cheese in the chicken sandwich?  slice of cheese which gets compressed every time.

    Stop questioning why am I alive?

     Everyone actually exploits you. As you handle all their work because they know that you won’t speak for your right.

    They can easily order you:

    “stop liking what I don’t like”

    How to gain confidence at work?

     Now for suppose you are going to say it all to your boss. Enough of the pressure he has given you.

    Now let’s see how you can communicate. Without actually having to throw that resignation letter on his face.

     How to feel like yourself again?

     You have to begin by the body postures. Boost yourself with the confidence stepping inside the elevator.

    Just get into the crowded elevator.

    Face towards the opposite direction from everyone else. Just being different from everyone else will give you the confidence.

    Don’t give a damn about what other things about you.

     Before actually meeting who you have to encounter and get it all out, just throw in a chewing gum inside your mouth.

    Play it cool. It is seen that people who own a low confidence level are afraid to eat in public.

    Eat any other thing if you are not in favor of toning down your jaw through chewing gums. 

    Perform such acts which other people with low confidence won’t prefer.

     Now you have to conference that person just enter the office or that place where the person is situated.

    Begin with saying something nice about that person.

     You can get the answer of how to fight social anxiety by actually developing a comfort level.

    Give them a compliment and show respect them.

    But your actual aim must be slapping with respect. Now after actually praising the person you have to question :

    “How do you manage stress?”

    That person will get the idea from your question that you are experiencing stress.

    Instead of a directly complaining trick is to question.

    Yeah, ask the person with the same sort of scenario you are stuck in. This will create healthy self esteem within you. 

    Question :

    How a person should react if one is being dug into responsibilities which don’t fall under one’s wing?

    That person will be intelligent enough to understand. One will know that you are pointing towards a situation one has forced you in.

    It is not only about the job. even if you are not liking a simple perfume of your colleague then be outgoing and outspoken.

    You have to speak it all.

    Excuse me, I am actually very sensitive to perfumes and I really get overwhelmed by the one you have used. 

    Can you just avoid making my eyes watery? would you mind toning it down a little?

    After conveying the matter bluntly just end with:

    “I wish I had known you sooner, my endless gratitude to you.”

    Humor ‘em!

     Making use of humor can be a deadly weapon for becoming an outrageously outgoing person. This is a key to how to be more outgoing.

    A little humor in your conversation can make you way more tolerable than you think.

    You don’t have to set any criteria for humor or ever try to reach other people’s expectations.

    Be Innovative and make use of devices like metaphors, similes, and personification.

    Say something like:

    •  I love how you state the obvious with such a sense of discovery.
    •  Looking at you, it’s pretty clear that Darwin was right.

    Another step of How to be more outgoing?  

    Start by pulling an elaborate prank on one of the group members. But make sure to pick someone who will not get offended.

    One who will see your face again after realization will dawn upon that Chosen One. This will give :

    • your personality a boost,
    • removes social awkwardness
    • helps you in becoming an outgoing person.

    You can also try telling the person hilarious incident which the person himself has told you.

    So definitely it is not a social anxiety tip which guides you on how to stop being awkward.

    This is where you will feel awkward which will force your confidence to boost.  

    You will realize that you have guts to actually place yourself in an awkward position.

    Get a recorder and you have to upload your video on your private YouTube channel or Google Drive.

    As without it, you will not be able to set a milestone

    Depend on Yourself : triat of a confident person

    Depending on others give you the confidence that you are not alone and other people are there for your help.

    But this sword of confidence is not healthy for you. It tricks your brain.

    As in the time of loneliness, it will make you realize that you are of no good without others.

    In short, it mounts your inferiority complex. This hinders you from becoming am an outgoing person.

    Thus it damages your personality without actually making you realize that. It will make you say I have no confidence and remember confidence is key.

    So climb the success of a ladder alone. Fight the challenges and everyday life hurdles by yourself.

    Don’t rely on anyone else permission and do whatever your heart commands you to.

    This is another sign of being an independent person. That is how to be the best version of yourself.

    Record your day when you visit your friend without being actually invited.

    Get something to drink along a recipe book to cook together and that’s it.

    It is not only one of the sign of being a way too outgoing . . .

    but it is also a sign which shows that you are a very independent soul who listens only of heart.

    How to act confident for becoming more outgoing?

     Experience being confident, outgoing and independent by lip-synching to the music with earbuds.

    Follow this on streets. Seem like you are talking to yourself.

    In order to become an outgoing person, you have to build self-confidence. This will only be done if you acknowledge and praise yourself.

    Become more social by writing down the compliments you have ever received by people onto a sheet.

    Then hang that paper over to your wall.

    This will give you a better self image making you realize your self worth.

      You will realize that you can achieve anything once you overcome shyness.

    Lighten up  to regain confidence

    Keep in mind that people with low self-esteem are not outgoing. A less confident image will make them take that defensive position way to quickly.

    They become offended by any of the comment passed. You don’t get into this list of easy target.

    Don’t become that easy person whom anyone can hurt.

    Give this right to very few people so lighten up a bit.

    You can lighten up by finding and laugh in any situation where your self esteem is at its cost.

    You own that straight, serious face with no smile?

    Then grab the comic book, watch films which will train you on how to smile.

    Find a funny side of the most boring and serious thing. Like laugh:

    • In the middle of the huge fight 
    • When you see your grade sheet or resignation letter 
    • When you are getting late for work and then you miss the bus 
    • During those times when someone questions, “How is life?” 

    Only then you can start laughing at yourself. 

    Even laugh out at those offensive comments. 

    Laugh out if someone says: 

    • Earth is full. Go home. 
    • Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, what happened to you?

    This is the best practice which you can record on camera.  Set it as a milestone. Just laugh out at something which you read in public so that everyone looks at you.

    If something isn’t funny even then start laughing out . This will fade away your awkwardness of laughing in front of others.

    You will become more outgoing in nature.

    But don’t laugh out that loud at length . . . else people will begin to assume you need serious attention of mental rehabilitation Center.

    Perform these 3 activities.

    Record and wait for other milestones which will teach you further how to beat social anxiety.


    Your time starts now 1 2 3 go!


    Many Now Smile Confidently Who didn’t Know How to Overcome Shyness

    Many Now Smile Confidently Who didn’t Know How to Overcome Shyness



    “People won’t like me because I’m too . . .  ,

    I don’t know how to overcome shyness.

    People hate me because I lack confidence.”

    Don’t worry this article will make you get rid of these thoughts, while fashioning you into a confident indivisual.


    Well,  what exactly is shyness?

    It is a multifaceted condition which has actually a lot of variations . . .  what what what did you say?

    Let’s trash fanciness.

    Being shy is that uncomfortable feeling which consumes your soul and body in any situation. You will have social difficulties because you are worried that how will you face people. There is a scale of shyness.

    It may be the case that you are slightly shy. You appear to be charming in front of people but sometimes it is very severe.

    A case where you are not even properly able to present yourself. Want to know why? Well what should I tell you and what should I not.

    There are several ways which contributed to your behavior and it is perfectly normal.

    Yes, it is normal to behave in that way but . . . Yeah here comes the “but” part. . . such condition will always hinder in your way of realizing your actual worth.

    You need to understand that shyness is not your problem.

    But a greater problem lies within you which results in shyness that is what you need to eradicate.

    Signs you have been growing up shy ?

    Let’s see the basic root which is hollowing you from within and making you so anxious.

    First of all, you have to see or better say CONFIRM that you are not confident:

    You love the idea of avoiding people

    You are least interested in meeting new people

    Your brain will signal The Haunting thoughts if you will have to work alone in a single room and then mingle

    Intimidation can easily occupy you.  When? Well, if by any chance you have to interact with people of higher authority.

    Didn’t get what I mean? For instance:

    You need your professor to reconsider your grade. Only the thought of that meeting will terrify your soul.

    Hesitation befriends you if by any chance you have to interact with someone you want to impress.

    Fear of being watched or fear of being judged

    “Hey hello, can you just click our picture?” Admit and say “I have no confidence” if by any chance you get asked by this sort of question at a wedding.

    Lack of self-confidence will want the earth to swallow you alive.

    That feeling of being put on the spot makes you feel like puking.

    You will never try risking flashy clothes. Just because that will grab the attention of several eyes

    Flopped around a table in a family gathering, someone asks you about any incident. And then you are forced to share that story which lacks confidence . . .

    You will want to dive straight into your blanket. But before that, you will want to strangle that very person Till death.

    What more?

    ‘Can you help me in shifting me next week?’ you politely nod in acceptance.  Whereas your inner soul is yelling at you to overcome shyness.

    It is reminding you that you have tons and tons of work this weekend how can you say yes. That is simply being assertive. You don’t feel yourself.

    Rather than confronting someone you will laugh away if someone teases you

    Tring tring . . . Yes, your phone rings. Again you lost confidence. It is an unknown number you will be like what  I should do. Oh my God, who is that behind the phone. Your soul will divorce your body if you will have to talk over the phone or leave any voicemail.

    You are surrounded by a group of friends but you are tongue-tied. Yes, you have not added a single you know why?

    Let’s admit with a nod. A fear of being judged.  

    An inner voice is tearing you apart, “why am I not confident” or “what if someone doesn’t like your comment. “

    And guess what? You don’t want to take a risk. Be yourself is all that you can do.

    You own a prevailing sentiment of an uneasy discontent, inner insecurity, low self esteem and fear of oneself.

    Some people are Very well aware of their low self esteem but they are afraid to acknowledge it.

    You don’t know how to be yourself and try too hard so people actually like you.

    Sometimes, you began to seem like way too outgoing in an attempt to compensate that lack of confidence.

    Fear overtakes you that your self image might surface anytime.

    Not caring about the idea, “respect yourself”. You show that you fear rejection. Busy in protesting 24/7, you adorn a needy behavior.

    Yes, the text messages of ‘you there’ are also one of the signs of needy behavior.


    Crippling anxiety makes you hypersensitive. An idea clings to you that only hostility prevails around you everywhere.

    You don’t believe in self value thus it is so easy for you to second guess the meaning of someone’s casual comment

    Immediate symptoms of losing confidence:

    Do you want to know the immediate symptoms which burst in such so anxious situations?

    • Lost confidence will make  your heart skip a beat
    • Perspiration will roll off
    • A blush will toss across your face
    • A feeling of nausea will strike you up
    • Lacking confidence will make you feel a pit down your stomach as muscle twitches
    • Nervousness around people will make your swallowing feel like intense one
    • Well, you will feel butterflies in your stomach, dancing around.

    Those were just a few signs. They may touch your existence during certain social situations! Don’t be like I hate myself how do I change.

    Let me remind you that it is completely normal to feel shy insecure or socially anxious. But you will not agree more that it is not at all helpful process or a fun-filled condition to be in.

    There are certain emotions that can trouble you more than the other emotions. So simply admit that “YES” shyness is driving you crazy.

    So let’s together hush this sentiment and learn how to overcome shyness. But before that, we need to sink in a little deeper and strangle the real cause of our shyness.

    Let’s go easy on yourselves but hard on these factors:

    You may be shy because of your :

      • Biological system: You are hypersensitive as your arousal system is designed that way.
      • Personality traits: Your temperament is of being less social.
      • Environmental conditions: Your family has always discouraged you or compared you with others . . . causing self dislike.
      • Past traumatic experiences: You might have been bullied in the past. Thus you say I don’t like my personality.
      • Sudden shift of life : Major job change/competition or other family responsibilities.
      • Different life challenges : What if I hate myself for being victimized, rejected or teased in many ways. Scan this article if you ever questioned why I hate myself.

    How to deal with social anxiety?

    Now we can’t just let shyness to dance around. Instead, we have to treat it by taking a proper step and see how to work on social anxiety.

     But before taking any step on how to overcome shyness you need to train your brain. Oh wow, that rhymes!

    Listen to the voice inside your head which is screaming that you may not be fully ready for a change of overcoming social anxiety: step by step yet.

    There is hundred percent chance that your heart is holding grudge against the idea of any change.

    Remember that any motivational speech can make your spring out from your own ability. It can wash away all your fears and position you as a confident and powerful individual.

    But remember that, it will be just the stab of dismay.

    Yes, it will for sure get you super hyped for a day or two, gifting you a feeling of a changed individual but then . . .  Your step will sink back to your old self. How to actually overcome this problem?

    By setting a goal.  a sense of urgency of overcoming social awkwardness. A proper routine of training in overcoming shyness.

    Hating oneself won’t help. Your every muscle needs training, so does your mind. And that training should not be of one day or two.

    You need to at least give a month time to finish off that horrible sense of insecurity. . .

    And that very helpless anger that simmers inside you every time you shy away from your situation. Deep inside your head, you need to get interested in your own self while being comfortable with yourself.

    Bear in mind. . . 

    By following just a few steps you can say no to shyness forever. No, I won’t say this. Well, why? Because I hate to claim such things . . .  until someone actually with the utmost dedication of heart surrenders.

    There is not just a  one technique that could eradicate your shyness forever. But with patience worthy of admiration.

    With sincere efforts of practical steps, you can surely say bye bye to low-key life. And overcome shyness.

    Journey of how to regain confidence

    Once you get started then no one in the journey can actually make you trace back to your old self.

    All I’m asking you is to break your goals into manageable chunks. You will experience little hiccups in the process.

    But they will not discourage you in any way because you have already begun your journey with this blog post.

    Bear in mind that I will not give you generic solutions like overcome avoidance and do this and do that . . .

    I won’t say acknowledge your goals, be patient, be calm and blah blah blah. Instead, I will guide you practically.

    Your first step is to make a YouTube channel. Chill chill chill!

    I’m not asking you to start v-logging. I am asking you to make a channel for yourself. You have to make videos of yourself in progress every day and upload it on YouTube. There is a very easy way with which you can set the settings of a YouTube channel to private.

    Those videos will be just for you. The best part is that you can share it with the only the one who will encourage your progress.

    Be it your family member or any friend. You can surely COUNT ME in but that’s completely your decision.

    Not comfortable with the idea of a YouTube channel? Then just upload the video on your Google Drive.

    Your first video must be titled as day 1 and then so on.

    I have discussed a lot about video now what will you actually shoot?

    You will shoot: How bicycles littered the road, stones took up the end walls, and flowers introduced colors everywhere.


    Instead, you will shoot the milestones mentioned below:



    How to brainwash yourself : Let go of past

    Now every time you try to experience a different version of yourself that

    Haunting reflection of past drains your brain. Well, we all have done something stupid in our past for which we are guilty of. And that is completely alright.

    But hanging to that mistake is not alright. Because that will not let you move on and past will hug to you where ever you go.

    This will diminish your capacity to realize the importance of self love and high self-esteem.

    You need to realize that without lifting the weight of extreme self hatred. . . you will not be able to become a confident individual who lives the life to fullest.

    So you have to make a list of all those situations which made you less confident . . . and refrained you from positive self regard.

    It can be any specific social situation where you struggled with strong confident you.

    Write down all the thoughts which you experienced and the causes of self hatred.

    Now fold that paper, take your lighter, Burn It Up and flush it into your washroom. Don’t forget to make the video in the process.

    Yes,  flush off everything which made you say I despise myself.

    You have to understand your fears and insecurities when you don t like yourself.

    But the more important thing is you need to understand what you love about yourself.

    Start liking yourself and eliminate the idea of not liking yourself.

     How ?

    You have to write a list of 100 things which you love about yourself.

    Now you must be like oh my god hundred I can nearly name 10. But trust me 100 is very less you deserve more. If you cannot come up then make it your next goal. Help people around and write the situation down in detail.

    From making someone cross the road till bandaging the wounded animal . . . what ever. Frame that list and put it up on the wall.

    Witness that frame while throwing a smile at yourself every morning in the mirror and you know what? It is enough to fall in love with yourself, as you have proved to yourself that you are better than you thought.

    Don’t find the opportunity to change rather create an opportunity of confident living.  Ability has nothing to do with opportunity, so you must create the path yourself.


    Are you thinking that my ideas are stupid? Shush that thought as once you implement them you will build boost in self power.

    You will understand the basic principle of life that how to make yourself feel full. There is no accomplishment  in  being sane. You have to search for insane ways and make your way up to where the sky is the limit.

    The best thing about insane Idiots is:

    They don’t think of the consequences and own fear of anything. That’s what I want you to become. Sometime. Someday

    Hunt Around The Town [One of confidence building exercises]

    First of all, you have to click a picture of any pet or be it your own and print it out. Then all you have to do is hunt Around The Town for that being in the picture. The best solution to social anxiety!

    Go crazy and ask people that have they ever seen that little pup around littering the space!

     Make crazy stories about you and your puppy and go around the town sharing that.

    This activity can be done for just 30 minutes or a whole night. Grab your best friend who could go with you and click your video for the milestone.

    What this will do to you?

    Great question  . . .

    It will solve your problem of avoidance. You tell me on how many parties you have actually avoided people and the conversation at the moment.

    You have always avoided the interactions. Why? Because they sound very difficult and unpleasant to you.

    But with this crazy yet cool act, you are managing your anxiety of avoiding people, this is how to overcome shyness.  As you are throwing yourself into a scenario.

    If you really want to get rid of lacking confidence then you need to break the habit of avoiding people.  Fear of the people will not spare your soul.

    You will be regaining confidence and feel relief once you make this intentional encounter of people. You can randomly ask a stranger about your lost puppy by making stories of your lost love.

    The strangers will surely show concern. You know what? you will then drill the idea that people are not bad.

    So you need to open up a little and begin the strings of conversation. The best part is that they won’t judge you as they are complete strangers.

    All the feeling of lacked confidence or being uncomfortable when around people will fade away.

    So practice this insanity anywhere anytime but please do. You will not only overcome shyness.

    But you will feel energetic as it will teach you how to be more talkative. You will be beating anxiety, all excited while having fun in the process.]

    Learn to get angry [when it’s just right]

    Yes, you need to learn how to overcome shyness by showing anger to others. Sometimes politeness better says, “over politeness” can become the cause of your shyness.

    So you need to let go growing up shy and surface your anger in front of anyone who has ever hurt you.  If you experience the feelings of inadequacy then show it.

    Confrontation is very important that is how to regain confidence. After the confrontation, you can try having lunch with someone who annoyed you in past.

    Let that person see that there is something different in new. . . something has surely changed.

    Let that person wonder: How that tamed individual got guts to first confront and then invite me to dinner?

    You have to overcome your shyness in this way. The answer to your how to improve yourself.


    Only three things for now … IMPLEMENT AND RECORD.

    You will surely ditch your shyness. What next? Well, you love when people loves you right? 

    You can increase the love you accumulate by knowing the secrets of how to talk to talk to anyone. 



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