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The real taste of green tea depends on the way one brews tea. To achieve a perfect brew one needs to ensure that the water does not get overheated or boiled.

The excess boiling in no doubt damages catechins. If you want to achieve a perfect taste then the best approach is to let the boiling water rest for ten minutes.

After giving the water a resting time, you need to pour it over tea leaves. Let the mixture brew for a minute before the filtering process. If you want to see a significant result then at least consume green tea for about a month. 

If you are interested in one easy way to get flat belly then this article is all you need.  

 Green tea and weight loss

 You might have heard that green tea accelerates metabolism thus resulting in weight loss.

If we hint towards the constituents of green tea then it contains caffeine along with antioxidant catechin. These two compounds trigger metabolism, speeding it up. 

Catechin breaks the excess fat sticking to your body and boosts the energy level which your body makes use of.

Just drinking green tea won’t drastically help you lose weight if you won’t couple this practice with exercise and other diet plans. Thus, you need to exercise regularly and improve your eating habits. 

How to consume green tea ?

You should include about 3 cups of green tea in your daily diet, this count is sufficient for aiding weight loss. The amount may differ if you are caffeine sensitive.

If your natural metabolism can support this consumption then go ahead with the number. Many people often consume 5 cups of green tea, so it differs from person to person.

Green tea Weight loss benefits will surface on different levels depending on your body dynamics and activity level.

There are several green tea varieties out there. Some outperform the others. You must have heard of Matcha green tea which offers the richest antioxidants and nutrients.

Many people often go for matcha green tea as the whole leaf is ground in this type of green tea before getting consumed. In other varieties of green leaves are mostly steeped before the tea consumption.

If you are making use of sugar and honey in your green tea then it is not an appreciative way of consuming green tea.

This article has reviewed the best green tea brands out there in the market. There is an amazing green tea available out there in the market.

The best part about green tea is that even if you are not a tea lover, even then you will feel better.

Let’s drill down what each green tea brand has to offer. The flavor of each brand differs as they are sourced from different places and packaged differently.

The green teas mentioned below do not offer restricted usage. Apart from drinking, many use powdered green tea in the cooking as well for incorporating the healthy source in their diet.

Zen Spirit

Zen Spirit is sourced from Japan. The premium ingredients from Organic Matcha Tea are powdered by Ceramic Stone Mills. This fine green tea, which is verified as Vegan, comes in a pack of 100 grams. The organic tea owns antioxidants coupled with powerful ingredients like Amino Acids.

Most of us prefer gluten-free and sugar-free and that is what exactly this green tea is. Healing properties of the green tea get retained as a powdered is formed from full leave, ensuring nutrients retainment


This tea offers diverse benefits. For the tea reduces cholesterol, lowers blood sugar and boosts metabolism. A healthy metabolism is vital for losing weight. If you want to battle against the toxins that can be the source of chronic diseases and other sorts of illness then fine-quality catechins present in green tea will help.

The presence of amino acid offers a slightly sweet taste to the tea. Apart from adding a slight taste to the tea, amino acid serves not only serve to relax your body but also your mind.

This ingredient will not push you towards the boundary high alertness, instead of less caffeine’s effect. This ingredient is also capable of boosting the muscle tension and improving blood circulation. If one hint towards L-Theanine, then this is responsible for providing your mental alertness.


This tea is not only great tasting but also of premium quality. You can throw in this tea in your everyday drinks and other smoothies. This rich in nutrients, zen spirit prevents disease and ensures your health. So if you want to relieve stress and boost up your energy levels then go for Zen Spirit Matcha tea.

Citron Loose Leaf Green Tea

Heard of citron loose leaf green tea by Harney & Sons. The company has been serving for over 30 years and thus offers one of the finest quality available in the market.

With its undenying appreciable aromas accompanied by a satisfactory taste, citron loose leaf green tea does not fail to impress many.


One will not find the presence of strong flavor in this tea. Though it is the combination of subtle orange flavor and citrus flavor which results in an appreciable taste. Marigold petals, orange oil, and Chinese green tea make this brand an organic one. Indeed a healthy alternative to other teas and beverages.


Apart from the subtle aroma and taste of this slight citrus flavored green tea, you will several benefits to count in. .This tea serves the purpose of boosting your metabolism, increasing your circulation, helping in weight loss and relaxing your mind.


This green tea offered in 20 sachets, is a perfect fit for your morning cups. The silken invigorating green tea packs are also the best delight and treat after a dog-tired day.

The Harney & Sons are well-reputed and certified as Kosher thus can be trusted for just their name.

Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea

Twining’s of London is not an unknown name in the tea market. The well-reputed name has not failed to grab attention for its jasmine flavor delight.


Fond of jasmine flowers? The company has blended the flavor and fragrance of this flower into cute little pyramids of green tea sachets. The striking aroma of fresh flowers is the result of picking the jasmine flowers early and then layering it with high-quality tea.

During this process, the petals do not yet open up. But when these flowers surface the petals these scatter a perfumed aroma which then finds its way into the green tea leaves. The tea then incorporates the perfumed fragrance and delivers a soothing floral taste.


Hinting toward the benefits, then this tea offers a cholesterol control property and a way out to preventing cancer. By lowering bad cholesterol, this green tea brand helps in aiding in blood circulation. If you want to avail the full benefits of catechins present within then ensure a perfect brew.


Formed by the essence of natural products, this twining’s of London jasmine green tea accomplishes in offering one of the best tea drinking experience. Green tea does not always make an ideal choice of many for its bitter taste.

But the incorporation of jasmine flower in this tea negates all such causes of not consuming the healthy drink. A refreshing taste does not fail to enhance the overall tea drinking experience, gifting a light mood. The tea gets delivered in boxes of 6 with 20 little sealed sachets of green tea within. 

Yogi Tea

Yogi tea has been here for quite along. It has been serving several health benefits. Yogi tea constitutes natural organic ingredients.

Reflecting on its history, yogi tea is inspired by yogi bhajan who teaches holistic wisdom. Thus the tea is produced in with perfection and infused with subtle, soothing taste. This is one of the best premium quality green tea there in the market.


This tea comprises of antioxidants that get released during the brewing process. The antioxidants present in the tea are powerful enough to fight aging, pollution, stress and other such problems.

Digging further into the antioxidants present, the tea owns amla extract and grapeseed which when coupled with green tea produces potent antioxidants. Hinting towards the taste, then the organic lemongrass contributes a citrus flavor.

On the other hand, jasmine and licorice are responsible for its floral and sweet taste which is a vital flavor for diminishing the bitterness green tea owns.


This tea shares the same benefits which are offered by the other green teas. LIke preventing high cholesterol, lowering blood sugar and enhancing metabolism.


This brand surely makes up the list of one of the best green tea to drink. This is a perfect drink for relaxation. After a dog-tired day, you need a dose of yogi pleasure drink for it soothes your mind apart from aiding weight loss.

Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

This tea is extracted from the gardens of china. Numi tea is sourced from the Hunan province. The tea produced in the region blends the tea leaves with jasmine. These two inseparable pairs work well.


Jasmine offers a beautiful scent and this subtle scent is recreated by infusing green tea leaves thrice in the jasmine flower. This organic tea takes the purest of the form.

This tea is not only vegan certified but gluten-free and carbon-free. This healthy tea is Kosher as well as Halal. Numi teas are not only pesticides free but also free from other harsh chemicals.


The tea comprises of antioxidants which will strengthen your immune system coupled with other health benefits. This tea provides a great chance for an appreciable weight loss.


This healthy chemical-free brand offers a subtle taste with a wonderful fragrance. You will get this tea in biodegradable packaging.

Lipton Green Tea Orange Passionfruit Jasmine

Lipton, one of the best green tea, provides a worth appreciating blend of organic and premium quality ingredients. Lipton green tea offers an exceptional fragrance and taste of passion fruit, jasmine, and orange.


As far as the 100% natural ingredients of Lipton’s tea leaves are concerned then these are grown on their respective manufacturing companies rooted in 35 different countries.

The orange flavor offers sweetness to counter natural bitterness. These ingredients are free from any colorings and other preservatives.


This pack also shares the same green tea benefits like maintaining cardiovascular health by improving vessel functionality and blood circulation. Apart from boosting the alertness, focus and hydration level, this green tea helps you lose weight.


Lipton’s green tea makes a great addition to a weight loss diet. A box offers 20 little parachute tea bags that can be relished upon preference. 

Uncle Lee’s Green Tea

The other brand which sits as a perfect fit for many is uncle lee green tea. This product has been satisfying many for generations thus know what goes into producing the best organic tea.


The thing which sets it apart is extra-large bags coupled with tea leaves. This strong green tea gets sourced from China.

This tea only makes use of natural fertilizer for staying chemical-free and pesticide-free. Each bag constitutes 30 mg caffeine and this quantity is lesser than the one present in the black tea.


This certified organic tea offers premium-quality whole tea leaves for additional health benefits. By availing the exception tea leaves one can achieve an appreciable weight loss at a faster rate, for its higher effectiveness.


This organic product comes in a count of 100. Packed with natural flavor, this preservative-free treat offers only quality for its price.

Alternatively, you can also go for smith teamaker jasmine silver tip blend tea if you are fond of jasmine flavor. This tea is also organically cultivated and offer similar health benefits.


What to Look for When Buying Green Tea

Wondering which factors to look for when buying a tea? One needs to take into account how green tea is processed, the level of caffeine present, what does it taste like and what range of health benefits green tea offers.

To avail the maximum benefits of green tea for weight loss, you need to check how much you consume it and at what time.

Many people accompany their consumption right after every meal, some in the morning and at night. If you will go for tea’s consumption at night then ensure you are doing it for at least 2 hours before hitting the bed, else the caffeine will force you to stare room ceiling whole night.  

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