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Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips

You might find thousands of home remedies online! But you will truly make a difference by targeting the basics.

You need to start from the first fundamental approach for losing weight on tummy and hips. This article will cover 9 simple and basic rules which can make a whole lot difference.

This article won’t just leave you with: Opt for nutritious foods, eat proteins, get low energy density foods, stay away from certain foods, know the reality of fats and watch out the lapses! Too generic for you?

Well, idiotsguidebook won’t leave you with do this and do that! Avail these sample meal plans which are easier to follow than you think!

Most important thing:  If you are not investing 0n yourself and relying on inconsistent weight loss schedule then you are fighting against time, which will yield no significant change.

So set a target today! If the only thing you get is expert tips for weight loss for women and insider understanding of dissolving your fat then you can expect scientific miracles. 

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Back To This article: Avail new ideas, natural treatments, products, diet, and a lot more in these simple home remedies to lose weight. Excited?  Let’s dig in:

Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips

Rule #1 – Frequency is the key! Eat Regular Meals

You need to realize that starvation is not the solution to successful weight loss. Our body is designed in a way that it demands fueling, else it can very easily deform.

Start simple and begin eating frequent meals for keeping your body satisfied. You are in this weight loss journey for the long run thus for long term weight loss control you need to consume regular frequent meals.

This rule doesn’t demand from you to keep packs of junk nearby and keeping tossing it into your mouth now and then.

Nor thus this rule means to skip breakfast and starve all day.
Ideally, you must aim to consume 3 meals each day and then 3 additional small snacks, evenly spaced out. Various weight-loss experts will urge you to consume 6 small meals each day.

There has been a study carried out which proves that consumption of small meals promotes weight loss.

But then there are other studies which rightfully prove that no matter how many times you eat, the only thing which matter is the total calories you consume each day.

The trick is that the calorie intake inbound to reduce if you will space out your meals for 6 different periods. 

To control your appetite it is best to eat low-calorie food frequently.

There are pieces of evidence that suggest that consuming 3 standards meals must be accompanied by a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack for best-controlling appetite. The great thing is you can increase your energy intake through this method. 

Meal Timing

Have you ever questioned that does meal timing owns any real value?
Are timings in any way connected with your ability to lose weight? Is this one of the home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips?

Well, yes!

There are numerous studies that prove that you should not skip breakfast or eat late in the day. As this is a sure-fire reason for your weight gain. Want a logical approach? Our metabolism slows down as we sleep.

It means we don’t burn any food rather store it in the form of fat. By delaying our breakfast, we are slowing down the metabolism even further.

Thus, it is recommended that one should consume breakfast within 20 minutes of waking up, as consumption during these timings will control your appetite in a much better way.

You will notice the difference yourself that you will be eating overall less.

Hey, wait . . . what is the practical approach to add infrequent meals? Consume 6 meals at regular intervals each day as this will avoid the overeating process.

Due to realize which time of the day is the most dangerous, when every sort of junk threatens you?

You guessed it right!

Evening snack. So skip it – one of the home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips.

Thus by practicing early breakfast and mid-morning snacks, you are eliminating the possibility of evening hunger pangs! You just removed the threat. 

Rule #2 – Go Low! OH I meant Low Energy Density Foods

By now it must have been drilled into your head that the amount of food is not important.

The vital aspect is the energy you consume and that which is contained within the food.

Are you aware of what are low energy density foods?

These are the foods which contain fewer calories per gram. Like fruits and veggies.

If you ever get confused by the energy density being offered in the food then simply divide the number of calories by weight. 100 calorie food divide by 100 gram of food = 1 energy density!

I always knew you are proficient in maths!
Food which contains Very Low Energy Density have a value of 0.5 or less (fresh fruits and vegetables)

Similarly, foods with an energy density of 0.6 –1.5 are Low Energy Density.

Want to know which ones fall in this category?

Well, all those starchy foods like rice and pasta (especially wholemeal), not Greek-style yogurt, milk, and cottage cheese. 

The Medium Energy Density ranges from 1.6 – 4.0. The foods which fall under this energy density limit are bread, low fat/half fat cheeses, dried fruit, eggs and many fat-free snacks.

Lastly, high energy density foods own the value of 4.1 and above.

Examples? Yes, you guessed it right! All those pizzas, oily, buttery foods and cheesy, creamy items!

Your diet should comprise most of the low energy density foods as it can easily cut down your calorie intake 400 calories each day.

The best thing is that you will not at all feel as if you have done yourself a favor of following any diet.

All you need to do is include a high percentage of veggies and fruits in your diet, be it as a starter or dessert.

One of the effective home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips.

If you will be going for high energy density foods (pizza) then in no time you will feel hungry.

Do you need practical examples of how to incorporate low energy density food in your diet?
Well, you need to look for high fiber foods [bread, cereals] as they will keep you fuller.

Are you like . . . “ what did you just recommend me cereal?”

Well, yes, but there is a way of consuming it! You don’t have to gobble down a large bowl of cereal.

Rather get yourself a small bowl and dress your cereal with chopped fresh fruits.

Don’t forget to include low-fat yogurt as well.

You can’t forget the importance of adding veggies like slices of cucumbers or tomatoes in your sandwiches as these will keep you fuller for quite some time.

Love pasta sauce?

Well, the chopped mushrooms, peppers are must ingredients.
Make a habit of consuming a piece of fruit before lunch and dinner.
Do you know soups can significantly reduce your appetite?

Great! But stay away from cream-based ones. Prefer vegetable soup before the main meals.

Are you making the right use of water?

If you are not drinking a glass of water before your meals then you are missing out on the opportunity of suppressing your appetite.

If you are busy individuals and don’t have time to make soup then simply replace the intake of soup with water as both functions in the same way.

Are not all these methods mentioned above damn simple! You don’t have to compromise on your taste but just get a little strategic with your approach of eating food.

This approach covered how you could get 5 portions of fruit and veg a day!

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Rule #3 – Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips: Consume Protein

Are you consuming a portion of protein with every meal? NOOOO?

Well, in that case, I think you are influenced by the Foods Standards Agency which recommends limiting protein intake.

I know… You are like what’s food standards agency!
The point here is that there are countless sources that prove that high protein consumption can outperform carb diet when it comes to fat loss! Great right.

There was some eye-opening research that proves that higher protein intake is more favorable.

This is a whole new debate!

There is a study by the American Heart Association’s where dieters were allowed to consume as much food as they wanted to.

This resulted in the protein group dieters consuming about 500 calories or less each day!

For example, one study compared a diet according to the American Heart
Association’s guidelines (high carbohydrate) versus a high protein version.

Do you want to know why protein is recommended?
You know the whole story of metabolism right!

That if we jump into starvation mode and consume less food throughout the day then it tends to reduce the metabolic rate and thus the fat burning process.

To curb the fall in metabolic rate, protein comes to the rescue.
Secondly, protein is more satiating than carbs! You will feel more satisfied by consuming proteins! 

If you are in weight loss journey for long then the worst nightmare that strikes your head is the possibility of losing lean muscle!

Spot on right!

By following certain diet plans, the loss in healthy, lean muscle is inevitable.

BUT . . . BUT . . . A HUGE BUT . . .

If you will be consuming proteins then it will preserve the muscle tissues thus making sure that weight loss results from the fat stores rather than from lean muscles!

I know exactly what you are thinking . . .

“Does this imply that relying on so popular carb diets was my worst decision?”

Well, no!

Carbs are not bad or fattening. They are one of the essential food groups needed for slim trim!

This point just suggests that don’t underestimate the potential of proteins.

Need some practical guide? How to incorporate protein in my diet without getting excessive?

Make it a habit to include a portion of protein with every meal you consume.

You need to add eggs, milk, cheese, fish, meat, poultry, and yogurt. If you are vegetarian then include Quorn, soy, tofu, and nuts.

The portions have to be strictly clenched fist or palm-sized!

Next, find the low-fat versions of the protein. What? You need tot to seek meat with fat and skin cut off.

You also need to limit the egg yolks in your favorite scrambled eggs!

You should also incorporate protein with snacks like cashews, peanuts, and almonds.

Easy right! How are these Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips? 

 Rule #4 – Play with Fats, Pump Good Fats, Dump the bad ones!

Do you know that a single gram of fat comprises of twice as much as energy as carbs or protein!

The interesting part is that many are aware of the threats offered by fatty food. But seems not to care!

Look, not all fat is bad. Good fat is vital for the protection of important organs like the heart and lungs.

Fat is needed by your body to transport vitamins throughout your body.

Saturated Fat

Let’s discuss the saturated fat. These comprise of cheese, butter and egg yolks.

Apart from these, all those cookies, prepared cakes, and pies fill the list.

These saturated fat are the cause of heart diseases. Is a questioning is flooding your mind that which fat is considered as low fat and high fat?

If there is more than 5 gram of fat in your food of 100 gram this is saturated high fat.

But if only 1.5 fat is present in 100 gram of food then this is low fat.

The solution? You need to formulate your diet in a way that you cut of high-fat foods.

Get yourself leaner proteins (removing skin, low-fat versions).

No more frying and roasting meals. Instead go for grilling, steaming, baking, and boiling.

Check for the percentage of fat present in your sandwich spread and choose the low-fat one.
Replace the usage of cream with low-fat yogurt.

Trans Fats

Heard of trans fat? Well, these also fall in the category of bad fat. These are more dangerous and harmful than saturated ones.

These fats are formed when liquid vegetable oil turns to solid fats due to hydrogenation.


In short, minimize the consumption of fast food, biscuits, pastries, and cakes so that trans fats won’t be a threat!

Unsaturated Fats

These fats are good for you and are present in canola oil, avocados, olive oil, almonds, and pecans.

You will find these fats in sunflower oil, corn oil, and safflower oil.

These are healthy fats but again be mindful of their consumption.

You need to realize that fat in any form has very high energy which means more calories.

These can slow down your weight loss journey, thus be careful.

But they are better than saturated ones. Thinking of ways to replace saturated ones with the unsaturated ones?

Well, choose an oily fish like mackerel or salmon instead of going for fatty Meats.

Butter and lard fall under saturated fats thus must be replaced with olive, sunflower oil, and rapeseed oil.

Are you still using cream cheese or mayo as you dip? Oh, boy! You need to stop! Please start using mashed avocado dip!

Fond of mashed potatoes? No worries, but don’t just season it with garlic or olive oil.

Crazy for biscuits? Replace it with unsalted nuts (uncooked ones)
Replace all your parties and cakes with fruits!

Essential Fats

There are two types of essential fatty acids. Yeah, you guessed it right! Omega-3 and Omega-6
Let’s get to the point.

There is a relation between burning fat and these fatty acids.

Well, there are studies carried out which proves that Omega-3 can boost fat loss.

This fatty acid tends to increase fat metabolism during rest and exercise .

Omega-3 is present in fish oil. Yeah, you get it right! That is why there were a huge trend and demand for the consumption of fish oil. And that unforgettable love for salmon.

Rule #5 – Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips – Ditch and Divorce!

One of the best Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips is to let go few things in your lifestyle.


Let’s solve the confusion of alcohol for once and all. Alcohol can’t be used as fuel
And its consumption can make it hard to lose fat.

How alcohol can do all this?!
Well, alcohol boosts the appetites which will make force you to overeat.

Alcohol also restricts the burning of fat. Moreover, it negatively affects lean muscle mass. Thus, it is a wise decision to stay at a distance with alcohol during the whole weight loss journey


Are you consuming a lot of salt and without realizing it? You should realize that salt is already 3 quarters of salt is already present in the foods you consume.

Are you having trouble determining what is high salt consumption?

If your 100 g of food has more than 1.5 g of salt than this is high! And 0.3 g of salt per 100 g is considered as low.

How to naturally cut down on salt?

Habitual of adding salt to the water while boiling rice or pasta or potatoes?
Make use of Himalayan salt or rock salt. You will never want to make use of traditional table salt again once you start using this pure version.


You already know the role of water in the weight loss right? Let’s back the claim by further research.

Celebrities swear by how high consumption of water leads to drastic weight loss. Journal of the American Dietetic Association recommends the consumption of about 2.9 liters of non-caffeinated water.

If you are not aware then consume cold water as it tends to boost the metabolic rate. How?
Well, your body expends energy to heat it.

Rule #6 – Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips: Be a step ahead with lapse!

No one is perfect! And especially when it comes to resisting food . . . sometimes it becomes quite impossible.

There can be several reasons for having odd lapse during the diet plan.

This is normal and will not harm your overall weight loss journey if you will react strategically after they occurred.

You need to intentionally plan some cheat meal each week so that you could attain long term weight loss success.
Need some advice?

 1- You can plan at most 2 cheat meal per week.

2- Where to accommodate the cheat snack? Try making it the last meal of the day.


Well, if you start your day by cheating then your whole day will become a cheat day, without your realizing it. So never start with a cheat meal very early on.


Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips: Avail this Sample Meal 

Let’s scan through the sample menus which abide by the rules mentioned above!
Breakfast: Cereal
Snack: Piece of fruit
Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich on wholemeal bread
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast + Vegetable rice + Yoghurt & fruit
The food listed in this menu is not only healthy but also low energy density foods which will help you lose weight fast.

Breakfast: Corn flakes with skimmed milk
Snack: 2 slices white toast with jam, don’t make use of butter
Lunch: Beans with wholemeal bread
Snack: Piece of fruit
Dinner: Low-fat lasagne + Yoghurt
This low in fat & low in calories meal plan . This meal doesn’t have much low energy density foods. But you can always replace cornflakes with high fiber cereal with some fresh or dried fruit for compensating that.

Menu 3
Breakfast: Banana, porridge with honey
Snack: Low fat bran muffin, apple
Lunch: 2 wholemeal pitas + Avocado + mixed beans & tomato filling
Snack: Mixed dried fruit (preferably almonds) + Glass of fresh orange
Dinner: Wholemeal pasta + Tomato sauce with chopped peppers, mushrooms and asparagus
This diet plan comprises of low energy density food and fiber-rich foods. A perfect mix of veggies and fruits.
For a more effective approach, you can replace low-fat muffin with yogurt. Plus, try adding a glass of skimmed milk into your breakfast. You can also stuff a clenched fist-sized chicken piece to your dinner or lunch for protecting your muscle.

Breakfast: Fresh orange + Porridge with sugar + Green Tea + Wholemeal toast with jam
Snack: Reduced fat carrot cake
Lunch: Vegetable soup + Prawn salad + Apple + Fruit smoothie
Snack: Banana + Chocolate biscuit + Green Tea
Dinner: Low-fat spaghetti bolognaise ready meal + Mixed salad + Low fat ice cream
You can replace the carrot cake with yogurt and fruit.

Breakfast: Tangerine or two + Scrambled eggs, Wholemeal toast, Cup of coffee
Snack: Natural yogurt, 2 pieces of fruit
Lunch: Vegetable soup, Wholemeal pitta, Grilled chicken, mixed salad with olive oil & lemon juice dressing for a filling
Snack: Small bag of almonds/cashews and raisins, Cup of herbal tea
Dinner: Apple, Grilled salmon, Boiled new potatoes, steamed broccoli & carrots, Low-fat dressing such as honey and wholegrain mustard

This meal plan contains less saturated fat and more low energy density foods.

Keep in mind that whenever you are following any weight loss program the best practice is to write sample menus a week ahead.

By following these meal for quite a few times, you will embed the 6 rules in your mind without realizing it.


Rule #8 – Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips: Get Shaking! 

How to target hips? Try Aerobics for burning a decent number of calories per hour.

If you are not aware yet then the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30 minutes of exercise five or more days per week. Don’t have fancy types of equipment?

Not a big deal! Your stairs will work just fine! You need to climb them frequently.

You should also try kickboxing for intense lower body workout and for targeting your hips. Just play a kickboxing DVD in your room and get started!

Another recommended way is to go for Zumba, as dancing around makes you significantly lose weight!

Rule #9- Home remedies to lose weight on tummy and hips:  Target your fats!

Incorporate strength training in your daily routine, like squats and lunges.

As you need to target your lower body. These exercises involve an intense leg workout.

For targeting your tummy, go for crunches and push up as these are ideal for burning pounds from upper body and core. Frequency? At least twice a week.

 Are you ready to make healthy amendments to your overall living plan? It will do wonders!  


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