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Excited to know how to lose belly fat in 10 days? Just Aim and get ready to lose weight fast at home  . . . flat stomach with whole body transformation at your service!

So, I was scanning several resources which could give easy to follow, logical and coherent plan for weight loss. One of the books caught my attention as it offered a really simple way of achieving significant weight loss. It was referred to as spike diet.

Generally, many diets seem to fail. Why? Well, they will rightly work for few months by making you shed extra pounds but then what? STALLED PROGRESS!

That stagnant weight! Well, but I have heard that this diet gives permanent continual progress owing to the way it is designed. The best thing while reviewing this diet is that you don’t have to give up on your favorite foods instead, you can enjoy everything and lose more than 50 pounds in just 6 months.

Are you like, “6 months! Oh, this is too long and I want quick results.”

(Don’t worry, you will start seeing great results within days! But not the complete ones)

Well, the spike diet is the whole lifestyle change where you don’t have to change the foods you eat. Thus 6 months is the safe time duration for witnessing significant results.

Don’t get disappointed, as there is another highly recommended way which is a quick fix to lose weight in less than a month with guaranteed results.

You can expect to shed ??? pounds in just 21 days by flat belly fix challenge. This is the only challenge which I have been recommending for ages now. I know that it works. Proven results by Todd, else money back.

For quick, scientifically proven and safe weight loss you need to invest in yourself. Tossing approx. $30 is not quite a big investment which you will be making on yourself.

But If you can stick around for six months then scan through the methods adopted in the spike diet.
Fair enough!

This diet plan was designed by following it by himself and following bodybuilders, nutrition experts, and other medical studies.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

This spike diet , one of the best way to know how to lose belly fat in 10 days,  is a continual plan which you will follow every six days. You do not have to dig into a complication of counting pounds rather you just have to focus on today!

One of the best parts which I found about the spike diet is that you will not feel guilty while enjoying the foods you love as these are vital for keeping this diet functional.

You are on a weight loss journey which means that you have heard of the term metabolism. Decided.

If you are overweight then there is a high chance that you own low resting metabolism. You need to pay attention to this RMR (resting metabolic rate or low resting metabolism) for controlling your weight. This is what will yield you results.

Have you ever envied those people who eat a lot but they don’t even gain a pound? Know why? Well, because they own a very high metabolism.

By now you must have realized that it is the game of metabolism after all.

A good diet will never be that restrictive as the ones which are too restrictive are not workable for long. This is the reason why only 1% of people lose weight permanently in such diets.

What we do when we are bored? Eat. What we do when we are sad? Eat. What we do when we are happy? Eat. So fond stuffing in right!

This emotional overeating will not only stop with the spike diet but will get limited so that your body could function effectively, resulting in significant weight loss.

Let’s see how you can maximize your body’s metabolism.

Calorie deficit is the closest answer but in a different way. In this diet you will not consume a fixed amount of calories each day, instead, follow different number so that you could spike your metabolism which in turn would avoid all the possible diet plateaus. This phenomenon is vital for permanent weight loss.

Features of Spike Diet

Well How to lose belly fat in 10 days? Let’s dig in spike diet’s main features.

Weight lifting: Are you scared of weight lifting? Well, don’t be. You need to befriend. If you own this general and very common perception that weight lifting will just strengthen your muscles and tone it up then this is not it.

By lifting you will burn much more calories than doing aerobics, owing to its afterburn process. (where your body stay in calories burning mode for 48 hours even after the workout).

By adopting weight lifting you will be burning calories at a much higher rate as your muscles will break and get repaired. Weight lifting is exceedingly vital for fat-loss and you can even do it as home, no need to strike the gym.

The other feature of this diet is that you vary your calorie intake daily. You will have your high days and low ones.

By altering the number of calories, you will be burning fat efficiently.

Are you like if there will be high days (where you will be consuming more calories than usual) then won’t it disturbs the whole weight loss journey?

The truth is true that high days will make your low days very effective.
For clearing it all up: Your high day equals your RMR, Low day equals RMR minus 500-750 calories.

Are you questioning where does spike come in? Yeah, so finally. You will have a day in a week termed as Spike Day.

This idea of a spike is not the same as a cheat day. You have no idea how beneficial it is for you. Your all the cravings will get satisfied and diet will get reset for the next week.

The above mentioned high and low days are only for six days and on the 7th day, you have this spike day where you can gulp all your favorite foods.

What are the rules?

The rule is simple: You will have at least two and max three “high days” during the six-day plan. The rest are without doubt your low days. (means RMR minus 500-700 calories) The 7th day is spike day.

Role of RMR:

So let’s see what RMR can do for us? It is the initial starting point of the whole plan and the spike diet completely revolves around it.

You do not have to dig into maths! After all How to lose belly fat in 10 days is not that hard! Gone are those days when numbers used to bother you by dancing across the whole paper! This calculator will get you your RMR just with a click. Fill in the essential information.

For making things clear for once and for all:
High-calorie day: RMR
Low-calorie day: RMR – 500 calories
Spike day: RMR times 2

Low-calorie day essentials:

Now if the resulting calories are below 1200 then don’t go for it. Ensure that on a low day you at least consume about 1200 calories.

Confused? Well, if your RMR is 1300 then minus 500 from it, which is 800 daily allowance.

You should not only consume 800 calories as it is really less.

Rather eat 1200 calories throughout the day and burn 400 calories additionally so that in essence your body gets only 800!

If you will have a high RMR from the beginning then you won’t need to do cardio for making up the difference in the first place. (Questioning how to get High RMR? By getting developing more lean muscles)

Eat and write

You have to maintain a log if you want to lose belly fat in 10 days , also  you  will remember your calories and workouts! You need this to maintain your overall progress. You will realize that logging makes a great difference. It can sound tedious but you can even use your notepad for doing this!

What to eat? Diet Plan?

By now you have an idea of the calories that should be consumed on a high day, low day and spike day. But what you should be consuming. The rule is simple:
Include more proteins and carbs (fiber). Don’t exclude any food group but just keep an account of the calories.

On low days you should try to consume a lot of fruits and veggies as they will keep you fuller while adding up to less number of calories! Include a fist-size protein with every meal as it helps building muscles and muscles are vital for weight loss!

There are several diet plans out there which you can follow according to your feasibility but the key is that follow the blueprint mentioned in this article.
You just have to focus on remaining full, healthy, satisfied and excited!


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Importance of spike day

The spike day will keep your motivation high as you will be waiting for this day of the week to strike. This is the reason why this plan of How to lose belly fat in 10 days is much easier.

Why this plan of How to lose belly fat in 10 days  is vital?

You need to prevent the diet plan from backfiring, which can easily do if your metabolism drops to an inappreciable level. Thus you will not be taking this chance and with a spike, day boosting it up again.

Remember drop in metabolism is the key reason why several diets fail. Other diets can drop your metabolism to 40 % by restricting you which is going to lead your weight loss goals nowhere.

Spike diet will not allow your body to adapt to low-calorie intake. Instead of throwing it into starvation mode, the spike diet will compensate the losses.

Spike day will remind you that you are not in the middle of a famine!

You might have known about glycogen (stored glucose in our muscle) These muscles deplete as we diet which is required for workouts. Don’t worry as Spike day will restore it! The extra calories which you will be consuming will for the restoration of glycogen.

You will realize that your best workouts will be on the day followed after spike day. Why? As you will be loaded up with extra great energy! You will have the strength after the spike day to exercise with full potential. On that day you will be able to burn all the excess calories gained on spike day!

In short spike, the day is there for you so that you go back to normal mode and could burn more body fat in the next six days to come.

This is the energy day where you will restore vital muscle glycogen. You need to turn your body into a fat-burning machine and for that, you will have to charge it up by restoring glycogen.

You have no idea of the importance of this spike day on your diet plan. Calories surplus is the absolute necessity. Easily attainable calorie plan which is RMR multiply by 2. Make sure that you are cheating throughout the day as one cheat meal is not enough.

Hey, I Have a question!

Are you concerned that you will only be eating healthy foods on spike day? Well, not necessarily. You can consume pizzas.

Yeah, you read it right! You can dig into pizzas, cakes, and cookies. You can eat it all without having that guilt striking.

It is not a junk day though, you can eat whatever you want. Just remember your goal which is calories surplus. I THINK THIS DIET IS GOING TO BE FUN! Because you can consume the forbidden!

Exercise Routine!

Bear in mind that you have to indulge yourself in exercise every day. Simply do cardio for 45 minutes, drink protein whey and do weight lifting for another 45 minutes. You can reduce the time on low days as you will have low energy stored in your body.

As far as exercising during this spike day is concerned then doing cardio is not recommended as you will be defeating the purpose. You have to stay on calories surplus.

You need to exercise maximum on high days as during those days more energy is available in your body for getting used up.

Final Words About How to lose belly fat in 10 days:

This diet plan of How to lose belly fat in 10 days seems to provide a logical blueprint thus I can sense it will work. Tell me what do you think in the comments! If you want to get proper diet plan then you can dig further into Russell Branjord’s book of Spike Diet.

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