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Has the question How to love yourself and be confident tortured your brain cells? I am guessing . . . YES!

Liking yourself is very important. Otherwise, you will have lower self esteem.

It will then cause you to experience a great deal of depression, anxiety, and other anger problems.

You will be in chronic pain with physical and psychological illness.

Start mindful meditation for regaining self value.

Wondering that what is mindful meditation?

Or Are you tired of understanding the process of mindfulness meditation?

In either case, allow me an explanation.

How many times you only see the traces of self-hatred and depression, when you sit and ponder beyond the farthest edge of the night?

To get rid of the psychological conditions you have to open up your wisdom mind.

A mind where you only experience deep and peaceful feelings . . . quieter than the depths of oceans. That is the best way how to improve yourself.

Mindfulness meditation ensures you blithe with the bliss of the dusk . . .

But for that, you need to push your self to dislike thoughts and hug the idea of self respect.

You have to tune your natural state of mind with compassionate and dignity for oneself.

The positive self image and self-love already exist in your heart. Just know that the process of being all aware is mindfulness.

Your mind reacts the same way as your heart. So it is exceedingly vital to release ordinary attachments of mind. It keeps your spirits low.

Human experience sleep and eating disorder as a result of the unhappy mind.

I hope I succeeded in clearing that gaze of curiosity about mindfulness.

The question strikes here  . . .  How to practice it?

How to raise your self-esteem through it?

Here you will take the aid of two raisins and eat them mindfully. Do you want to collapse your soul in anxiety and depression about self-hatred?

At least 15 minutes for getting fully aware of what is in your mouth.

You have to pick the other and scan the details of the raisins . . . from it ridges till its stem, from its color still its aroma.

The love story of your and raisins does not end here. You need to feel it between your fingers by rolling it while experiencing the sound it makes.

Before throwing raisin into your mouth, several thoughts will burn across your head.

You will be like what the hell?

Are you wasting my time . . . I don't think it will actually work as it has nothing to do with mindfulness .

Most of all why even I am eating it when I dislike it to a great extent.

Now you have to give these thoughts a warm reception and welcome them cordially.

The moment you throw that raisin into your mouth you have to bite it and feel the flavors bursting out.

The best thing which you can do is place the raisins in different areas of your tongue.

You will experience a completely different taste. One which you would have never experienced . . . if you would have heedlessly eaten without pondering. That's the difference between mindfulness and mindlessness.

Keep in mind that you have to chew very slowly for experiencing the intense taste. You are missing a lot in life if you are not being mindful.

Now grab that second raisin and trust me. the taste which you will experience this time will be different.

How to love yourself and be confident through this method?

To answer the question of How to love yourself and be confident, you have to like everything present around you. You have to appreciate by being mindful about each and every creation. In that way, you will be able to appreciate yourself.

Do you want to keep questioning why do I hate myself?

Nodding NO for both cases right?

So for that, you have to be patient with this exercise.

You will experience a completely different sensation . . . when that raisin will travel through your throat down your stomach.

This exercise was meant to:

  • calm you down
  • force you to ponder
  • teach you how to be in that moment
  • stop passing judgments.
  • Be mindful about yourself about your appearance and personality traits.

Three practical steps on How to love yourself and be confident

Before diving into these steps, you will appreciate a glimpse at this article of how to be more outgoing.

Once you will open up and become outgoing, you will begin to love yourself.

Heading back to 3 quick ways . . . Well, you don't realize what negative thoughts are doing to your self-respect.


Because they are ingrained so powerfully in your head. Due to those thoughts will never be able to experience high esteem . . . Or understand How to love yourself.

Have you ever seen that cloud of debris after Storm?

That is exactly your condition . . . as if you are taming the negative thoughts within you which clouds your core.

I don't like myself . . . Yes, that is you who become so unreasonable at times. You start labeling yourself . . .  "I am a loser."

I am boring what an idiot I am and why am I so stupid?

Those thoughts will always trap lack of self confidence in you, leaving you powerless. Those unkind judgments will only demotivate your self-dignity.

It will add up to the causes of low self esteem.

1- Deal with negative thoughts: how to not hate yourself

If negativity has possessed you then?

You will likely overgeneralize stuff and used words like nobody and everybody.

Only negativity encompasses your eyes in every situation devoiding self happiness.

You won't even spare that poor waiter. As you will be like 'Oh my God that waiter dislikes me . . . look at the way he treated me.'

Your distorted mind reading ability has made you react in such a way. With no trace of a positive self-image, you will likely to take the blame on yourself.

For you, that waiter was unhappy because you must have transferred negativity . . . or you must have said something which was not appropriate.

Get rid of those types of self-concept

It might be the possibility that something has happened with him 20 to 30 minutes ago .

He may had his bad day with his own reasons. but you no no no no you have to get into the root, place your picture there and shout on the face of EARTH I don't like myself . . .

I don't care about myself.

If a question burns across your senses: How to improve myself?

Then there are 3 steps which are vital for handling negative thoughts. These are things to make you feel better. . . the secret to how to love yourself and be confident.

First of all, for a confident image, you need to realize that they are extra baggage. Instead of drowning in the deep sea of negative thoughts you need to change your perception?


Just hold in high esteem.

I know there must be incidents where you experienced guilt, regret, and self-hatred. . . Where you shouted I hate my personality or hate being myself.

Instead of torturing yourself in the memory of those thoughts. . . just give them a little acknowledgment.

How to make yourself feel full? [CARRY ALONG]

Well by actually carrying that extra luggage wherever you go.

Grab a paper, ink out all your negative feelings and burn that paper with a lighter and fold that paper, slipping it into your pocket.

You have to carry it with you just for a day. Just summarize all your feelings into writing.

Carry the summary as a symbol of a reminder that you are aware of those memories and past incidents.

Notice that while despite carrying that paper, you will have a fun-filled day.

Just feel yourself with satisfaction from all the past negativity.

Once you start carrying the source of pain what you need to do is get a replacement for them.

This will help you in overcoming low self esteem.

Increase your interaction with the positive thoughts

If you have a negative thought which you don't like I am an idiot as I flunked in paper instead of labeling yourself as an idiot you might come up with a replacement thought which is this was Tough paper. I will prepare better next time.

Grab that overgeneralizing thought and strangle its neck. how? by believing that Some did better but performed worst than you.

She is much smarter than me but I have my own strengths.

If I have not done that thing in past everything here would have been better... good things to say about yourself:

It taught me the real essence of life. . . I have become way stronger than any other person. 

Diminishing Negative Effect 

Done with the replacement of perception? Now for good self esteem, the process of diminishing negative effect starts.

One of the self love techniques and weapon for how to love yourself:

Here you will repeat whatever you have written onto your sheet to yourself.

Repeat every moment of the past which has hurt your self esteem to one way or the other.

Let's see an example:

You got fired. Repeat I got fired three times. Immerse yourself in that experience and just feel that day. Repeat that word for 60 seconds.

Note your experience with that word and all the emotions attached will fade away. that word will just become a word for you with a sound without any real concrete sense.

Negative thought about being a loser or ugly floats through your head then you should repeat loser for 60 seconds till it loses the sense or emotions which you have attached with it.

You will now stand in a position of rating. From 1 to 10, see how distrusting that word or phrase means to you.

Be loud to reduce the emotional impact of the word or phrase. But my friends  don't be loud enough to force your neighbors to call a mental rehabilitation Centre. . . for what?

Your admission!

2- It is time to pamper yourself by taking good care. 

It is time to pamper yourself by taking good care. Importance of self-love is knowing your self worth.

If certain changes to your appearance could boost your self confidence then go for it.

But you should not lose assertiveness. Bear in mind that never lose your true individual personality. A new version of yourself should reflect not only the fashion trends but also the true depths of your eyes.

Be flexible.

Adapt to any occasion very easily. As you need to reflect different and various shades of your personality.

Healthy self esteem with healthy eating habits

Let me elaborate the cycle. Lost in self-hatred and depression, people get carried away.

They ditch the idea of healthy eating and throw whatever they see into their mouth.

This attitude in turns shapes them into a fairly unhealthy and unyouthful individual.

At this point in time, a complain wavers on their lips . . . how to like me?


So here you see, it all started with How to love yourself and be confident (extreme self-hatred) and ended there.

This cycle will keep you rolling gifting you a spun head with endless questions. So it is better to get awareness.

Choose the right diet instead of grabbing food like a starved individual in famine. Monitor your mouth.

Put the brakes on your eating at moments when feeling stressed,anxious, or over-excited. WHY?

Because it’s easy to lose awareness of what is going in your body, how hungry you feel, and what the best food is for you at that time.

Drink about 3 liters of water daily for cleaning your body and eliminating the toxins. Examine the oil . avoid hemp oil.

As it will add most of the fatty acids inside your body (omega-3 and omega-6)

Make sure to always have a leafy Greens veggies in every meal of yours whether it be a cabbage, spinach, lettuce.

Sprinkle a bit of parsley and watercress over your food. you will get the sparkle of minerals and vitamins surely visible onto your face.

Feeling low about your own the living situation? You will feel so better to snack on seeds as the zinc and sunflower seeds boost energy to a whole new level.

Replace white items with brown whether it be sugar, bread or rice. As brown items are more healthy and cleansing for your immune system.

3- Cultivate joy by knowing how to be proud of yourself

Try to be more humorous not for others but for yourself. Intentionally find humorous situations.

Try any of these things. Don't forget to make a video so that you can capture your performance and later be proud of that.

If you 100% want to get the solution of How to love yourself and be confident then maintain a spark in your life by being playful:

How to love yourself and be confident?

Like grab your phone and call someone, asking for their business address.  Repeat it back wrong a few times so you become less self conscious. 

Sail on the journey of making hilarious sign boards and place it near you window. See how people react and ditch the fear of being judged.

Board can have a picture of your pet with label: Fully equipped with weapons, this pet refused medications. Beware!


Any thoughts on improving self esteem activities? aim to try all?

Isn't it so easy to like yourself?

Well, sometimes it may not be enough if you have a long penned self-hatred. You should surely try the awesome new methods used in feeling inadequate.

Time to throw low self opinion and extreme self hatred. Embed the importance of self love.

But if you still feel like hating yourself then read this text for a quick boost.




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