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Scared to stare yourself in mirror while questioning how to overcome low self esteem and insecurities? Let me explain the feeling inadequacy definition. The emptiness in your soul matches the spiritless sky . . . that featureless waterscape around you.

You feel the pain of your existence and you feel your energy disappearing. But don’t crease your forehead? don’t tell me you didn’t!

As I will guide you how to get your confidence back.

Low self value, Low self esteem and insecurities has broken all the records when a teenage girl faked her own kidnapping. Why?  To get her ex-boyfriend’s back. If she would have referred this source, I could have advised her to get self confidence back instead.   

I won’t say see where the world is going, rather I would comment that it is just the mentality of feeling inadequate which betrays you.

Be aware of importance of self esteem. If you want to avail the benefits self esteem then check this article out. 

You can feel inadequate due to many reasons:

  • It can be because your face has seen the struggle between shame and defiance of heart.
  •  You can mask rage owing to unhappiness with your facial features.  
  •  When an inferiority complex soars high, it makes you feel the hollows of low self confidence . . . forcing you to feel inadequate about yourself.
  •  You have had a past as history has many cunning passages.
  •  You sizzle with anger when you remember some horrific memories. (bullied at work, school bullying)
  •  Moments which make you drown in your own guilt.
  •  When you have drilled in a head that you can’t overcome shyness.
  •  Your life can become like a dimmer room because of someone else acts.
  • You take the whole blame upon yourself consequently feeling inadequate.

    But now bye bye weakness

    Just hush those self-critical thoughts, which make your life a living hell and low self esteem.

    Your teachers or close ones may have criticized you in the past, lowering your self image. They might have left a stain of an awful memory in your mind by hurting your self respect.  

    You might have been bullied badly normal at school or have tasted failure in exams. Bear in mind that all this happening will make you say

    “I am not good enough” . . . “other people never like me” . . . ” I am a complete failure, truly unlovable.” . . . 

     These critical thoughts will really suck your confidence, giving you low self esteem. But you have to challenge this inner critic by a complete reasoning process.

    How to overcome low self esteem and insecurities?:4 SLOW & EFFECTIVE SELF VALUE STEPS

    1) How to raise your self-esteem?

    Let me reveal . . . All you need to do is that for a week record those self-critic comments which will inundate your inbox of the brain.

    Don’t push waves of criticism away instead note them down and select top 5 by the end of the weekend.

    Now practice a logical approach and through proper reasoning challenge the fault.

    Question your own beliefs which are promoting inferiority complex.

     Let me provide you with a proper example:

    • “Everyone is unhappy with me “

    Now question yourself. . .  Do I Really care about everyone? Maybe whoever is happy with me is a complete selfish who became closer because of own reasons. They lack good character, not me. So I don’t care …

    •  “I can’t do anything right “

    Why? I have been told that I mismanaged the whole event and spoiled the presentation.Now question yourself. . . 

    It is not I who mismanaged, it is a fault of short-term unplanned notice which they gave to prepare the event.

    I have done several right things in the past 5 years. I have accomplished milestones with my own proper organizational skills.

     Let’s throw pearls of wisdom to your head . . .

    Mother Teresa once said that each person is created for loving others and to get loved. She strongly believes that self respect love can heal several wounds. It surely can nurture a stagnant growth.

    Thus, you deserve the love of yourself.

    Don’t question why do I hate myself?  

    Realize that judgment is not important.

     Respect yourself and take the inspiration from a young child. He plays without inhibition. Then gradually with time, he learns to evaluate and judge.

    Keep in mind that judging yourself constantly keeps you down. You will feel difficulties when you want to rise up.

    Learn how to be yourself and head back with a positive attitude.

    2) How to not hate yourself?

    By being not hard on yourself. Else it will gradually lead to negative emotions . . . which you will not be able to control by the end of the road.

     I presented you the example of a child because I want you to treat yourself like one. Keep high self esteem.

    Assume that you are in constantly learning phase of your life. Try to forgive your mistakes as you do of children.

    Bear in mind that you have to love yourself unconditionally as people love children.


     3) How to like yourself?

    Well for this, you have to transform the self-judgement into a new memory.

    You need to write down the critic and it will diminish the intensity of the judgment attached to it

    Imagine that you have a pretty Garden. Apart from one plant, every other plant is blooming. But you tend to sway your attention only to the one which is struggling.

    What will happen? 

    In no time you are mind will filter out the appreciation of other beautiful plants. You will completely forget that they too also exists.

     Similarly, when you see yourself in the mirror. Contemplate about your being. You only tend to focus on your mistakes and your shortcomings. You ignore the rest of your positivity and strength.

    Let’s try to look in the mirror again but with love and high esteem. You need to look yourself deeply into your eyes with heartfelt loving kindness.

    Stare at yourself . Instead of saying I don’t like myself,   today look beyond wrinkles and blemishes.

     Why do I hate myself so much?

    Because of the stress of several things. You have to notice the stress in your eyes, acknowledge it and understand it. This article will elaborate the answer with quick tips to get rid of self hatred.

    Trust me that when you will understand your stress with compassion, it will dissolve. With the addition of a kind of half smile, you will touch your core with acceptance and kindness

    12 QUICK STEPS: How to be happy with yourself?

    You don’t have to change a thing but just Put your sunglasses of appreciation on.

    Print the worksheet below, as this checklist will help you in identifying yourself. Then throw your success party. Widen the Horizon of the word success. No success is big or small, it is the angle with which you see the world.


    1- Find self happiness

    You may feel inadequate because you don’t have genuine people around you. Those who can make you feel special. No issue at all. make friends with a bird in your garden. Don’t forget to talk to the bird daily even if it is only about throwing a “Hi”. Make sure you give that bird a name.

    2- How do I find myself?

    Do one thing every day that will make you smile. If you can smile by even drawing faces over the eggs then do that.

    No matter how crazy the activity is but if it can spread smile then wear craziness.

    3- How to be the best version of yourself?

    You need to get rid of the rule book. Every person has some set of rules which one impose. There are certain actions which a person will not perform.

    Why? Because of the fear of appearing stupid in front of people.

    These rules are set because one loves to stay in the comfort zone.

    But you have to step out of it and break all the chains of limitation which is holding you back. You do want to feel self-assured.

    Get out of your comfort zone and dress in an unusual way. Don’t style yourself normally but try something different and new.

    Try things which you will never ever think of wearing. This will increase your self-confidence. It will give you great courage to do those things which you will never do out of the fear of being commented out.

    Be a totally opposite version of yourself. keep in mind that you are doing all this because you don’t care what people say.

    4- Do I have low self esteem with lacking self confidence?

    If yes, then go mad.

    Drill in your mind that it is completely alright to actually turn insane. You are not a perfect individual so stop at every point where you think of criticizing yourself.

    Stop taking the blame of your acts. All you need to do is just act stupid deliberately and childish.

    Now how can you laugh at your silliness? You can perform this in a simpler setting like an elevator.

    Take the selfie in an elevator and don’t feel awkward. Make mistakes with an intention as only then you will realize that it is okay to make mistakes.

     If someone asks you to push the button of the elevator then intentionally push the wrong ones.


    This will give you confidence that you are not perfect individual and won’t do exactly what you are told.

    Get rid of the fear of being judged by this method.

    5- What is self worth and how to find it?

     You can face any situation by actually putting yourself in danger.

    Speak in mind that self esteem and self confidence is gained with time.

    You can build a new life by actually appreciating yourself.

    You will only be able to appreciate yourself if you face life in a tough way.As only in that way you can be proud of yourself later.

     Now how to face Life so that you can be proud later? Try survival skills. You need to attend any survival training course in nature and then learn to survive with only a knife.

    This will give you great self confidence. How?

    You will realize that you can do anything in the world. You will get that you own such a great capability.

    Thus, it will stop you from underestimating yourself in any way.

    6- What is self respect and how to get it?

    Be around those people who will make you feel yourself who realize your actual worth and stand by your side.

    Let go of yourself and do funny things with them.

    You can make hilarious signboards and then put them near your window. Catch the reaction of people on the innovation.

    7- How to improve me? Any self esteem exercises???

    Once you stop struggling against certain things, you can learn how to overcome low self esteem and insecurities.

    Stop by and attend an open audition.

    Sing in front of judges.

    Be on the spot.

    Yeah, this is a hell practice which will make you talk in front of a large crowd.

    This week you have to handle your nerves but you can do it. You must have gotten the idea that I am suggesting you those things which will later make you proud of yourself.

    You will gain more than an average person.

    8- Improving yourself further. . .

    For once don’t weigh things according to their pros and cons, instead be bold. Be ready to face challenges and fears.


    Have you ever land thought to directing and acting?

    I bet no! Now is time. Just put on a play. I can sense that though flashing across your head . . .

    It is not as easy as it looks.

    Go and challenge yourself by preparing a show for a small audience. This small audience can even be your friend circle.

    I’m not suggesting Shakespeare, leave it for later! Instead, grab any 15 minutes play.

    9- Any way of raising self esteem and self worth?

    You should hate the idea of validating. But guess what? You don’t.

    Instead, you love validating Yourself by comparing yourself to others. A complete wrong approach.Direct no.

    The best practice is to go on a social media detox as that tops the list of this root cause. Don’t flip through the profile as this can be completely destructive behavior.

    10- How to stop being self conscious?

    As a human, you are bound to compare and not only that . . . You are forced to Aspire.

    Don’t get exposed to the images of a so-called perfect life. It will lead towards low self esteem and insecurites. Ditch such platforms. 

    11- Things to make you feel better?

    How to overcome low self esteem and insecurites with the help of people? Learn to compliment them. By complementing you will not only make others feel happy,  but you will get back positive energy.

    This will make your day. It’s not that you only compliment those people who you look up to but even compliments the strangers.


    Well, storm into the town, head towards several shops for fun, simply compliment at least one person when you visit any shop.

    You will feel as if your life is changing

    You will not experience feeling inadequate by realizing your self-worth.

    Be independent of the validations of others.

    What people are saying should not be your concern. It should not affect you in any way. When you heavily rely on people’s opinion to a great extent then you tend to diminish your own judgment.

    This, in turn, diminishes your self confidence and self esteem.

    12- How to overcome low self esteem and insecurites to feel free & independent?

    Bump into any stranger, ask for the directions of a certain place and then? Go to the opposite way.
    This will leave the direction-giver a completely bemused.

    But do you care? Just hold in high esteem and smile my dear.


    Any thoughts on improving self esteem activities? aim to try all?

    No more questions of why am I not confident as i know you are .

    Keep in confidence without being harsh on yourself and without commenting I hate being me.

    Trust me, there are endless benefits of high self esteem.

    So ditch low self opinion and extreme self hatred by drilling the importance of self love.



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