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Looking for how to reduce belly fat in  7 days?  Finally find today how to reduce belly fat in a week. This article has got you covered.

This is an ultimate guide where you will find practical solutions of losing weight, especially the belly fat.These diet plans will help you to reduce belly fat in a week. 

For fast metabolism start healthy eating. Pay attention to nutrition, detox drinks, cardio and overall health fitness.

 How to reduce belly fat in 7 days? Start by cleansing your system. If you want to get rid of those unwanted pounds then cleansing is a must. You can not attain a proper weight loss without yielding a healthy body. For a better over lifestyle adopt the cleansing method mentioned below.

Before omitting out different things from your daily diet plan you need to clean your system for regenerating a new life in your body. Your lower intestine has been long ignored thus now is the time to reward it with a detox plan.

This is not an overnight solution thus expect to see the changes after a week. If you want to lose couple of inches overnight then refer this source as well. 

Avail these 19 tips for how to reduce belly fat in 7 days.

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days:The Detoxifaction Program

The first thing you need to do after opening your eyes is consuming 16 ounces or more of prune juice. Why? Well, you are emptying your bowels in the process.

You must be wondering what this natural process happen nevertheless but bear in mind that you have to make your intestines collect the body toxins from every part of your body and prune juice helps in achieving the purpose.

Next, you need to consume about two tablespoons of olive oil thrice a day (throughout at any time). Why? Well, this helps the lubrication of bile and liver.

Your body will be eliminating great matter and you need to get it replaced by fruit juices. If you will not be consuming fruit juices then get ready for dehydration!

There is a wide array of options for juices to choose from. This is not a common problem which people often find when following diet or detoxification plan.

As far as this plan is concerned then you need to make your choice and pick one from apple, grape, carrot, citrus or tomatoes.

Select your favorite from the list and stick with it for about 3 days, yeah entire 3 days. It must have already hit you that you will not be consuming any solid food for about three days? Hard? Yea, but not impossible.

In the worst-case scenario (which is that you cannot resist hunger and need to chew something) you can take the exact fruit of whatever juice you already intake. Drinking carrot juice means, eating only carrots.

Crystal clear right?  You can visualize how toxic lymph will get eliminated from your body and get replaced with three gallons of juices.

What about after three days? Well, in that case, you can mix vegetable and fruit juices, while preferably eating them raw.

On the fourth and subsequent days, begin taking vegetable juices and vegetables and fruit, preferably all raw. For example, you may have some fruit for breakfast then juices for lunch and veggie salad for dinner.

Will you continue to this for your entire life? Impossible. You can gradually add in the foods to your diet after four or seven days ideally. You will surely see a reduction in your belly fat in 7 days. For significant results consider this three-day detox once in a month.

How to reduce belly fat in  7 days – Juice Therapy

General Directions: Apple Juice

If you are fond of apples then let’s see what apple juice involves, this blood purifier is the most effective therapeutic agent.

Make sure to consume an apple juice that has no additives or preservatives. After thirty minutes of the consumption of about sixteen ounces of prune, pay attention to the eight-ounce of undiluted apple juice.

The glass of apple juice must be undiluted but there is a way through which you need to drink the juice. You have to chew it.

Why? Do you recall the study on enzymes which you probably did in your fifth grade?

Well, these are there in your saliva and thus will mix in the juice and trigger digestion. Remember don’t gulp the juice instead be nice to it, appreciate it’s flavor and slow the whole process.

Next if desired, drink a glass of plain distilled water, followed by more dosage of apple juice about a half-an-hour later.

To be more precise follow 8 ounces(apple),8 ounces (water) rule with 30 minutes interval for the whole day after starting your morning with prune.

If you feel constipated during these three days then you can adjust prune intake.

Carrot Juice Therapy

If you are fond of carrot juice then follow the same therapy and routine as of apple juice. You need to use undiluted carrot juice.

Citrus Juice Therapy

You may like this citrus recipe which is a combination of lemon, oranges, and grapefruits.

All you need to do is grab four to six grapefruits, few oranges, and two or three lemons. Next, you need to dilute this with two-quarter of water to make about a gallon of citrus juice mixture. You need to follow the same procedure of the apple juice mentioned above.

Grape Juice Therapy

The next option you have is to avail grape juice. Well, make use of unsweetened grape juice without additives for consecutive three days.

How to prepare?

Well, you need to dilute two-quarter of juice with two-quarter of water. You must have noticed that only grape juice is diluted whereas other juices are not.

Yes, keep this difference in mind. Follow the same ratio and rule of 8,8 as mentioned in the apple therapy.

Continued Fast.

The ideal way of seeing a significant difference is compromising four more days after this cleanse detox.

It is suggested that you should consume only water for three more days and then on the fourth (last day of the week) turn to veggies and fruits combination. Then in the following week, you can turn to the regular food you consume.

You need to train your stomach and that is why it is not recommended to jump on heavy foods right after the three day detox period.  There are certain things which are generally recommended for turning your overweight to normal weight.

Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar

Most of the people who have planned to lose weight come across the usage of apple cider vinegar.

Instead of its direct consumption, you need to dilute a teaspoon of vinegar in a teaspoon of honey and warm water. There are several types f apple cider vinegar and many can damage your body like the distilled ones. Thus, be sure to use only raw apple cider vinegar.

The best addition which you can do to reduce belly fat is to incorporate more apple cider vinegar into your diets. Like your salads need it.

If your food dressing will contain Apple Cider vinegar then it will help you in burning more fats. As the acetic acid speeds up your body’s ability to process fats.

How to reduce belly fat in  7 days:  Essentials

Have you tried Kelp? If not yet, then you probably should but just bear in mind that you have to increase your intake to ten capsules if you have a thyroid problem.

But generally, two or more is sufficient. If you are not fond of using capsule then you should try kelp powder which you can easily sprinkle over your salads.

Molasses: Try to take a tablespoon of molasses thrice a day (either sorghum or blackstrap molasses).

Wheat germ oil: You need to consume a tablespoon of a good, fresh wheat germ oil thrice a day. 

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days?How to reduce belly fat in  7 days : Other methods

You need to befriend fresh lemons as they will help your mornings. Next, you need to get water at room temperature and squeeze half a lemon into it. Many won’t enjoy it but then get used to it.

How to Choose a High-Quality Multivitamin

Go for multivitamins, There are so many out there. Which is the perfect fit? Well, you need to identify good quality multivitamin from either synthetic Vitamins or Food Based Vitamins.

You need to only get the top reviewed multivitamin which is FDA approved and is manufactured by a renowned company.

You might not be aware but there are some companies make use of synthetic vitamins in labs to cut down the overall cost price.

Insane right?

Whereas The well-known company which tested by many breaks down food to extract vitamins from it. Always shy away from Synthetic Vitamins as they are Bad For Your Body.

Vitamin C Isn’t Just Vitamin C
You may have come across the benefits of vitamin c like how it boosts your immune system and keeps your cell healthy.

There are studies which prove that its consumption will help you live longer.

Who knows?!

Well, as far as weight loss is concerned vitamin c is a vital source. You should particularly consume if you will be going for a 3 days detox diet.

Why? Well, it will help your body to readily absorb and process the vitamin in the detox drinks. Like multivitamins, vitamin c is also coming as synthetic vitamin and they are not readily absorbed by the body.

No one wants to flush their money, and by consuming it you will be doing exactly that. You especially need these vitamins to support your body during the detoxing period.

All you need to do is to pick a Plant-Based Multivitamin OR grab the best-reviewed ones.


Many are aware of the fact that there are certain bacteria which are good and certain which are just bad. Good ones hold the responsibility of balancing your body and of preventing illness (diarrhea, gas, bloating, infection).

Whereas bad bacteria cause skin problems like rashes and eczema. you can easily cause an imbalance of these bacteria by getting sick, consuming unhealthy foods, and by loading yourself with sugar.

You want to maintain a balance of these bacteria by making use of probiotics. By the consumption of probiotics, you will be introducing good bacteria in your body which will restore the balance of your gut making sure it’s optimally working.

These probiotics do help in getting rid of waste products which detoxing will flush out.
If you are questioning about some natural prebiotics then you will find them in yogurt. But don’t consume yogurt during the three days or your entire detoxing period as after all is solid food. Stick to supplement for this period.

Find a more personalized program

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days? Go for simple yet effective programs which will not put you in the survival mode.

Commit yourself else you will not be able to follow any program which will be able to help you. You must be already aware that there are several weight loss programs out there designed to help you. You need to be mindful of the selection and choose the best.

The reviews matter.

So pay attention to the testimonials and then opt for one. After getting enrolled in the program then you must religiously follow on for maximum benefit.

Several experts offer personalized weight loss programs. if you want to take the most effective and quick approach then you have to invest in yourself.

These experts will guide you and where you are going wrong. Their diet program is a research of years and is backed by science thus you should not hesitate to try and follow the pros. The most popular program which I have seen selling rapidly is 21-day belly fix the challenge.

Yes, it is not the 7 day quick but you will start seeing the noticeable results within 7 days. Todd without a doubt is the expert who will be with you throughout.

Many people around the world have already benefited from this cheap program which guarantees weight loss.

The best part is that the program guarantees money back.

Why? Well, because Todd is so confident that the participant will see significant changes. We will never recommend going for restrictive diet programs.

The programs which will cut you off from everything are not worth your time and money, as your body needs certain items in certain proportions. If you want to know the accurate science behind such measurements then flat belly fix is highly advisable.

Consuming green tea

A question might strike your head that there are several teas out there in the name of skinny tea, which one is ideal and helpful for consumption?

Nothing is a weight loss miracle. But every sort of tea has weight loss benefits and aid the overall fat burning process.

They will yield no result if your weight loss process does not involve proper diet or exercise. if you will consume them in their naturally brewed form then you can expect good health benefits, but the question remains, why has the green tea attracted so much of the attention?

Well, because green tea offers numerous benefits which are backed by proper studies, from cancer prevention till best anti-oxidant it has got you covered.

As far as weight loss is concerned, green tea works because it is a source of caffeine which is a decent fat burner. It boosts your metabolic rate which increases your calorie burn. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

We all know that vitamin C and beta-carotene, and fruits and veggies are great antioxidants and so does green tea.

It contains that active ingredient called epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG which researcher says to be 200 times more powerful than vitamin E.

Aware of the role of insulin level in the weight loss process?

No? Well, green tea cut down the insulin response by keeping your blood sugar stable which results in a controlled appetite.

Your body stores less belly fat through all this whole process. Want to know the secret of converting your carbs to fat?

Green is rich in catechins which lowers the body fat and cholesterol levels. ( Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

By now you must have drilled the idea in mind that several processes start to take place once you gulp down green tea and all these processes (increased metabolism, balanced blood sugar, and insulin regulation, and the inhibition of essential enzymes) collectively leads to weight loss.

If you want to avail the best benefits then you should consume green tea twice or thrice a day. if you avoid hot drinks then you can pour it over ice for a refreshing feel.

Next, you can try to flavor it with orange, chair or jasmine. Always go for a trusted source only and highly reviewed.

Time to say GOODBYE!

What else how to reduce belly fat in 7 days? You need to bid farewell to certain items for weight loss.

You will be like certain means few or many? While it depends on your current consumption level of these items mentioned below.

If you believe that diet shakes work then you are living on Mars! As these drinks are loaded with sugar and in no way promote weight loss.

They contain that high fructose corn syrup and other hydrogenated oils which add fat to your body while making you more hungry.

Cut down on Rice Cakes, I know that you know of them being made from refined starch with little fiber. but have you realized that this breaks down immediately into sugar once in your body?

Then what? Expect the spike in insulin levels which in turn promotes fat storage.

Are you falling for Energy bars? well, they are saturated with Isolated soy protein which is not used up by your body. They contain refined grains, hydrogenated oils, artificial preservatives and tons of sugar. This candy bar is in no way a healthy meal.

All that junk, there is a reason that it is called junk.

Eliminate all those chips, crackers, and cookies— as these items are saturated with hydrogenated fats.

Do you submit to such highly processed items which contain a high percentage of processed flours and inflammatory vegetable oils?

These high carbs are making your belly rise insanely.

Recheck your cupboard and make sure that it doesn’t contain any so-called healthy oil and the list starts with vegetable oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, corn oil, and soybean oil, etc.

The oils are full of omega 6 fatty acids which without doubt causes heart disease, weight gain, and belly flab. and inflammation.

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days : Cereals

Are you that late riser? Who instead of consuming food on the table, makes road their breakfast partner?

In that case, there is a high probability that you love cereals. Well, you need to understand that they are made up of refined grains and loaded with sugar.

They are responsible for boosting your hunger cravings which in turn will put you in that fat-storing mode. Don’t fall for the advertisements and dump those attractive cereal boxes during your grocery shopping.


Human history proves that the natural diet of our ancestors was not grain which is the main culprit in the weight gain today. This industrial world has given several benefits, uncountable, but refined grain should not be present in the list.

As of today, flours are more refined than ever. So what? Well, they are missing fiber along with other vital nutrients. The problem doesn’t end here as the grain is responsible for gluten. This gluten is not helpful for digestion.

Gluten irritates the gut and this is commonly present in wheat, barley, and rye.

Ever thought why you bloat or own nutritional deficiencies, well consumption of gluten can be the reason. The worst part is people are not aware that they are sensitive to gluten.

Once you realize that gluten can be the reason of your unreasonable weight loss then you will lose weight very quickly by its elimination from your diet.

Apart from adding up your weight, these grains are the reason you feel groggy, puffy, lethargic, foggy, and bloated, and irritable.gluten sensitivity can often cause emotional depression. Alarming right!

Get emotionally involved

You need to spark your emotions, as many you have. If your diet will not have a purpose or meaning then there is a high probability that you will leave it in half so the best way is to constantly remind yourself the goal so that you can stick to your aim like a leach.

Next, you have to constantly stare at yourself in the mirror. Not like a creep but in a self-assessing manner.

Begin by comparing your old pictures or your current self, or visualize a future version of yourself and compare it with present progress.

Awaken that desire that this shouting from within that you want to lose weight as if your life depends on it.

Motivation is the key and you should not have a hard time figuring it out and for remembering it in the long run.

Don’t view dieting as something difficult to do

Dieting is not hard. Does dieting sound a negative word? Well, maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is not at all hard.

Don’t see it as a challenge instead start challenging yourself. start small and take baby steps.

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days? Positive affirmations

Many a time it can be really hard to just cling on something for long, in that case, you need to make use of positive affirmations as these are those positive statements which you will feed to your subconscious mind.

Right, mindset is the key, stay focused and attract whatever you want.

Family support

If you will be making changes in diet, make sure that you are not doing that all. Get the support of family as this will not only be beneficial for you but for them as well.

To attain your goals, make your family follow the right and mindful healthy practices. By doing this, you will not be able to go wrong.

Make dieting easier for you to do.
The first few days can be really difficult as you are not habitual of the routine so in that case make it easier for yourself and keep all the distractions out of your way.

Don’t keep unnecessary food in the home in the first place else you will find your will power slipping away.

Eat only if you are really hungry

Many of the people are just fond of eating. If you are on the list, in that case, you need to be strict with yourself and only consume when hungry.

Stress can lead to overeating as during stress hormone called cortisol increases which boost the cravings. Thus adopt a stress-free lifestyle. How do you figure out that you are hungry or is it just the craving? Well, consume a glass of water and you will get your answer.

Boosting up your fiber intake
Do you know that fiber flushes out the dangerous toxins that reside in your body?

Apart from this, fiber has the capability of prolonging the digestion process which in turn suppress the appetite. Include more fibrous food in your drinks and meals.

Become more conscious of calories

Calories, calories, calories. Tired of hearing this word?

You should provide your body with fewer calories and burn more. But wait . . . all this math? This calculator has got you covered.

Check the food items you purchase from the store and then keep adding as you consume.

Of course, you need to burn it through the steps mentioned in this article.

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days? Massaging sesame oil

During this detoxing process, when your body is already in fat losing mode, you should massage your belly with fat-burning massage oil for seeing the max results in 7 days.

All you need to do is to take 2 tablespoons of sesame oil and mustard oil and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil.

You should heat the mixture very gently before rubbing it to your belly in a circular direction. Enjoy a toned tummy after a week.

Shake it, till you make it

For optimizing the process don’t underestimate the importance of movement.

During the detoxing period if you do not possess much energy then perform low-intensity cardio like running, hiking, or walking but after that, you have to exercise hard for significant results.

Perform Crunches which is one of the oldest ways of losing belly fat.

You must already know how to do it. Next, perform the sets of side crunch as well. Does it look easy?

But you need a bit of practice to master as you have to target the right muscles.

Include vertical leg crunch and reverse crunch as well for targeting belly fat as these exercises are primarily the modification of the simple crunch.

Lastly, try Bicycle Exercise which doesn’t require you to have a bicycle. If you want to target the obliques rectus and the abdominis then this is a must one.

Final words for How to reduce belly fat in 7 days?

Your body needs to get purified for getting healed. The best thing is that the detox works for any body type.

It brings obese people to a normal weight and even underweight to the normal one.

You should know that what this program is trying to achieve like it is aiming to flush and eliminate mucus out.

There is that retention of morbid matter within you.

The channels of these waste are your lungs, kidney, skin, and bowels out of which these flow out.

You are already aware that you perspire due to the action of sweat glands but are you aware that sweating throws off toxins from you. Liver deals with body metabolism and bowels eliminate food waste.

The above  mentioned steps were some of the best ways dug out to burn belly fat in 7 days. Make sure that you are not overburdening yourself as that will not yield positive safe results.

The above  mentioned steps were some of the best ways dug out to burn belly fat in 7 days. Make sure that you are not overburdening yourself as that will not yield positive safe results.

If you  follow the steps carefully then you can expect your protruding belly to fade away within 7 days.

Get ready to fit into your favorite clothes. Follow the guide of diet and exercise for 7 days and keep count of your progress. 

If you appreciate this effort for How to reduce belly fat in 7 days then pin this fam!

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