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Just a gaze is enough to get sunk in admiration of the people who own the knack communication. Who really knows how to talk to anyone!

I secretly know . . .You want people to appreciate your impressive personality and outstanding conversation skills.

Who doesn’t want to get remembered? Especially after important business parties or casual social events . . .

Everyone does right? Well, you must absorb the importance of conversation skills. It acts as a backbone of networking.

And I’m not stopping there.

No matter in which career field you are. But if you have conversation skills then it means you have connections. Those connections will always support you thus you are bound to succeed.

 Better conversations? But what does that mean?

I completely understand that not everyone is an extrovert. Carrying out a conversation is not always a cup of tea.

It is normal to crease your forehead when asked to make conversation. . . To start a productive talk. And guess what? It becomes a hard nut to crack! Engaging in conversations and concluding them while maintaining a sensible flow.

 Importance to improve speaking skills skills

Talking about myself . . . Sadly not once in a lifetime, my teacher scolded me for chattering in class. This weird hollowness will remain in my heart!

Back to the point.

Being less talkative doesn’t mean that I struggle with conversational skills . . . lack of eloquence or confidence.

Here’s what I mean…

It is not important for how long you hold a conversation. But it is vital how effective communication skills you have applied.

Let me break this down for you…

Good communication skills are not only valued in business . . . but in your relations as well.

Speaking skills can make you excel in any aspect of life. Whether it is family, friends, education, extracurricular, job or business etc.

All such aspects will favor you to fullest.

You’re about to find out what . . . such successful people have that you don’t?

In this competitive world, there are things that are far important than smartness . . .Or beauty. One of which is the effective communication skills. The skill of how to talk to anyone.

To ask how is your day going is not enough!

If you by now have got the importance then let’s learn to capture hearts. . .

But of you want people to love you then you have to love yourself, see how.  Trust me no more communication fumbles from now on.



How do you talk to someone easily : 7 Speaking skills steps

STEP 1: Make conversation with your smile . . . it says it all

Before you dig into how to start a conversation . . .

Have you paid attention to your smile? Or just flawed your set of 32 bright teeth? Well, if yes then now is TIME.

It is to pay a little attention. It comes under silent conversation rules.

Trust me on that!

Your every facial expression speaks volume about your personality.

From your compressed smile till your confused frown . . .

Do you really think that grin of old times will have an impact in today’s world?

Well, certainly not.

Be someone who smiles very calculatively but when you smile the whole world smile with you.

How to smile?

Let me lift the veil for you in regards to the real trick of smiling.

All you have to do is instead of flashing a smile in a blink of a second you have to take it in control.  Curve your lips in such a way that it at least takes more than your couple of seconds.

You need to understand that such a smile looks way more than genuine.

Imagine someone who looks at you then in a flick of second throws a quick short smile.  What idea do you construct of such a smile?

I know you perceive it as a forced one.

How better would it be if the person slowed down a little?

How will you feel if a person studies your facial features first. . . . and then after a deep glance stretches the lips with a warm smile?

So now you know how to get better at the art of smiling?

So why you should smile slowly?

  • To appear more sincere and convincing
  • In order to engulf other in a personalized feeling which ensures engaging conversation ahead
  • People having a conversation with you will have an idea about your personality . . .
  • which is a deep full of integrity.


Don’t smile to slow that it begins to seem like a compressed grin where you are making fun of the other person. Thus avoid the opposite spell of the magic!

Please avoid flaunting set of 32 teeth!

 STEP 2: Pay attention to the windows of your soul – your eyes

It all starts with the eyes . . .

One of the good communication techniques.

But your eyes can be the deceivers. They explode your entire personality, your thoughts, and beliefs in front of anyone.

With proper eye engagement, in the beginning, you can learn how to talk to anyone.

The reflection of eyes speaks the truth so it is one type of conversations.

There are several cultures where direct eye contact of the eye turns out to be a disrespectful act.

How to play with eyes?

Technique 1

Wondering how to get better at the art of speaking volumes?

Here’s how . . .

Make your EYES appear more intense as you consume the other through your eyes.

Don’t break the contact.

You need to continue maintaining a contact even if finished the talk for a couple of seconds.

After that just slide your gaze away very reluctantly. As if you wished the conversation should never end.

This is the best way of how to open up to people.

Why to use it?

Looking intently at people do several things inside them which you might have no idea of. Adrenaline gush is experienced by the other with a conscious deep eye contact.

A deep contact vital as:

  • For captivating the attention and better social interaction
  • This art of talking to anyone shows your respect level.
  • Helps in keeping a conversation going as you appear to be a genuine, affectionate soul.
  • Reflects you as an intelligent person who only prefers intellectual conversation.


Don’t gaze hard with a mischievous look in this conversation strategy. Here eye contact must only be done when you own warmth in your eyes, not any other intention. Else!

Technique 2

I was so amazed to research this useful technique. If you have more than two people than you can use technique 1 for whoever you want to impress.

Use the trick of deep eye contact not on the speaker but on the other listener.

Acknowledge the response which on gives through your nod of a head. Be slightly like I don’t care what the speaker is saying but I am only interested in your reaction.

Why does this work?

  • The person will in a one go comprehend that his response is vital for you than the speaker himself.
  • Feels you are intrigued by his or her
  • A boost in trust level
  • Improve your business terms with the person whom you are concentrating your eyes at.


Never let the speaker feel insulted else he will throw you out of the conference, thus take intervals.

Only use it on business or prospect clients. This technique is not for love interests else be ready for swollen eyes!

STEP 3: Maintain a proper POSTURE

How peaceful it is to let your arm hang loosely and walk as a sloucher? But this negatively impacts your whole personality.

Paying important to even such a petty thing like posture is vital as it comes under communication. If you will lack effective communication skill then lack of social competence.

This can lead to negative social behaviors. Research shows this include lying, aggression, and manipulating others to gain control.

So better start wit basic posture for effective communication!


All you need to do is picture any object an inch above your head. Follow that object while you float confidently across the room, with high chin, genuine smile and straight shoulders.


  • You will appear more desirable
  • This is a sign of professionalism
  • Reflects that you try to be perfectionist thus maintain equilibrium in everything.
  • Represents as a graceful individual whom people could admire


Don’t keep your head too high. Else people will begin to hold a perception that you are self-obsessed, arrogant piece of ***. Thus just an inch is enough.

STEP 4: How to be good at talking: Give your feel

The first impression in a true sense of a word is the last impression.

Sadly, very less attention get given to proper training of verbal social skills.
I am not saying this. Research says it all.

So you need to take of how you make a new person feel.


All you need to do is turn 360 degrees in the direction of the new person and stretch your lips with a toothless smile. The other technique which you can use it is of imagining a new person as your old friend.

Just pass signals to your mind that another individual is an old school friend. A lost one whom you tried to contact for years but couldn’t reach.

This will lead all the loving and respectful emotions to spring out of you. Then what? Wait for the magic to begin.


  • Your first meeting will be just the beginning of many others.


Visualizing a new person as the old friend doesn’t mean that you begin to throw hugs. Don’t become over comfortable that the other one starts to feel awkward.

You need to suppress your emotions and the warmth should just be visible through your smile and eyes . . . strictly!

STEP 5: Your mouth finally opens

Now you have transferred all your warmth to the new person but after a few seconds, you realize that what to speak. . . how to start a conversation?

You do want to interact with others. GREAT! But ask yourself Do you fulfill basic requisite which is starting effective conversation?

Wondering what comes under this skill?

Well, studies prove that without good communication skill you won’t be able to establish relations, obtain any sort of information and more importantly function in society.

When your thought process doesn’t work what do you do to open up to people?

You either throw the strings of gibberish words or simply stand in an awkward silence.

In both the cases, your new prospect clients or other relations will fall out of your hands. They will find another company unimpressed by your type of conversation.

How to start a conversation?

Everyone wish to shed pearls of wisdom for their listeners . . . Contrary from appearing stupid.

Your first few words of speech will either make your impression or fracture it poorly. Thus try to comfort others with your words flowing with the ATMOSPHERE around.

Speak of something common which you and your group are experiencing.

This is the right way of how to lead a conversation . . . convo anywhere

What if the person around you looks already bored?

Well, in that case engaging in conversation is easier! Just swing with his mood.

Start boring talks in such an exciting way that a person is bound to get involved in your conversation. The real art of talking to anyone!

It is not important what you say but how you say. How you speak always win.

Carry a conversation with passion, excitement.

Why care about starting a conversation?

Conversation rules!.. kidding

  • The first impression is the last one! Else on this step, other will say I can’t hold a conversation with this person.


Don’t get too comfortable with just your first few words. Other will hold a perception that you can be dangerous to be with!

STEP 6: How to continue a conversation:

Technique 1

Robert J. Sailstad researched that conversation can be taught.

You need to avoid single-word answers as others won’t able to build on that.

Wondering how to keep a conversation interesting?

Then no one-word answer for:

  •  What are your hobbies?
  •  Where are you from?
  • What are doing these days?
  • You majored in?
  • Favorite music?

You must try to coin different answers for everyone, according to their interest.


Like for what are you doing  these days? Don’t answer. Nothing!

Instead : I am currently on holidays. Away from my law firm.

The routine really gets tedious back in . . . .

This can go for hours,

What did you major in ?Science!

Instead : I majored in Computer science, as I mainly had interest in artificial intelligence. I have programmed several robots . . .blah blah blah.

Now other will carry an interesting point from your answers and carry on the conversation!

Technique 2

This is reverse of technique 1. Now its your turn.

Clever way of what to say to keep a conversation going is to capture facts in the other’s answer. Relate your experience thoughts against the response of others.

Focus on each word spoken by other this is a way to catch the interest of other people.

I always complained to my father that how he owned the knack of communicating. I protested that how he can mesmerize people with his never-ending conversation.

He has always advised me to hook the other by elaborating on the interest of other. Show interest in their interest. TALK about their favorites one of the things to say to keep the conversation going

You need to become a detective.

 Technique 3

Repeat like a parrot!

Now you have exhausted all the possible interest of the person but still, a conversation has to get going. The question of How can I improve my social conversation skills needs a bit more now.

Do nothing but simply repeat after what the other is saying like:


Other: Boring music.

You repeat: Very boring music

Other: I wish I was at home

You: I wish

Other: My favorite show is missing me

You: show?

Now here you get a kickstart. That person will just start to detail you with the story of the favorite show and the conversation will go on.

This is a clever salesmen technique of speaking skills.

He makes sure to repeat whatever the customer says. It brings them to a comfort level which could make the mutual talk pleasant.

 STEP 6: End your conversation with a mark

Really need to outshine and make use of effective interpersonal skills?

So after :

  • Setting a comfort level through your body gestures
  • Starting conversation techniques
  • Reaching the midway of the conversation

Go for an advanced movement.


For this advanced techniques of communication, you need to carry some weapons.

Like the weapon of knowledge. Always stuff yourself with the latest news in hand and never leave your house without it. You need to be aware that what is happening around you. If you need memorization tips, then this article has got you covered.

So make sure you just scan through the headlines of what is hot and in the air. If you don’t get the time to scan the newspaper than turn onto the other resources.

Have an application of latest news installed on your smartphone . . .

Or switch on the radio while driving.

The best way is to absorb the news which is related somehow with the field of people which you are going to meet.


  • With this advanced technique you will impress other by your intellectual conversation level. It leaves him with the impression that you are a pleasure to talk with.
  • Realize that getting fully equipped with the knowledge means . . . your defensive position gets strong.


Don’t sound like an encyclopedia, please. People will consider you an over-smart ass who is showing off his knowledge about a subject. So be sure to leave your impressions… but I beg don’t over do it!

 STEP 7 :

Go & Implement! Studies have encouraged that whether you are doctor, physician, student or no matter what. You need to make use of conversation skills to turn around your social standing.  


Remember anyone can chat but not productively. Hope you learned how to talk to anyone . . . EFFECTIVELY. Research proves that to enhance your social standing opt for training

This article covers the basics. You should apply these steps in every meeting. But there are some other hidden tricks which you must use specifically in business deals. It will teach you how to be a better conversationalist in professional life.

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