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Why do you say : I hate my life?


How many times are you forced to live when you simply scream I hate my life?

How hard is it to admit ‘Yea, I have a crippling depression ?

There are 10s of million people who suffer mental illness and 99% the root cause turns out to be depression.

Studies show 6.7% of American adults each year get affected by depression.

Don’t you think life unfairly throws these depressed souls off the cliff and compels to fight depression?

You must be aware of what depression feels like.

Yes, like me.

Recently, I got slapped with the reality of life which forced me to admit I hate my life.

Feeling sad over tired listless fatigue hooked me completely.

But with just a few steps and a spoonful of courage, everything changed.

Have my assurance that even you will soon overcome depression and win the battle.

You won’t agree more, how hard it is to tell someone that you are suffering from depression. For many people, it is not a big deal.

Ever wondered why?

Well, because we live in a cruel world. People only show concern when they can, in actual sense, witness your pain.

They are oblivious to the answer of what is depression…

When you are depressed you don't control your thoughts, your thoughts control you . . . 


Why I hate my life?

Depression Causes?

If you have at least seen a death once in your life then you must have been pissed off by the phrase, “Loss is a part of life”?

Indeed true. But many fail to realize what impact does it have on the one who is fighting depression?  It does symbolize different things. After research, for many it can act as a redeemer from sins or punishment for sins.IN In the bloom of youth, the death of a loved one can be seen as an injustice act.

An unfairness which makes you feel hopeless, drilling the belief of I hate my life.

There are other types of situational depression which are caused by other reasons, where loss of life is one them.

Chronic depression about your career problems, relations, financial situations, illness or other symbolic losses.

Wondering why a loss of a loved one is a major depression? Because 

It will let the financial crises, career challenges, and stressful relations trail behind

. . . The mounting bills, zero concentration on the career and unexpected behaviors of relations. I have been through all.

But trust me losing my dad, my most precious one, shook my life and flipped it completely unlike all other causes.

One family member gets missing out of sudden, won’t you expect the change of roles?

These things will multiply your stress unless you find a correct way out. And I did.

My other articles will reveal my other losses and teach you how you can fight depression.

This one will let you out from the most major depression which can be anything for you.

Effects of depression: journey of complicated grief

Do you think that only the denial, anger, sadness, fear or other accompanying losses affect you?

For a yes, you are mistaken.

What does depression anxiety do to you immediately?

  • You can suffer from weight loss due to loss of appetite.
  • The most common struggle with depression is the disturbance in sleep. I became miserable. Whenever I used to shut my eyes the flashes of that unfortunate day used to appear before me. Even staring at the ceiling won’t help as all the memories of twenty years with my loved one used to puncture my heart. Sleeping for few hours would only invite nightmares increasing the depression attack.
  • You will question, 'Why am I so lonely?' Feeling of loneliness will mount your depression effects. Often in emotional numbness, you will hallucinate and even think as if hearing the voice of a deceased person. One day, I also felt that my dad just called out my name  . . . then streams of evident tears.

Long-term effects of depression:  Does depression ever go away?

  • You will also feel depression fatigue, as you will be devoid of energy. Physical exhaustion is a symbol of anxiety which will not allow you to even clean your own room. You will be tired of living and the untidiness will prevail.
  • There are also some social effects of depression. As you won't want to attend any gathering or special events. You will be like I hate this world. And this can continue for years.
  • You can also suffer from unbearable guilt from depression thoughts.
  • A research of 2015 showed that depression has the ability to change the structure of your brain. The brain circuits get changed when a person look depressed.



How to cure depression by yourself: 7 Powerful practical ways

Studies show 6.7% of American adults each year get affected by depression.

Out of such a large number do you have an idea that how many actually seek treatment? Studies show that only about 35.3 %. 

Why many resist seeking treatment? well, they underestimate its effects and thinks it is not that serious to be cured.

 How to actually find depression treatment without several appointments from a therapist?

Is there an escape possible from irritable depression without the consumption of several medications?

If these questions are burning in your head then I assure you the guide below has got it all covered. You need to help yourself as trust me no one . . .

NO ONE else is going to do that for you.

What should I do with my life : Journaling

I can’t stress more importance on writing down your thoughts.

Get the fact straight: Every time you will not find yourself surrounded by a bunch of close friends, grief counselor or family members.

No one stays for long and in the end, you will remain together with your loneliness.

So why not befriend loneliness to treat depression?

Yeah, you read that right. I have done this myself.

Trust me the sort of inner satisfaction which I find when I am all by myself is beyond description.

Resolve your feeling and concealed depression.

This is a way to address else it will stay within for years which will have a negative influence.

All this is possible if you resolve your issues with journaling! A great grief therapy.

    • You need to start poetry writing even if you suck at it. Try even if a third-grade rhyme you could create.
    • Try scrap-booking as this will be a great source of coping with the depression. As depression sucks! You need to use the creative expression to fight depression.
    • If unaware what to write then the easiest thing is to grab random items from your room.
    • Pick candles or earplugs. Start writing about how it symbolizes what you are going through.
    • Compare your situation with the candle. Observe how it melts away, die in the process while giving light to others. In the same way, relate earplugs to your situation.

Tapping my tale:

Like I can recall several incidents when I used to earn his loving anger. He used to bring earplugs for me every month.

Every time, I used to listen while laying on a bed.

This would result in the left side of the earplug to malfunction. Writing about such things will help you in re-living those moments.

By symbolizing your situation with mere objects, you will value yourself more.  

Depression treatment through Gratitude:

I totally get what you read through this headline. You will be like,

"I want to punch this girl on her face for telling me to be grateful while I hate my life and suffering from serious depression."

Read this complete and trust me you will realize that I don’t deserve this cruelty!

Focusing on scarcity will transfer the feeling of incompleteness. But focusing on gratitude will cultivate appreciation and kindness within you.

Think of gratitude as a tow truck which will haul you from the pits of your depression.

I understand that you are in a severe depression right now.

Thus when you will start to ponder good things in life, you will hardly able to name one.

You will be in life I have nothing . . . exactly NOTHING to be grateful about.

Start small from a day, rather than listing gratitude for your whole life.

 Quick action:  

  • Gratitude in a day:

Gaze through your window and relish those first spring buds. Enjoy the messages of wind when it caresses your cheeks and blows off the oak leaves.

Think that those who departed can’t relish nature again thus you should be grateful. 

  • Gratitude in a week:

Thankful for the loving people in your life who visited you. Gratitude about the food, water, clothing, and shelter you have.  

  • Gratitude in a life:

You will have five senses to thank about which disable don’t. If any of your closed ones departed then other is still there. My dad departed thus I only have my mom to value more. 

  • Phones for tracking your gratitude:

Use of notepad. Start specific and then expand on general blessings which you are availing. 

  • Pay the token of thanks to your loved ones:

You need to value them before dealing with a loss. Before it is too late. Write a compassionate letter which will impact there life.

No matter how much advancement the technology has taken. But this method will gift you an inner satisfaction together with mental wellness which will be different in its own way. 

Tapping my tale:

Reflecting my own experience: I lost my world but I am thankful that I got to live with the best father for twenty years of my life.

This is how do your depression counseling to overcome trauma. 

As an anxiety therapy, can you name things to be thankful about? 

Are you sure you can feel the gratitude for real? If no, then here lands the solution: all you need to do is visit less fortunate people.

Tears are guaranteed to roll off from your eyes. No matter how stone-hearted or strong your long-term depression has made you. 

Value the importance of mental health and remember toxic thinking will act as a barrier.

You need to jump over it and see the world which is waiting for your kindness and love. 

By this time your list will not be just a blank paper. You will now not be staring like an unprepared student for an exam!

But this time, you will run out of space.


Fast-forwarding flashes of severe depression

You will eventually begin to hate stuff when incidents of history will loop over and over again.

Get rid of those flashes of melancholic depression by a simple exercise.

Quick action:  

  • Make use of a notepad or any paper. Mark the count for the next seven days when those flashes strike.
  • As a part of grief counseling, skip to the next thought rather than responding to the memory. Next thought has to be a supportive incident.
  • Supportive story has to be a safe, hopeful, goal-oriented or calming story. Get the intricate details of that story which is enough to pour joy onto your lips.
  • The supportive thought has to have all the five senses (sight, sound, hearing, smell, touch). You will feel the change of sensation once you will relive the supportive story. This will help to stop depression.
  • This will become your resilience story. As you will be heading to a calmer situation from a difficult and haunting one.

Tapping my tale:

This common trauma has hit me several times. I used to recall the dead face of my father.

Especially the time when his body was brought and how I touched him.

I do want to recall my father every second, but only the good memories with him.

I don’t want to live with the memories which are enough to haunt you and tear heart every day.

Remember living with depression is not an option now, overcome depression and deal with it.

Music has power. You can feel a dramatic change when you are feeling hopeless.

It is a therapeutic tool which you must use for healing your soul and overcoming depression.

Quick action:

  • Listen to old songs which have exciting memories to enjoy
  • Experiment with new music and see if your mood fluctuates

Tapping my tale:

Personally, this grief therapy has helped me to stay motivated. I listened to those songs which have special memories attached with my dad.

Those songs have made me re-live the moments of my childhood.

Every other song reminds me those golden days which we all cherished together, as a family rather than depression thoughts.

Treating depression with money: 

If you are financially stable then you can cure depression and achieve inner satisfaction by helping one in need.

Keep money which is just enough for your financial independence.

As for the rest play your part in others’ lives. Your generosity won't disappoint you but diminish your depression anxiety for a lifetime.

Quick action: 

  • Help someone achieve their goal in business
  • Finance the education of someone
  • Shelter the homeless and contribute in any way possible
  • Spend on your family for their happy adventures

Tapping my tale:

I try to sit with people in whose life I can contribute in any WAY. Living for only oneself is very easy but living for others is the real challenge.

This challenge has really rewarded me in diminishing my depression.

Peace of soul and mind: real medication for depression

Realize the importance of mental health through spiritual practice. You do eat nutrients vital for your body but what about feeding your soul?

Quick actions:

  • You have to establish a formal place for meditation for depression counseling. A spot where you could dispose of all your negative energy.
  • Go into the woods, explore nature and feel it.
  • Pay a great attention to your breath and control it
  • Connect your beliefs and happenings in your life together to find unanswered questions. If you don’t feel like going out then at least reserve a corner in your house for filtering out your thoughts.
  • Go for hot yoga, saunas or warm baths in hot tubs, as warming up can help. Charles Raison highlights in his study that exposure to heat can have antidepressant effects.

Tapping my tale:

I love practicing yoga at a special corner of my house. This is a vital tool for grief therapy.

Doing something hard: My best treatment for depression 

This girl has completely lost it! Aren’t these thoughts crossing your mind?

On the hand, I am asking you relief your mind and on other hands, I am suggesting something like this to cure depression?

Well, it seems counter-intuitive. Though it’s not.

Meditation is for calmness of the mind. It channels the stress away. You need to keep your mind calm and your body busy at the same time.

Quick action: 

  •  Learn your favorite skill which could benefit you, no matter how hard it is. You will find relaxation if after grief you have never enjoyed living in the world.
  •  Remember, being depressed is a weapon you have. Yeah, you read it right. Just use this weapon carefully, either you can shoot yourself with it or shoot the worldly problems.
  • Let your mind remain calm and quiet with the aid of a difficult concentration.
  •  You will have to train your mind rather than torturing by being hard on yourself. Yes, become hard on yourself. But only to learn something new rather than punishing yourself for old sorrows.

Tapping my tale:

This one is my personal favorite to get rid of depression, as the effort of going the hard way really helped me.

I have learnt a lot about graphics when my dad departed.

I took the hard way and took a decision to start my own blog rather than rot in the corner of my room.

Love challenges and the fire of depressed heart is enough to solve them.

My final words to cure depression

Loss of a father was the last thing which my mind would ever signal me.

You know now what my perspective is? I think I have gone through a lot, and now I can win over anything.

So in a nutshell, being depressed means you are already strong so use the strength in the right way.

I want to know your story so do tell me. You can help many others.

“The bravest thing I have ever done was continuing to live when I wanted to die.”


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