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Have you dropped something? Right behind you? Check, maybe it’s self image.

Don’t worry let’s together pick it up!

Your head must be aware by now that there are two types of self image one is healthy and other is an unhealthy one.

People get targeted with unhealthy self-esteem . . . if they don’t fulfill their certain emotional human needs.

For your physical health, you do eat food. So similarly, for your mental and emotional stability, you need to pour in strength.

You want to get the importance of self image or self value if you:
Have been oppressed at some point of time or been submissive?
Not succeeding in your current relationships?
Never leave your house? With concern of how to interact with people.
Saturated with a feeling of worthlessness or feeling inadequate? Means you have lower self image.
Well, all these states justify nothing.

This is a wrong perception to judge low self image based on the above-based findings.

How are you right now with low self image? [effects of low self esteem]


In any walk of life . . . like from lawyer to investor from teacher to mechanic . . . at some point, you will face self image issues.

This means that you might be involved in self destruction.

You should realize that unhealthy low self image is like a beast. It can uninvitingly enter your personal space.

That beast is very clever as sometimes it masks itself in various forms and shapes. It can make an entry as depression, anxiety or fear.

So you are in a verge of depression owing to self value.

With low self image, you are in a constant process of validation. That is not a self-validation which is a positive one. You are constantly depending on others to tell you your worth and merit. Other’s approval is an oxygen which you need to survive.

You can act immature a lot of time, and it will encourage the production of poor interpersonal skills.

Your anger knows no limits and you can lose your temper in front of anyone.

At some point in your life, you sacrifice your identity. Why? because you want to fit in.

You don’t want to face reality or any unpleasant situation. Dodging the reality gives you nothing. Consequently, you don’t get a position of higher success.

You might enjoy when other people are being humiliated in front of you.

Instead of taking compliments generally, you criticize yourself in front of everyone. This is self-destructive behavior. Sometimes, conversely, self image can often lead to self-bragging.

If you don’t boost your self image today . . .

then you can totally fall in the criteria of those people who pressurize others. You can become completely overbearing. 

The feeling of low self image can gradually expand. It can provoke some sort of domestic and other social forms of violence. Thus, you should know how to raise your self-esteem.

Inferiority complex makes you concentrate on your weakness, failures, and setbacks that life has given you. You will hate yourself. If by any chance you have hate yourself then you will love this article of why I hate myself.

The emotion such as grave insecurity with lacking self respect mounts. It increases to such an extent that you can begin to think of yourself as an individual who can never get loved.

With lack of self confidence, you consider yourself a person with no personal identity. Thus, you don’t respect yourself. If someones ask you to describe yourself then? You are lost at words. Why? because you never contemplated the reflection of a self image.

Without high self image, you do feel lonely. You do have times when you fear immensely. A great deal of immense anxiety saturates your soul.

You trust nobody. A person with low self image is not confident. One tries to take control of the situation in a very irresponsible manner.

How will you be like with healthy self image? Why is self image important? 

With high self image you will get the idea of your potential . . . much more than the others and you will only rely on yourself in every matter.

The opinion of others won’t interfere in deciding your future. You will know yourself by drilling the idea of self-security within you.

A larger degree of self image you will know how to be happy with yourself. It means you will be able to let go the past traumatic incidents in your life.

Without a greater level of self image, you will not be able to enjoy the world around you. Lower self image will trap you in the hollows of past.

With a higher esteem, you will be actually able to see the reflection of goodness in others. You will also know the recipe of how to like yourself.

You will actually be able to observe the beauty all around you.

Acknowledging the goodness in others is also one of the strengths. You can actually earn the joy by complimenting the world around you.

Ability to forgive others will penetrate deep down in your heart. You will become more forgiving.

You will ignore all sorts of negativity around you. Your self-value will make you realize your actually worth and integrity.

With higher respect, you will be able to take care of your mental health. With good mental health, you will become much more optimistic about the future. Happiness will touch your figure when being with others.

With a positive philosophy of self value, you will take full responsibility for your actions and thoughts.

What more?

You will get what is self worth. As by developing self-esteem today you will never feel left out. You will always have those caring relationships around. Ones who will never let you feel lonely.

The best part is the longer you live, the better you try to appreciate your accomplishments. You don’t want to be among those who only wish for loving friendship. In that case, your health will get badly deteriorated.

Bear in mind that you have to build your self image. Else you will be in a constant phase of insecurity. You will find that the relationships which you valued were completely futile. They control you making you lose your self dignity.

If you get higher self image and self value . . . then you will always stay away from unhealthy people. Those who are trying to contaminate your life with poison. If you don’t want them to infect your feeling then you should better never compromise.

This article covers life-changing ways and for further guarantee do know the secret of how to like yourself here. 

Guaranteed benefits of high self esteem

Touch skies

Only with highest self image, you will be able to achieve the world. Future smiles with pleasurable anticipation at those who have higher aspirations and hopes. Unhealthy self image never permits you to value tomorrow, placing you last in the race of life.

People who are able to see beyond black inky night are actually able to realize the pleasure. A true bliss which life has to offer.

You need to identify the drive which will help you to look forward. . . from any fancy meal stretching to a much more complex goal of a Ph.D. degree.

If you love your dreams develop self image and bid farewell to lack of self-confidence.


Improving your self with Problem-Solving Skills

You probably lack Problem-Solving skill, if you don’t have any experience worth sharing. . . any useful piece of information worth transferring.
Do you get ashamed to share your ideas? Or consider them very petty, useless or simple in solving challenging issues? Is finding yourself ineffective while communicating with others common problem attached with you?

Nodding right? Means you are in need of a boost. With High level of self image, you will surely know how to solve Complex problems as all is in your head.


Critical Thinking [signs of high self image]

Higher of self image will enable you to develop critical thinking. Now you need to realize that critical thinking as a weapon. This is a tool which will help you to survive when others have actually failed.

Critical thinking has become such an important aspect in this modern world. Why? As this ability cannot be automated like all other aspects.

In the professional sector, there is a great demand for critical thinkers. What is critical thinking?

It reflects your intelligence which is really important for any modern-day workplace. Engrave in heart and I repeat . . . drill in your mind that without critical thinking you will not be able to penetrate up in the hierarchy of management or upper positions.

Now for critical thinking, you will have to develop a great ability. Of what? Of conducting research and doing statistical analysis. You will have to sort out all your emotions and reach a final coherent unbiased conclusion.

With proper judgments, you have to ignore fallacies along with other false judgments.

Now why you will develop this important skill if you own high self image?

Well. . . Because with low self image you will never be able to reach a proper conclusion with reasoning and logic.

You will remain trapped in the cycle of self-doubt.

It will spin your mind and force you to second guess the outcome . . . and that too without formulating the inferences.

You will be afraid to make proper decisions and never see yourself in positive self regard.

Creative Thinking

With higher self image, you will become a creative thinker. Means you will be innovative. And innovation is in demand.

Have confidence in your ideas, suggestion, and thoughts so others appreciate it.

If you have something new to tell this world… .then you can become a leader rather than just standing in the queue of followers.

Only with higher self image, you can become conscious of unchallenged supremacy.


Practical ways for self happiness and high esteem: 

By now you must have actually got the importance of self image and importance of self love.

Cultivate this fact in your head that healthy self-image is actually possible. It is indeed real. With the use of the correct technique, you can actually experience this real feeling.

You will be able to develop healthy self image while improving your self if you nourish your :
creativity, flexibility, openness, honesty, acceptance, cooperativeness and independence.

Achieving your dreams by Creativity:

You can boost your creativity level by making a short 3 minutes film. Write any 3-minute script on something on which you strongly believe in. Every person has a story to tell the world. Let your creativity run wild.

You start filming with your phone and edit it with any free software. Then upload it on your private you-tube channel. This will make you proud of yourself giving you a high self-esteem.

How to make yourself feel good by Flexibility:

If you want high self image then just go out without your cell phone. You can avoid people by engrossing yourself into your phone.

What if you have no option? . . . but to actually communicate with strangers and see the world from another perspective? Enjoy the forceful communication with the world.

You have to take care of your mental stability so train yourself for a marathon. This is an important accomplishment because it is not easy to run 26.2 miles. Trust me you will learn to be flexible by crazily setting the goal and crossing that finishing line.

Feel yourself by Willingness to admit mistakes

If you have low self image then you will not admit your mistakes. So better you pay attention to this weakness and regain your lost confidence. You have to intentionally make mistakes and then admit them. Only then you will be apologetic in the time where you are actually wrong.

Intentionally pay wrong bills and wait for the cashier to correct you. It will be hard to say sorry but you will learn.

You have to press the wrong button for a person in the elevator. Then apologize by pressing the right one.

Just catch any lady who is with her daughter and then you need to compliment her by saying, “Your son is adorable!” You can do viceversa . . . you know what to do when that lady breaks the reality to you! Just hold in high esteem throughout.

Where does confidence come from ? Openness:

You can expand your openness by getting out of your shell with confidence. Just ask for a discount on something. With full confidence embarrass yourself if you are asking discount in inappropriate places. You have to mask your face with usual expressions as if you are loaded with confidence.

Good self image by Acceptance:
You need to accept the way you are. If you want to sing then sing even it is in the public toilet. Yes, trying singing there.

Be what your heart instructs you, don’t become the slave of others judgment. Living life commanded by other is enough for hating oneself. So avoid such causes of self hatred.

Overcoming low self image through Cooperativeness:

Establish Cooperativeness by making food for poor people. This will empower you in several ways and give you pure joy. You should try to spend as much time as you can for elderly people.

You must plant a tree in the garden. By doing such acts you will love yourself more and forsake low self opinion. Help yourself in knowing your self worth through such acts.

Strong confident you by practising Independence:

This will highly increase your self image as you will be on your own. For liking yourself make decision be confident on them.

Just travel. You should try traveling by some unusual means of transportation. Why? Your perspective of seeing the world will change. Just hire something.



 Thoughts on improving self esteem activities? 

Remember to upload video of these self esteem activities on your private you-tube channel or upload of Google drive.

Please maintain this for actually seeing the benefits of high self esteem.


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