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Sorry, what was your full name! You will have to melt away in embarrassment without memory strategies.

Didn’t get me?

Your face gets greeted by a familiar face again but you fail to recall the name of that person.

You curse your memory retainment capability which make you loose your self confidence.

Honestly, I was tired of hearing those comments:

How can you forget this? Only unimportant things get forgotten . . . this means there is my no value in front of you. blah blah

How to explain those poor souls that I struggle! Not in just remembering unimportant things but important things as well!

Fairy-God’s medicines in Improving Memory

In this torturing era, there are several pharmaceutical companies who are competing.

For whom?

For short-term memory like us! This is luring especially to several youngsters.  They seep into the idea that memory drugs and memory vitamins will act as a magic potion.

The potion that will make them next EINSTINE!

Well, those medicines do act as a mind booster. Memory drugs promise super students but the question which springs up here.

Do I really need those brain supplements?

Basically, there is a medicine that helps you focus. Those memory drugs fulfill a certain level of nutrients which lacks in your body.  This affects your memory retainment capability promising you a good memory.

Your mind’s receptivity gets influenced by those drugs saturated with nutrients.

BUT till when one can consume this drug and use such memory strategies?

Let’s dig into much more concrete memory techniques for strengthening memory.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where your mind wants you to know how to train your brain.

It needs proper training.

I really wish from the deeeeeeeepest place from my heart that technology favors us. It should innovate memory tricks. Something which on a touch of our hands could transfer each knowledge to our brain.

The only way which could ease our sleepless nights while boosting mental power! You know people don’t hesitate about memorizing. But they fear more about retainment of what that gets learned.

Let’s shoo away the fantasy world of such memory enhancer. As I am pretty sure that at least in this century my hopes from technology are bound to get dashed at the bottom of a cliff!

So let’s figure out more practical ways to boost memory skills:

The pie chart shows how much information your brain will retain with the use of senses. 

How depression tortures memory?

Any idea about a connection of memory and emotional states?

Cynthia Whissell have dug deeper for and mentioned several facts in her research. They found out that a brain used in a worried state will use up all your memory space. It reduces its working capacity.

Ronald M. Rapee further elaborates that  even a simple task cannot be completed efficiently if one is an anxious state.

There are shreds of evidence from Charles R Bond work that worries reduces performance. Moreover, a person becomes way too less confident about their possessed skill sets.

Who else wants to become a LIVING CAMERA?

With hands dug into your forehead, you are floating your gaze side-ways while squeezing your eyes tighter.

But YOU CAN’T RECALL THAT FORMULA which you memorized last night.

Not only this but . . .

A question pounce up and torture your brain:

Why I don’t have a good memory while many others do? You began to hate your life (see how to love yourself) and you lose your self confidence.The question gets seasoned by a thought:

They might be more gifted.

Before you get absorbed by this idea let me correct your perception. They are not gifted in any way.

Humpstone, Univ. of Penna, has shown memory span increases rapidly and that too up to the college level. This is merely a wrong implication that memory span gets fixed at birth. Deny the fact if someone comments ‘you were busy when GOD was allocating memories to people’

The reason why others have better memory is that they use memory strategies. And deploy several memorization techniques.

What do others surpass you in?

    • Identification
    • Training (observation and evaluation)
    • Retrieval

Memory keeps on changing. Thus you won’t have fix answer for how good is my memory?  Studies have proved that it sometimes gets improved but sometimes gets weaker.

You need to use these memory enhancement techniques regularly to improve your memory. That is how to think faster. Yes, it is that simple to increase your memory.


Firstly you need to identify the nature of your information. Whether the information which you are trying to store is for short term or long term?

But first you will have to practice retrieval inhibition. Sounds Greek?

Well, you will have to take the aid of intentional forgetting. This is how to get more memory. Optimal memory performance can be achieved . . .

But only if you will remove the older irrelevant task! I know you must have mastered the art of forgetting PEOPLE! 

Use this long-studied technique to block out by using mental BIN. Flush out that outdated information by mentally trying to segregate it.


The second step is of encoding where you need to employ a method with what you are trying to learn. The reference involves several memory techniques.

Whether the information to be stored is a knowledge from a thick boring book or it’s just the name of a person.

1- Observation & Attention: Key to photographic memory

Your observation skill has to skyrocket. Observation is linked with sight. Wrong. Observation is not only linked with just sight!

You need to stop underestimating your other four senses in the observation process.

Value them before they rust and refuse to help you with efficient observation.

Most of the time what happen is we do observe things and then forget. Whatever we have observed remain memorized for a very short period of time.

It is only when we move a step ahead and analyze what we have observed that we send the subject to our long-term memory.

Retrain your brain if you aren’t blessed with the observation of sight. There are few who surely won’t need the aid of google maps for locations as they memorize places.

Whereas in this regard the next time I got asked to drive to the same place, I would have landed up in another city!

So focus as A little reinforcement solves our concern of how to remember something.

1.1- Why to pay Attention

Attention plays a pivotal role as memory retention survives on it!

Avoid insulting (st) underestimating the power of concentration. It is useful in not only storing information but also in retrieving it.

If distraction becomes your friend then sorry man! Your all memorized material will become your enemy.

There is more to the story. Psychologists didn’t relax! They labored hard to identify a connection between attention and memory. It is the time of day chosen to strengthen your mind.

Andrew P. Smith  researched that If you want to accomplish a new task which is unfamiliar to you then befriend your mornings.

As for the new task, you won’t have to beg your memory to help you but you will solely rely on attention.

Here memory and concentration will part ways! As afternoons can be utilized in memory intensive tasks.

I had a very sharp memory since childhood.

But after those laborious college days when I landed up in university . . . my memory began to decline as if it were any credit card. I think it was due to stress.

1.2- Will your mind pass?

Now decide do you need to work on your observation and focusing skills.


  • Well, simply open your fridge though your mother can scold you for that A LOT.
  • After opening the fridge you have to observe the items inside and then close the door.
  • List down all the items which you witnessed and then compare how many you favored! This is how to memorize things quickly!

2- Evaluation

If you really want that subject to the last longer, then you need to be analytical. Perform concentration exercises. Make use of your analytical skills by taking finer details in regard. Attach the 5 Ws and 1 H here.

  • WHAT
  • WHY
  • WHEN
  • WHO
  • HOW

The answer of all these terms will help you and allocate a separate space in the memory.

If one simply observes and forgets something. This means the subject is still memorized but does not stay put for long. That is why people keep worrying about how to improve long-term memory.

 3- Mnemonic devices

Test scores can be easily increased up to 77% if a student makes use of these devices. There is not just a single type of mnemonic tool but several mnemonic memory strategies. There are several but most common are highlighted below:

3.1- Connection/ Association memorization techniques

Connection and association involve you to associate your targeted information to anything.  But the better way to use this technique is in reverse order:

Like if you are learning positions of North and South then learn Just one thing:

North is above south rather than (north is above and south is below)

Think that why do you keep your passwords based on your birthdays? Simple you love association. That is how to how to think faster.

Ever wonder how people learn ways, well simply with the aid of association. They associate the points as fast as they can which pass by during the entire journey.

No matter how deeply these people are engrossed in talks but their eyes are busy. The eyes are continuously drilling and associating the sights in their memory.

There is another body/face way. Where you associate what you are trying to memorize with each piece of your body.

This really makes the association easier.

Why many think association is a hard memorizing way?

Because  perception is drilled in many heads that only similar thinks are associated.

Here you are the BOSS. Associate whatever you like with whatever you are trying to learn. For suppose I am trying to learn the benefits of the certain algorithm.

Then I will associate the first benefit with eyes, the other with nose and so on . . . They don’t have to be related in any way.

Associate things with toes, feet, knees, hips, tummy, chest, shoulders, neck, face and head.

Now dig deep into the head and associate even with eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and so on…

Now the next question is crawling into your head. It is underestimating this strategy: Won’t Too Many Associations get mixed up?

Well if you will just memorize once only then they can get mixed up. But reviewing associations for a couple of days can benefit you to a great deal which you have no idea about.


3.4- Memory strategies using name mnemonics

You must know about the association rule like that if VIBGYOR. But the association is not that easy as it looks.

Because at first trust me even learning vigor was like how will retain this!

If you are like me then we have to dig a bit deeper. It is not always a best brain booster.

3.5- Memory strategies involving Word Mnemonic

You need to attach the first letter of what you are trying to learn with simply a word.

Like the phrase ‘please excuse my dear aunt sally’. It is commonly understood as Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract.

3.6- Memory strategies of using Model Mnemonic

If you are mind refuses to learn all those facts and figure then? Well, spoon feed the information through model mnemonic.

You need to learn figures through pie charts and sequences.

You must construct graphs or cycles for patterns.  We all have learned that water cycle through that CYCLE! Right?!

3.7- Memory strategies of Rhyme Mnemonics

This technique is what you should use when learning hard terms. I personally use this technique of mental sharpness. For instance, if you are trying to learn

For example, Cyanide is a fatal chemical. So remember a sentence instead of its meaning.

“I consumed and I died.”

“I died” rhymes with cyanide and that’s a true reflection of word.


4- Memorization techniques with music

How to increase short-term memory? Well, there are two ways in which music can aid learning.

The first method is to listen to special music while memorizing a particular information.

That music which you have associated will help you recall in the examination. This is the best way to improve recall and memory retention.

Or the second method is that of TV shingle. You can steal the tune of your favorite song and throw in information as lyrics! This will help you in an exam.

Just be sure don’t sing out loud else you will be thrown out!

In this sing-along method just show your song composing skills. Make out a song of what you are memorizing. Sounds weird, embarrassing? Congratulations you are normal!


  • Better choose folk songs as their melody tends to stick with your brain like a chewing gum to your hair.
  • Write down the song with its original lyrics. But make sure that during this process you are leaving out a line after each line. That spare line is for your own version of the song.
  • Now you are wondering whether should I put in everything to memorize in the song. WELL NO! The tune will run out!
  • So the best way is to target keywords. Pick important points or words from your notes and only insert them as your lyrics. These keywords in the exam will act as a checklist and help you format your answer.

5- Memorization techniques with Images

How to improve visual memory? Watch images and especially movies! Our brain is biased toward images. As they largely appeal to your sensory memory better understood as photographic memory.

The best thing about this technique is that sillier the image will be, more likely you will recall. The intensity of craziness of that picture must be higher. It must be shocking in some way.  Remember human brain stores the memories in a form of a picture like computer stores in a form of bits. That is how human brain memory capacity works.

6- Memorization techniques of creative writing

If you are the person who gets easily disappointed by the endings of any movie and like, ‘I could have written better…

Then now is time to ink down a wacky story by exploiting your creativity.


  • Come up with the lamest yet a creative story. I am stressing on the lame part as such weird stories are easier to remember.
  • Now associate whatever you are trying to learn with the elements of a story.


7- Memorization techniques involving Location

Location method is a powerful way to learn anything

All you need to do is to divide up what you are trying to learn.

Now imagine placing each divided text in different rooms of your house.

Think of a room and a suited information you will put there.

At a time of retrieval, you will easily be able, to sum up, information. As you knew which memorization piece was kept where.

8- Clustering memorization techniques

One of the memory tips and tricks is Clustering. It involves you to group similar information together to learn. Have not you notice how people learn telephone numbers? They tend to group 3 to 4 digits together.


9- Memorization techniques involving Flashcard Learning

This method is really effective. Flashcard learning is also known as the Leitner system. The set of cards will really help you. Not only memorizing information but also retaining it for the long term!

But you have to ditch the laziness. I know a voice inside your head is whispering that oh am I a kid?  I won’t put in the effort of making a flashcard. A little effort will go a long way.

You will see the flashcards repeatedly unless you will memorize the cards fully.


  • Stack the cards in groups in the order which will be easier for you to remember. You must categorize different boxes according to a difficulty level
  • You schedule the intervals for reviewing the cards
  • The box with the highest difficulty level must be reviewed most often.
  • Review hard questions every day. Average questions every two days and easy ones every three days.
  • This is a way of prioritized learning.

Bear in mind that after repetitive you should interchange the cards in boxes. Shift according to your retainment capability of particular question over the card.

Ronald L. Cohe  and  Shirley Bryant mention another fact which surfaced after extensive research. It states that any task performed for a longer period of time is more likely to be recalled later. 



The final step is of memory retrieval where you have to get back whatever is stored earlier.

Remember that encoding and decoding information requires to have the same key!


It sounded like a boring chapter which I studied in my A levels about encryption and SSL layer!  Well, never mind.

What I mean is you can only retrieve with ease if you apply the same method as of stores . . .  but in the opposite way while retrieving.

It is all the game of retrieval. Trust me I wish I knew this step.

ELSE I would not have been accusing my brain of betrayal in an examination hall of data structures.

It failed to fetch me the information which I revised only the last night! If you encoded something with banana, then you must not retrieve apple during a recall.

Retrieval Technique 1

To increase your memory retrieval, try the technique of memory rehearsal. You have to mentally pose a situation without its actual execution. Studies have found that this mental practice among several memory strategies impacts significantly. This memory skill had worked for several athletics and art performers.


Rehearse your exam before the actual one and try retrieving. Re-create exact same exam conditions. You must recall the information in the under-pressure situation.

Fix an alarm clock. A way to learn how to think faster. Create exactly the same haunting atmosphere.

This can also be termed as adversity training which increases short-term memory.  You need to immerse yourself in a situation of external distraction.

Replicate actual situations of high degree noise. A simple way to retrain your brain.

Studies have shown that these memory techniques are replicated by football coaches who recreate the playing conditions.

How? Well, they simulate the fans of opponent’s team who cheer against the practicing team.

The noise makes the player accustomed to the playing conditions. Funnily, it acts as concentration exercise.

Retrieval Technique 2

People will comment you out as mentally insane if you try this memory strategy. But do you care?

Start with self-talking one of the weird memorizing techniques. Self-statements will make you a real performer.

EVER QUESTIONED how to improve cognitive skills?

Well,   this controls your cognitive processes, especially in pressurized situations. If you are forgetting anything chant to YOURSELF ONLY.

‘I know this one….i have learned this earlier . . . I can surely do it ’

Result: Your energy boosts and positive expectation rises.

Want a proof about this memory function. Great?!

There are successful athletes who use this weapon of self-talking to end self-doubts.

All your distractions will go deep down in vain by implementing this method.

Studies have shown that your negative self-talk can make you lose . . . whether it is your test score or sports points.

Retrieval Technique 3

Ever thought about why memory betrays you wayyy early than you think? Despite trying strategies to improve memory?

Because you force your memory to behave in that way. Yeah, you surely do. How?

Research proves your deficient memory is a direct consequence of your deficient meta-memory. Your beliefs feed your brain about the ability to remember.

Why did older people begin to have retrieval problem?

As they have drilled in their mind about threatening memory situations. It will which make them forgetful way before they are actually supposed to get forgetful.

SO how to use your brain after knowing this fact? Let’s connect the chain:

Threats of memory deficiency create anxiety which consumes your memory resources.

This is the answer to your how to increase brain capacity.

Will your brain PASS OR FAIL? *Heartbeats*

Let’s kill the envious self who eye every person with aww! Who according to us possesses a photographic memory WITH UNBELIEVABLE memory retention?

Ever did memory exercises? You are forgetting you did.

Who else has played that game where you and your friends had stationed yourselves in a circle? And then called a ghost?

And then played that whispering game. Where first one started with

I want to go to the washroom

The next person repeats and add,

I want to go to the washroom real hard

The third person says

I want to go to the washroom real hard else I will . . .

In this way, each person transfers the phrases with their own addition in the chain.

One with incorrect repeated list gets eliminated. That’s person’s power memory is put on a stake!

Go get that wax from your ear cleaned! This surge of humiliation is what an eliminator has to go through!

While the real culprit . . .  your memory skill remains in safe position securing its respect!

This game Or I will call it one of best memory strategies tests your memory retention.  The answer to your how to sharpen mind and memory!

TRY to strengthen your mind with this game.

BUT not all of us have those embarrassing sets of friends who will play such childish games with us!

So why not test our memory retention on our own by following memorization techniques:

  • Grab a paper and list down a grocery
  • Crash into a grocery store and shop without referring your list
  • See how many items you can lower down into your trolley without peeking into that cheat sheet. A test is your brain strong enough!

Now you have clearly failed. This is where you should start working on retrieval by testing your brain more frequently.


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