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Juicing has been there now for quite some time and it can make you lose weight. Magically?


The liquid diets have become fairly popular as they flush away toxins and unwanted waste that clings to your body like a moth to fire.

There are several reasons to try out three-week detox.

Want us to name a few?

Well, you have been eating all that junk and are tired of what it has done to you. Next, you want to fulfill what your body demands.

Gift your digestive system a bit of time as it is tired of processing your overeaten food. 

Detoxing is not only best for weight loss but it has an alarming anti-aging effect.

You are tired of finding out the ways of suppressing your cravings and in that case, juice cleanses provide an ideal solution. You want to try out the unused clothes. .

As they don’t fit you.

Navigation is all you want to do. You want to navigate all the physical and emotional toxins in your life.

Lastly, you want to find the true potential of veggies and fruits and see for yourself what they can do to you.   

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Overview of Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox:

You must have come across several opinions which suggest a different duration of a juice cleanse. Some suggest it for days and some for weeks.

Then you will find other opinions on the type of detox people follow. Some prefer to just consume only water and juices for several weeks whereas others try to include food in their detox.

It is seen that generally on the third day of detox diet that people no longer crave for food. You should only choose a cleansing system if you have proper will power and diet.

You need to stay on the safe side thus honor your particular constitution. You can choose the recipes mentioned below make your detox diet plan or choose to follow the one detailed below.

To give you a general idea, for three days detox you will have to replace your breakfast and dinner with juices.

Other than this you have to snack about twice a day with juices. As far as lunch is considered you can consume a regular one.

A very general and common question can hit your head that is cleansing safe? Well, it is. Cleansing is a natural process where you are restoring your body mechanism.

Many juices practice fast throughout the world as they are wise enough to balance their bodies and souls. 


3 Day Juice Cleanse – Just Add Water & Enjoy – 21 Single Serving Powder Packets

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This cheap juice cleanses is 100% vegan and natural thus this ensure your satisfaction. There is no sugar added as sugar itself is not fruitful in the weight loss process.

For achieving the bests results from this diet plan, the instructions are included which will act as a great guide for you to follow.


  • No fillers just natural ingredients
  • Easier to stick to a strict plan with such  easy guidelines
  • Suppress the unhealthy cravings
  • The simplicity of this cleanse and ease of functionality is transparent
  • Midday pineapple mango flavor is customers favorite one
  • Keeps your skin more healthy and hydrated.
  • The convenience of use as no blenders needed
  • An effective and quick way to start off a healthy eating program
  • Cheap juice cleanses or juice cleanse on a budget


  • Supresses your appetite to a limited extent so you need to exercise self-control

Let’s dig in the Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox juicing program:

If you want to lose 10 pounds in 3 days consider starting your day with a glass of Lemon-aid and end it with a glass of Hawaiian Elixir (even a cup of herbal tea will do). 

Try to drink as much water as your body allows between your meals.

You need to have regular lunch but make sure that it complies with the above-mentioned rules of this 3-day detox program.

There can be any reason that you don’t have an exact ingredient around and in that case, change the drink or replace it with any superfood mentioned below.

Keep in mind that your only snacks are juices which you need to consume during the meals.


Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox – Spring:

Day 1:

Breakfast: Apple Tart
Recipe: You will love the juice as it is a mesh of grapefruit’s taste and the exotic heat of ginger.

Ingredients: 1 apple,½ cucumber,3 celery ribs,½ grapefruit( peeled),½-inch piece ginger( peeled)

Just dump all these requirements in the juicer and serve. You need to use peeled grapefruit as it has a bitter taste, like really bitter.

But usually, with citrus fruit one let the skin on as it offers power-packed nutrients.

Snack: Simply Green

Recipe: You should always prefer it over the cereal bars, even after detoxification. Only a glass of it is enough to alkalize your body.

Are you ready to fill up your body with oxygen and providing your cells with vital nutrients?

No sweetness allowed as this drink is purposefully low in calories and sugar. Why? This drink will keep you hydrated if you drink it throughout the day.

Ingredients: ½ cucumber, 3 celery ribs, 2 cups spinach and 1/2–1 lime or lemon

Process in a juicer and consume.

Snack: Green Up:

Recipe: Drill in your mind that broccoli will not offer that bitter flavor once it will be added with other ingredients which will compensate its effects.

Consider making a glass of this sulfur-rich veggie which detoxifies your liver fully. And yes, you can add stem and leaves. . . the whole of broccoli.

You won’t realize what a small piece of ginger will do. Several people around the globe chew a piece of it before every meal for quickest digestion.

Ingredients: 1 cup broccoli,1 Granny Smith apple,1 cup pineapple,2 cups spinach,½-inch piece ginger (peeled). Process all the items in juicer and drink.

Dinner: Save the Veggies
Recipe: You will fall in love with the touch of berries and pineapple in this drink.

Ingredients: 1 cup berries,1 tomato,1–2 cups spinach and ½–1 cup pineapple water
Toss the first three ingredients into the juicer and mix the pineapple water at last.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Apple Tart

Snack: Cheers to Watercress

Recipe:You want your stomach to warm up? Well, peppery taste of watercress will do the drill. If sweetness is your only resort then you may find this drink edgy.

You might already know that watercress cleanses your blood and detoxifies your liver. Don’t shy away from doing yourself a big favor.

Ingredients:½ cup watercress,½ cup cucumber,½ cup carrot,¼ lime( peeled)

Juice them all.

Snack: Simply Green

Dinner: Save the Veggies

Day 3

Breakfast: Apple Tart

Snack: Green Up

Snack: Cheers to Watercress

Dinner: Save the Veggies

Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox – Summer:

Day 1

Breakfast: Strawberry Muse

Recipe: Fond of basil? You will love this then. Basil possess those antibacterial
Properties which are vital for your system. This aromatic juice will not fail to lure your senses of taste, sight, and smell.

Ingredients: ½ cucumber, 1 cup strawberries,1 beet,1 cup basil,1 teaspoon coconut oil (optional)

Juice the first four items and in the end, stir coconut oil to the juice,

Snack: Simply Green

Snack: I Love Radishes

Recipe: If you have not utilized the benefits of radish yet, then now is the time. You need to feed your liver with vital enzymes through these pungent radishes. Use any kind of radish available.

If zucchini is hard to find then replace it with cucumber, and likewise pear with apple and orange with lemon. (if fruits unavailable)

Ingredients: 1 cup zucchin,1 apple,1 small radish,1 cup broccoli, squeeze ½ lemon.
Toss the first four ingredients in the juicer and mix the lemon juice in the end

Dinner: Happy Belly

Recipe:This drink serves great for improved digestion. Watermelon contains high lycopene content which will heal your heart and aid weight loss.

Ingredients : ½ fennel bulb,1 cup of watermelon (cubed & seeded), 1 cup zucchini, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup parsley, ½ lemon
Juice it all

Day 2

Breakfast: Strawberry Muse

Snack: Forever Young

Recipe: Many are fond of strong flavor which cilantro offers. This juice is packed with minerals which are sufficient enough to quench your thirst. They own a balance in the sweetness of carrots and acidity of lemon.

Ingredients: ½ cucumber, 1 large carrot, 1 cup cilantro, Juice of ½ lemon
Juice out everything except lemon juice as you have to stir it in the end.

Snack: Simply Green

Dinner: Happy Belly

Day 3

Breakfast: Strawberry Muse

Snack: I Love Radishes

Snack: Forever Young

Dinner: Happy Belly

Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox -Fall:

Day 1

Breakfast: Grape Expectations
Recipe: You might have come across with the trend where people were only consuming grape for several days as part of their diet. While some were practicing fasting but just consuming grape juice for exceptional digestion.

Ingredients: 2 cups green grapes,1 cup parsley, 1 lemon,1 avocado

You need to toss grapes, parsley, and lemon into a juicer and then later blend this juice with Avacado. A bit of work. But the amazing taste.

Snack: Green Is In
Recipe: This drink contains mostly everything which your body needs. If you are not yet aware that how green apples help then it stabilizes your blood sugar levels thus you experience fewer cravings. For improvement in your mood and energy levels, incorporate this drink in the detox.

Ingredients: ½ cucumber, ½ Green apple, 2 celery ribs, ½–1 heart of romaine, 1–2 cups spinach, chard, or kale.

Snack: Simply Green

Dinner: Cabbage Pear Kids
Recipe: Consider the usage of cabbage juice as it offers great cleansing. The veggies benefit the stomach by making it feel lighter, If you are not aware yet then Chinese make use of cabbages to cure constipation. This drink is also beneficial for boosting your collagen.

Ingredients: 2 cups cabbage, 2 ripe pears, ½ cucumber, ½-inch piece ginger, peeled
½ lime (peeled)

Day 2

Breakfast: Grape Expectations

Snack: Serious Business
Recipe:This drink calls for leafy green ingredients. Mustard will heal you from in and out. These detoxifying agents will kick-start your weight loss process. Plus, get ready to lower your cholesterol.

Ingredients: ½ cucumber, ½ cup broccoli, ½ green apple, 2 celery ribs, ½ cup spinach, 1 cup escarole, and a mustard green leaf.

Snack: Green Is In

Dinner: Cabbage Pear Kids

Day 3
Breakfast: Grape Expectations

Snack: Simply Green

Snack: Serious Business

Dinner: Cabbage Pear Kids

Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox -Winter:

Day 1

Breakfast: God Save the Juice
Recipe:You must be already aware of the benefits of regular tea but this tea offers just more in terms of detoxifying as it is power-packed with many health benefits which are craving to be availed.

You must be already aware of the wonders which green tea offers. Get ready to circulate your system and boost your metabolism.

Ingredients: 1 cup green tea, 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup kale, ½ banana

Snack: Scarborough Fair
Recipe: If you want to soothe your body as well as your soul then feed this sweet drink to yourself.
Ingredients: ½ cucumber, the ½ heart of romaine, 1 green apple, 1 cup parsley,2 sprigs sage
2 sprigs rosemary, 2 sprigs thyme.

Snack: Simply Green

Dinner: Naturally Bright
Recipe: Are you aware that carrots and grapefruits are such nutritional powerhouses? It really won’t hurt to consume this vibrant drink!

Confused about how to choose the best grapefruit? Choose the heaviest one as it will be the juiciest. Low-calorie grapefruit is best known for boosting you with vitamin C.

Ingredients: 2 carrots,½ grapefruit (peeled), ½ cucumber
2 cups escarole (or any other kind of lettuce)

Day 2

Breakfast: God Save the Juice

Snack: Broccoli Genie
Recipe: Let’s us reveal how to decide whether the juice is good for you or not! If it’s green then be certain it surely is!

You need to pick the green juices which arise excitement within you! Like this one. Consider enjoying this drink for eliminating unwanted contaminants from your body.

Ingredients:1 cup broccoli (f use the stalks and leaves too), ½ cucumber, 4 celery ribs, 1 ripe pear
½–1 lemon

Snack: Scarborough Fair

Dinner: Naturally Bright

Day 3

Breakfast: God Save the Juice

Snack: Simply Green

Snack: Broccoli Genie

Dinner: Naturally Bright


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 Side Effects Of Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox

Backend work of juicing, well when you are going through cleansing, you are releasing and flushing away all sorts of toxins stored in your bladder, lungs, liver, colon, sinuses, skin, kidneys, and fatty tissue.

You have no idea how many toxins you have accumulated in years.

That lousy diet coupled with a sloppy lifestyle has done you more damage than you think apart from disfiguring your whole body shape.

That bloating and acne which are adding up to that unpleasant feeling can be dealt with proper juicing diet.

You will feel a lot lighter, just be patient. All the stored waste, through detoxing, will get released back into your bloodstream and then make a final exit from your body.

There are few things which you need to address before gearing yourself up for the juicing diet plan.

Answer whether you have eating disorders, chronic health concern, pregnancy period. All these conditions must be evaluated and consulted with a physician.

There are some helpful tips which will boost help you lose 10 pounds in 3 days. First of all, you should just avoid a tough ride.

By that, we mean start slow. This is especially for the ones who consume a very unhealthy diet.

You need to dose your body with the shots of juices of which it has a strength to possess.

Like if you directly jump on tripling the dose of some strong juices like Beet-er Dandelion on the very first day of your cleansing journey then . . . expect the disaster.

Stick to the plan which is aimed to start slow. This factor is important to consider if you will be formulating your cleansing routine.

Next, you need to pay attention to your skin. Yes, you read it right. Make sure to dry scrub your skin in the morning. Why? Well, it is one of the largest body organs and you want to make sure that everyday toxins get released through pores.

Dry scrub is essential as it provides a pathway because if pores are blocked then toxins will get reabsorbed, flowing back into your bloodstream.

Let cleansing make your skin look good while simultaneously losing the extra fats clinging in the form of toxins.


You need to shake yourself and move. If you will move then your stored toxins will also move and channel out of your body in the form of sweat.

We brush our teeth every day but do we clean our tongue the way it should be cleaned?

Well, if you are not aware then our body detoxifies mostly during sleep, thus that white coating on the tongue appear which is a fresh layer of toxins released by the body during the night.

Not cleaning it means swallowing it back. You have no idea how these small toxins pile up every day and make the gift you those extra inches on your waist.

You should also sleep early as you want to give your body enough time to flush away toxins at night.

Get a massage

If you have underestimated the importance of massages the now is the time to give them that. Specially when you are trying this Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox.

Well, if you will move your tissues through the gentle pressure then you will be also moving away from the toxins. Every game has rules and thus this game-changer diet also has few.

If you own the perception that rules are made to be broken then don’t please trash it during the cleansing process!

You may stick to it later Follow certain diet recommendations for significant results. By following them you will ensure that you are giving your body all that it deserves.

You need to consume only whole grains ( except wheat and refined ones)

Preferably turn to the fresh veggie and fruits (try to get organic ones).
Consumption of raw nuts and seeds will boost your energy levels. Make sure to soak them
overnight and peel them. Why? Well, this process makes them easily digestible. (exceptions: cashews and peanuts)

Try taking legumes as they have high fiber concentration and they are a great source of energy and nutrients. Sprouted ones are beneficial as they aid with bloating.

There is an alternate approach If you can’t find them sprouted, just soak them overnight prior cooking.

Prefer the consumption of fermented foods as they preserve nutrients while making the foods more digestible. These are saturated with bacteria that strengthen the immune system.


Replace table salt with Himalayan or Peruvian pink salts as these salts are pure and offer great nutritious value. In general, never overdo the salt.

Favor the consideration of essential oils

You must have heard the benefits of organic cold-pressed olive oil? Have you?

To know what wonders it can achieve, you better read this. Next turn to flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil.

You need to forget margarine along with corn, canola and other vegetable oils. as it is high time.

Befriend Herbal teas

Teas are your companions that will always support you in your weight loss journey.

Consider their high consumption as they in suppressing appetite mainly because they have caffeine within. The best part is that they improve digestion,

Drink loads and loads of water

You need to realize and signal your brain from time to time for high consumption of water, especially during the cleansing process.

Visualize what is happening at the backend. The juices are realizing the toxins to your bloodstream now to flush them off and make them exit your body you need plain water.

Try to go organic:

Plants + chemicals = less nutrition + toxins. But the problem is that they are expensive! Well, you will find a cheap way out if your look for seasonal produce.

You might not know that organic seasonal produce also tends to be on sale. You can find seasonal produce charts all over the Internet. Go easy on your pocket by buying local.


You know the few obvious ones which are not worth mentioning because a serious participant of any weight loss diet will compromise on unhealthy habits beforehand.

Just as a reminder, there are few things which will ruin your whole cleansing journey thus giving you no results.

Remember that through detoxing and the three-day detoxing process you are trying to enhance your whole cleansing system thus intrusion of Alcohol, in that case, a complete no-no!

Don’t consume soy

It is not easily digested, one has to eat it in the fermented forms. Only consume Gluten-free foods (wheat) as it will only make you bloat.

No sugar

If you are thinking about sugar then we are not on the same page! You have to ditch this edible completely. Don’t worry about the drop in the sugar levels in your bloodstream as the fruits will compensate for it rightfully.

Stay away from proteins (Meat and dairy)

Are you questioning why is that?

Well, the answer is simple your meat is not easily digestible which means by its consumption the purpose of giving the relaxation to the digestive system will die out.

As far as dairy products are concerned then several people are lactose intolerant thus these products just creates mucus and inflame the body. No canned products at all! Fresh grocery and homemade cleansing juices.

Bitter is better

Start loving bitter stuff sweet edibles are not sweet as they show up on your hip! Consider the consumption of Bitter foods like watercress, radishes, arugula, and dandelion.

Why? Well, they make the best detoxifying agents. These edibles not only stimulate the liver, improve kidney function but also regulate blood sugar.

If you want to altogether improve nutrient assimilation in your body then include these in your diet. (especially during the detoxifying period).

Boosting 3 days detox With Superfoods

Many times, you may have come across with strange-sounding foods. Well, these are mostly the superfoods which are possess high concentration of certain nutrients.

You can boost your overall health during their consumption in positive ways. You will find these superfoods in several of the juices included in the 3-day detox program so that you could see it for yourself.


Here’s a list of superfoods which you should consume more frequently:

Heard about Chia seeds?

Well, they absorb many times their weight in water and during this process they release a gel which binds all toxins and flushes them out of your body.

They possess a neutral flavor. By adding these to your juices, you will be changing the texture of them. These are great appetite suppressant .

All you need to do is mix a teaspoon of chia seeds in your and stir. Next, wait for about five or ten minutes so that they get soaked and plumped fully.

Chlorella- Lose 10 pounds in 3 days detox

You must have learned in your third grade or so about chlorophyll which is present in leaves. If you want to avail its health benefits then you need to consume chlorella which is a green algae.

Chlorella contains about 40 times more chlorophyll in chlorella than wheatgrass),. Plus these green algae constitute a high percentage of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements.
You will find it find this sea veggie strong in taste but who cares if it greatly detoxifies the body from pollutants along with the heavy metals. Get purified blood and body tissues with its consumption.

Cayenne pepper is also very helpful

Just a small amount of it will do the trick, you need to put it into juice or water.

If you are not aware of what it will do then to be precise it will eliminate the plaque from arteries, rebuild yours, flush out bad body cholesterol, and remove waste.

Who is not aware of what aloe vera can do!

This power-packed ingredient can achieve wonders. The best part is that it doesn’t offer any taste thus you can easily blend it in any juice.

This ingredient possesses the power of neutralizing your body toxins. Cleanse the colon today and, stimulate cellular regeneration. All you need to do is, to cut a two-inch piece and soak overnight in water.

In the morning, just separate the gel and green skin (a knife will easily do) This gel is all set to grace your blender.

Into weight loss and haven’t heard of Coconut oil?

Quite impossible! Well, this ingredient owns antifungal and antibacterial properties thus you will feel instant energy. Include this in your juices to lower your bad cholesterol and normalize the thyroid function.

You will appreciate the use of flaxseed in your diet

Well, they can be used in any form whether whole or ground.

But both interestingly serve different purposes! As far as using the whole flaxseed is concerned it will do the work of flushing out the toxins and moving bowels.

Whereas, if you will be making use of grind one, then your body will absorb omega-3 oils from it which is a great antioxidant. Thus you can use any form (grind form is easier)

Consider the use of Hemp (seeds or powder)

They are saturated with essential fatty acids. Heard about the Wheatgrass right? This ingredient is power-packed with chlorophyll, protein, and vitamin E.

Just a shot of it will do it all! What? Detoxification! If you have a wheatgrass juicer then juice it and then add it to your drink. Having one shot of this juice is one of the most detoxifying and health-enhancing things you can do, and it’s said to add a day to your life.

If you put a bit of time and effort, you can juice wheatgrass at home and add it to your juices (you will need a wheatgrass juicer). Otherwise, go to your favorite juice bar and get a fresh wheatgrass shot whenever you can.



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