This Super Simple Morning Habit
"Accidentally" Melted 84 LBS Of Fat

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You must be looking for fast methods which shows a result. This article highlights some easy ways for you which you can start today!

The fastest way to lose weight at home is to commit. You need to be up for a challenge. This commitment must not be for a day or a week but at least 21 days.

You may have already heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit and that is what you should ideally aim for.

After 21 days, you will realize that your lifestyle and eating habits have changed drastically. After that time duration, you will start losing weight even without trying!

If you are unsure how to start this challenge on your own. And need diet + exercising help. Then I will highly recommend to at least check out what Todd has to say.

Stick with him for 21 days and weight loss is guaranteed. Many have availed this easiest and fastest solution (turning from fat to fit in just 21 days is fast – as you do not want to opt for unsafe ways)

Enough of talk! Excited to lose weight fast and easy? Easy 10 pounds in a week for women? Get flat tummy by availing these 7 little known ways mentioned below.

Achieve weight loss through these fat burner tips. Only cleanses, diet and detox drinks are not enough for fast metabolism you need effective tips to lose weight fast and get in shape. Let’s dig in! 

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– Try intermittent fasting

Have you thought about trying intermittent fasting? Your basic and ultimate aim is to reduce calorie intake.

If you are not yet aware that much calories you should consume per day, then make use of this calculator below.

Generally, calories ranging from 1,500 to 1,650kcals is quite manageable.

But you need to realize that calorie reduction is not as easy as it seems. For fast results, you might want to verge on a journey of intermittent fasting.

Through this process, you will be reducing the eating window thus consuming low calories.

If you have not heard of a 5:2 window by Dr. Micheal Mosley, then you will appreciate knowing that you should ideally set yourself to a 10-hour window.

There is no rocket science in this plan.

If you will consume your dinner early at 8 then this plan can be followed without starving!
Just make sure to eat dinner at 8 pm and next day meal (breakfast) at 10 for fulfilling the time duration.  

2- Lift weights

Diet alone can’t give you fastest results and you will have to shake a little. Don’t shy away from exercising as it does play a vital role.

Aerobics is better than doing nothing and just sitting idly.

But weight training surpasses every type of exercise when it comes to transforming the body shape.

What are you actually doing by lifting weights? Well, you are indulging your body in the process of breaking and making muscle.

You break it and your body repairs it, thus making your strong overall.

What do you think is required for breaking a muscle?

Yes, you guessed it right. The energy for breaking a muscle is driven from fat stored in your muscle. Thus, your body is burning that fat by feeding it to muscles.

At first, you will realize that running on a treadmill is burning more of your calories than resistance training but that is not the whole picture.

Strength training has the capability of longer after burn. This simply means that you will be burning the calories for the next 48 hours without doing anything after strength training. This after burn is of maximum an hour for aerobics.

So in short, weight lifting is an ideal way of burning more calories and getting much more muscle mass. And you very well have known that more muscle mass means more fat will be used as a fuel to it.

3- Get more active in general

You should try every possibility of being as active as you can in general . You might have heard of NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

This is where you burn calories while doing anything (except sleeping, eating or exercising)

You need to make a list of activities which will drag you out of your couch and force your feet to shake up a bit.

Have you tried balancing on just a foot while brushing your teeth?

Nope right!
Intentionally, took stairs instead of a lift?

Walked to the shops instead of driving yourself to them?
You might not realize the potential of even a 20-minute stroll! It will help and you will notice it yourself once you start filling your life with more activities.

All you need to do is to plug in your favorite playlist and go out! You won’t realize completing 10,000 step goal, as you will do that in no time.

4- Reduce water retention

A high percentage of people face weight issues largely due to water weight. You will look leaner after dropping it.

You may have questioned yourself how bodybuilders and models manage to look so lean and tiny?

Well, the reason is related simply to the water weight. They do not retain any water weight. You might already know that water weight is the result of excess fluid building up in your body.

You can easily manage to eliminate your water weight fast by consuming FDA approved water pills. The top and most popular ones are reviewed here.

But what preventative measures you should take to stop water retention in the first place? Well. you should limit your salt intake and incorporate B6 + magnesium in your diet.

You will truly see the improvement.

Concerned how to naturally add these nutrients in your diet?

Well, don’t crease your forehead, just befriend those leafy greens veggies and beans.

Moreover, eat bananas every day and get nutty! Moving around more will also help you in reducing water retention.


5- Reduce starch

Are you aware of the differences between healthy and unhealthy carbs (starchy ones)? Don’t listen to advice which surely asks you to bin the carbs altogether.

There is no hole of doubt that you will see a dramatic reduction in your weight after limiting the number of carbs you eat.

All you need to do is avail of whole food options.

Like? Whole grain rice, sweet potato . . .

6- Load up on lean protein

Are you loading up yourself with protein?

Not yet? Well, now is the time for reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolism.

Try to incorporate protein with every meal (But keep in mind that you do not exceed the calorie limit of the day) Always go fist-sized protein.

Yeah, that will be enough!

7- Avoid processed junk

There is no room for processed junk in your diet. The easiest way to ditch all sorts of processed junk is to consume mostly single ingredients foods.

This will ensure that your food is getting saved from junk which could get potentially added for making it tastier!

A single piece of chicken is better than a ready-made stew!

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