This Super Simple Morning Habit
"Accidentally" Melted 84 LBS Of Fat

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Looking to lose weight in a month at home?

Great! Fairly easy than you think.

You must have by now tried out several ways but there is always something which doesn’t just make the stuff work out for you . . . as you planned.

Choosing to do nothing about your increasing weight has consequences. So, ignoring the problem doesn’t solve it.  

 What Most People Do is they verge on a weight loss journey without setting up any definite target . . . That is a huge mistake. You need to give yourself a challenge. 

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Back to the Point! This article will act as a blueprint and detail all such loopholes which are not allowing you to get maximum results. OKAY, EVEN RESULTS!

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1- Plan: At your own pace!  (beat snail though!)

Are you choosing a plan for yourself and sticking to it for at least a month? You must already be aware of healthy habits like avoiding salt, saturated fats, and salt, etc.

But just following these habits won’t really yield you actual results, as these are support points but not a catalyst. You need to change the way you eat.
Let’s discuss for all in once as to why many diets fail? You may have seen that many diet plans revolve around low fat.

But even low-fat diets are not helpful as they stop the growth of testosterone. what? Well, it is a hormone which is responsible for fat burning and muscle growth.

By cutting down on fats you will be lowering the testosterone level which means? Your body will store fat like squirrels store nuts!

You will see several diets which will cut down on protein. How can these diets ignore such a powerful nutrient which not only boosts the metabolism but is also responsible for building muscle?

You should be able to identify the poor diet plans (those which will completely restrict you of any food groups) If you are not aware yet, then protein works in two main ways.
1- It speeds up the digestion by ⅓
2- It builds calorie-consuming muscle.

So you are in effect, getting double burn (the first while digesting and second when building muscle which will eat up the calories later)
There is a danish study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study even digs further in the investigation of the type of protein.

Group of people was tested who consumed a high percentage of protein. A percentage of them consumed soy protein while the rest animal protein. The latter burned more calories.

 2- Try harder & Commit to a diet:

You need a proper diet that actually works. The most important thing in any diet plan is that it should resonate with your style and mood.

Why? Else you will leave it halfway!

Just make sure that the diet plan you follow makes use of the rule mentioned above and you are good to go.

3- Live better with Green Tea

You need to start valuing weight loss tea! Consume at least 5 cups of green tea a day! Sounds a lot? Well, ideally you should eat frequent meals for avoiding hunger pangs which you could result in overeating.

Thus, try consuming green tea after every meal.

After waking up + in between meals + before going to sleep.

4- Move forward and Change the Way You Exercise!

You also need to change the way you exercise. If you have been gyming and yet not yielding results then there is a high probability that you have been doing something not advisable.

You must be aware of aerobics, but do you know that it more overrated one?

Why? Well, aerobics doesn’t help you build muscle which is vital for a speedy metabolism. Let’s revise the equation:

Muscle eats up your fat. With an addition of 1 pound of muscle, you will be additionally burning 50 calories a day (in order to keep the muscle alive! Great is not it!).

If you will be adding 6 pounds of muscle then you can burn up to 300 calories a day, just by sitting on your couch!

So you do realize that there is definitely a problem with low-intensity aerobic exercise. If you will be going for jogging then your body will make use of fat and carb and use it as a fuel.

Once you these sources get exhausted (like after 20 minutes), your body will hunt for other fuel and then it will burn protein! That vital nutrient that builds up the muscle.

In this depletion mode, your body can easily use up about 6 grams of proteins which means you are losing the opportunity of losing weight rather than actually losing the weight!

By opting for an aerobic exercise you are decreasing the muscle mass which you certainly don’t want. And you know very well that:

decrease in muscle mass = slow metabolism = weight gain.

Want to know a further shocking fact?

Early research has proven that aerobic exercises burn more fat than weight training? You might have assumed that aerobic was the way to go and it was stupid to toss around iron! But there is more to it.

You are missing out recent research that lifters do not burn more calories as compared to aerobic during the workout, but they burn more calories over the next several hours. Aware of the after-burn phenomena?

This is the gift which iron gives you! You will be burning additional calories for the next 48 hours of strength training that too for free (ready to burn calories while sleeping?)!

As strength training increases the metabolic rate for next 48 hours unlike aerobic which will only boost the metabolism for the next hour.

Another advantage? You will not be losing muscle mass in strength training like in aerobic. Rather you will be building extra muscles!

And new muscles = burning more calories (for muscle sustenance) = lose fat .

A Finnish study has proved that the process of building bigger muscles increases by 21 percent in the next 3 hours after a strength training workout.

A question must be revolving around your head that how can aerobics be just the waste of my energy?
Remember aerobics is better than doing nothing and strength training is better than aerobics!
Strength training > aerobic > doing nothing!
So for maximum results, you know what to do next!

Some strength training exercise which you should include: Overhead Squat, Deadlift, Kettlebell Swing, Single Leg Split Squat, Hammer Curls, and Overhead Press are few weight lifting exercises which you can do at home!

You need to couple your exercise with diet as they both work together for effective results. If you are to busy to involve yourself in strength training then you can try exercising with households items available to you.

The stairway is a good way to start. You need to climb stairs roughly twenty times!
Let’s talk about eating habits!

5- Supplements!

Make use of FDA approved weight loss supplement that works so that you could start seeing the results much quicker and that could boost your motivation level to a whole new level.

This article reviews the top five supplements which are popular among consumers.

These supplements will no doubt acts as a catalyst to surface newly trimmed you! If you only want to target your belly fat, then there is a high probability of water retention thus you should prefer getting water pills.


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