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You are scrunching up your nose on a thought that how to be more outgoing. Just wipe off that formulating sweat as this article will tell you exactly how.

Let me make a guess and you need to tell me am I right or wrong.

You own an introverted personality and the love of your life is that warm bed and squishy blanket.

You hate when anyone distracts you from your own train of thought and invades your privacy.

Confusion run across your head, “Do I have social anxiety or am I just shy?”

If you want to trash shyness then this guide has got you covered. Lack of self confidence wants you to be labeled as selectively social.

With the pack of popcorns in one hand and remote in the other, you would fly your time in watching Netflix rather than attending Rowdy parties

You experience the feeling of drainage of battery. Yes, I am talking about your battery.

You somewhat know how to be social. But your lifeline tends to get lower if you have socialized for a longer time.

Tendency of getting exhausted overtakes you and want to run back home for recharging.

You love to be termed as a better listener than a talker.

Sometimes your eyes consume bubbly people in awe.

You question yourself how to be more social as you want to sound like that chirpy individual.

One who succeeds in winning the hearts of many.

An inner voice suggests you to scream your lungs out.

You do know how to be happy with yourself by digging under some new non-mainstream hobbies.

You don’t give a shit about seemingly popular interest like reality TV or sport.

I identified you didn’t I ?

Is that you to some extent? Well, if yes then breathe you are equally normal like other outgoing individuals.

There is a 70% chance that you hate yourself because of certain traits.

In that case, don’t crease your forehead as this piece of article has got you covered.

You don’t have to change a thing. Ingrain in mind that no one is socially perfect.

You are great with all these traits till the time you bring positivism on the table.

Till the time you have substance in your talk, you don’t need to improve. ANYTHING.

Don’t violate your fear of changing, rather than lace your thought of improving.

Maintain your high self esteem and self-respect.

Not a big deal if you hate Sports. That is you.  

What if a person whom you are talking to loves it? Then to make him love you just follow a bit about sports news so at least get the start of a conversation.

You will find enough to grease a conversation later.

Now you have identified yourself that is where you start with how to like yourself. Bravo.

You have been staying in the background while being not confident.

You have shut your mouth for so long. Enough of hiding behind the people you love and avoiding eye contact.

You have carried out such behavior to make you feel better but not for long term.

Practical ways to start being outgoing

Become more outgoing by confidence boosters like NO ONE gives a damn of what you do. Start by realizing you don’t have to change a thing.

Just begin focusing less on yourself. It is seen that socially anxious people set to focus on their lens only towards themselves.

And then they question why do I hate myself so much?

There are two possibilities of thinking about yourself so much. Either one will drown in self-obsession or land up hating oneself.

The worst part is that hating oneself later results in an inferiority complex.

That is why it is become so hard to overcome social anxiety and become more outgoing.

You blush, sweat, stammer, and stutter.

These things can become worst. You get no way near becoming outgoing or more social.

The biggest flaw is that you are so busy singing I don’t like myself . . .

I don’t like myself! blah blah that you insults the atmosphere around by ignoring it.

All hopes of enjoying the surroundings get dashed at the bottom of the cliff.

You will never feel comfortable in becoming an outgoing individual if . . . you have such a narrow scope of your world that begins with you and ends with!

Great. You have identified yourself. now stand up and speak tall.

Stand up, power up, and SpeakTall.

You want to become outgoing but for that, you have to stand up and speak to all. I know it takes a ton of courage to the start off.

You have to become outgoing else others will benefit you for being tongue-tied.

Don’t become one of those types whom people can order.

Enough of being that billing agent, assistant, receptionist, and too on a little pay.

You have to become outgoing. Not only because you want to change your personality and make others like you.

But you want that new improved version of yourself so that others can never take advantage of you.

Be it your boss, friend family or colleague.

Learn to say NO, else silence will become your biggest enemy you have ever thought it to be.

Unmute your button, increase your volume to the highest audible level . . . and learn what does it mean to be outspoken.

Gone are those days where you would have volunteered forcefully.

You have to tell people how you want to get treated. This is the sign of high self-esteem and outgoing nature.  

Speak clear and loud so that from silent you go violent.

Use power phrases so that no one can backstab you. In a direct way, you can clearly convey your Idea without regretting later. 

Build confidence at work else pay the price later if you stay silent. Make sure you got that communication style where you are town speak it all.

Price of Silence

Silence can make you an introvert. manage your health, marriage and other aspects of your life.

Become a strong confident you, express your opinion and tell them why you care.

Speak out if you didn’t like something.

Give voice to your thought and vomit out whatever you are holding back. Questioning, protesting, and conveying can go a long way.

I am Not saying you to become offensive. But in a very respectful way say it all.

Now you must be thinking of how to get started as you might know the price of silence.

It shows low self esteem. let me reveal a shocking revelation:

There are 100 people who search this phrase every month: ” How to take advantage of someone with low self esteem?”

Learn how to become more outgoing . . . 

 No one will actually care and handle all their works to you because they know that you won’t speak for your right.

 For how long you can actually become that slice of cheese in the chicken sandwich?  slice of cheese which gets compressed every time.

Stop questioning why am I alive?

 Everyone actually exploits you. As you handle all their work because they know that you won’t speak for your right.

They can easily order you:

“stop liking what I don’t like”

How to gain confidence at work?

 Now for suppose you are going to say it all to your boss. Enough of the pressure he has given you.

Now let’s see how you can communicate. Without actually having to throw that resignation letter on his face.

 How to feel like yourself again?

 You have to begin by the body postures. Boost yourself with the confidence stepping inside the elevator.

Just get into the crowded elevator.

Face towards the opposite direction from everyone else. Just being different from everyone else will give you the confidence.

Don’t give a damn about what other things about you.

 Before actually meeting who you have to encounter and get it all out, just throw in a chewing gum inside your mouth.

Play it cool. It is seen that people who own a low confidence level are afraid to eat in public.

Eat any other thing if you are not in favor of toning down your jaw through chewing gums. 

Perform such acts which other people with low confidence won’t prefer.

 Now you have to conference that person just enter the office or that place where the person is situated.

Begin with saying something nice about that person.

 You can get the answer of how to fight social anxiety by actually developing a comfort level.

Give them a compliment and show respect them.

But your actual aim must be slapping with respect. Now after actually praising the person you have to question :

“How do you manage stress?”

That person will get the idea from your question that you are experiencing stress.

Instead of a directly complaining trick is to question.

Yeah, ask the person with the same sort of scenario you are stuck in. This will create healthy self esteem within you. 

Question :

How a person should react if one is being dug into responsibilities which don’t fall under one’s wing?

That person will be intelligent enough to understand. One will know that you are pointing towards a situation one has forced you in.

It is not only about the job. even if you are not liking a simple perfume of your colleague then be outgoing and outspoken.

You have to speak it all.

Excuse me, I am actually very sensitive to perfumes and I really get overwhelmed by the one you have used. 

Can you just avoid making my eyes watery? would you mind toning it down a little?

After conveying the matter bluntly just end with:

“I wish I had known you sooner, my endless gratitude to you.”

Humor ‘em!

 Making use of humor can be a deadly weapon for becoming an outrageously outgoing person. This is a key to how to be more outgoing.

A little humor in your conversation can make you way more tolerable than you think.

You don’t have to set any criteria for humor or ever try to reach other people’s expectations.

Be Innovative and make use of devices like metaphors, similes, and personification.

Say something like:

  •  I love how you state the obvious with such a sense of discovery.
  •  Looking at you, it’s pretty clear that Darwin was right.

Another step of How to be more outgoing?  

Start by pulling an elaborate prank on one of the group members. But make sure to pick someone who will not get offended.

One who will see your face again after realization will dawn upon that Chosen One. This will give :

  • your personality a boost,
  • removes social awkwardness
  • helps you in becoming an outgoing person.

You can also try telling the person hilarious incident which the person himself has told you.

So definitely it is not a social anxiety tip which guides you on how to stop being awkward.

This is where you will feel awkward which will force your confidence to boost.  

You will realize that you have guts to actually place yourself in an awkward position.

Get a recorder and you have to upload your video on your private YouTube channel or Google Drive.

As without it, you will not be able to set a milestone

Depend on Yourself : triat of a confident person

Depending on others give you the confidence that you are not alone and other people are there for your help.

But this sword of confidence is not healthy for you. It tricks your brain.

As in the time of loneliness, it will make you realize that you are of no good without others.

In short, it mounts your inferiority complex. This hinders you from becoming am an outgoing person.

Thus it damages your personality without actually making you realize that. It will make you say I have no confidence and remember confidence is key.

So climb the success of a ladder alone. Fight the challenges and everyday life hurdles by yourself.

Don’t rely on anyone else permission and do whatever your heart commands you to.

This is another sign of being an independent person. That is how to be the best version of yourself.

Record your day when you visit your friend without being actually invited.

Get something to drink along a recipe book to cook together and that’s it.

It is not only one of the sign of being a way too outgoing . . .

but it is also a sign which shows that you are a very independent soul who listens only of heart.

How to act confident for becoming more outgoing?

 Experience being confident, outgoing and independent by lip-synching to the music with earbuds.

Follow this on streets. Seem like you are talking to yourself.

In order to become an outgoing person, you have to build self-confidence. This will only be done if you acknowledge and praise yourself.

Become more social by writing down the compliments you have ever received by people onto a sheet.

Then hang that paper over to your wall.

This will give you a better self image making you realize your self worth.

  You will realize that you can achieve anything once you overcome shyness.

Lighten up  to regain confidence

Keep in mind that people with low self-esteem are not outgoing. A less confident image will make them take that defensive position way to quickly.

They become offended by any of the comment passed. You don’t get into this list of easy target.

Don’t become that easy person whom anyone can hurt.

Give this right to very few people so lighten up a bit.

You can lighten up by finding and laugh in any situation where your self esteem is at its cost.

You own that straight, serious face with no smile?

Then grab the comic book, watch films which will train you on how to smile.

Find a funny side of the most boring and serious thing. Like laugh:

  • In the middle of the huge fight 
  • When you see your grade sheet or resignation letter 
  • When you are getting late for work and then you miss the bus 
  • During those times when someone questions, “How is life?” 

Only then you can start laughing at yourself. 

Even laugh out at those offensive comments. 

Laugh out if someone says: 

  • Earth is full. Go home. 
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, what happened to you?

This is the best practice which you can record on camera.  Set it as a milestone. Just laugh out at something which you read in public so that everyone looks at you.

If something isn’t funny even then start laughing out . This will fade away your awkwardness of laughing in front of others.

You will become more outgoing in nature.

But don’t laugh out that loud at length . . . else people will begin to assume you need serious attention of mental rehabilitation Center.

Perform these 3 activities.

Record and wait for other milestones which will teach you further how to beat social anxiety.


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