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Ready to find ways to lose weight at home weight loss? You can avail these ways to lose weight at home with diet.


These simple healthy ways are for women who can burn calories at home with out hitting gym. Get in shape fast and lose weight with these simple way to lose weight at home. Flat tummy is waiting so avail these ways to lose weight tips.


You still have to uncover several ways which might have been curtained before. There are several regions around the world with abnormal talents!

Yeah, and they then come out with innovative ways of achieving stuff. Similar is the attempt to losing weight.  As you will absorb few secret Chinese, Japanese, Korean , Thai and African methods losing weight. Skyrocket your confidence with these simple ways to lose weight at home and share with your loved ones.

Try these methods but Most important thing:  If you are not investing in yourself and relying on inconsistent weight loss schedule then you are fighting against time, which will yield no significant change.

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Simple ways to lose weight at home: Chinese method

Chinese Diet Plan

Chinese are really cautious of their bodily activity and thus they do not prefer snacking in between their meals. With fixed times of meals, they ensure a standard pattern for food digestion mechanism.

They can’t ever ditch breakfast and it has to be supremes as it yields a brisk wave of energy. Chinese places the vegetables over the top of everything and consumes it with calculative admiration. Offers best nutrients with least calories. 

They can’t violate the rule of their balanced diet thus every source of carbohydrate must have an alternate protein in the meal. Absolute necessity. To be a pro-Chinese, you need to include herbal soups in your diet.  

Chines also pay thanksgiving to the role of juices by consuming them largely. Juice affecting initiate the process of weight loss by flushing away harmful toxins and fat cells blocking you in your journey. 

Magical Tea to lose weight

A centralized wealth of detoxing agents is present within the tea. Any tea! Chinese are fond of teas it will not be a bold generalization to state that they can just be remain of tea diet.

 They consume green tea, as it has L-theanine, after every meal for detoxification and lowering down cholesterol. Consuming 5 cups of green tea for them is not a big deal! And if you will couple this with the workout then you will not fail to admire your transformation. 

They are also fond of black tea which they consume like mineral water. This tea carries fragrance though is tasteless just like plain water. Chinese researchers are proud of their comprehensive findings.

They have found that Black tea benefits for cardiovascular functions.  

Mint is another from the list of favorites. Chinese cleverly consumes it for suppressing craving of food, especially of sugar. Even sniffing up mint does the trick!

The scent is best source of soothing your mind. With low caffeine content, mint tea doesn’t create a countless barrier between you and your sleep. Warding off your fatigue with it, boost your energy and at the same time burn your calorie.

 The magic tea which is red tea plays a vital role. This alone can help in achieving wonderous results.

No exercise, just sleep on time

Primarily, focus on martial arts (replacement of their exercise) as it is an effective method for weight loss. This is one of the Chinese secret and one of the simple ways to lose weight! 

Late night clubbing or Netflix won’t yield you great results because as per Chinese research grace the bed with your presence no longer after 11 pm. As during time, detoxification actually begins. Being awake during this hour can harm the detoxification cycle greatly. 

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Simple ways to lose weight at home: Japanese method

The simplest trick that Japanese stick to is paying emphasis on the breath.

You must have learned in your 1st  grade that breathing is a process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Chill, this article won’t don’t intend to remind your boring science classes.

But the point here is that as you inhale oxygen it breaks the fat cells in carbon and water, releasing carbon dioxide.

So you should inhale more oxygen for burning more fat when exhaling. Breath more consciously and deeply from your nose for weight loss.

Japanese have this strong belief that all starts with the posture. A huge belly and other weight gain problems are all the reason for not paying enough attention as to how you stand, sit or do anything. For losing a belly fat give your 5 minutes and take one towel.

You need to roll the towel into a  log and make sure that it retains its shape by threading or taping it.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Lay flat on a hard surface
  2. Place towel log inside a place where spine makes an arch
  3. Ensure that your feet are shoulder’s width apart
  4. Turn your feet inwards while joining them
  5. Stretch your hands and try making your pinky fingers touch
  6. This boat position will surely help you

Simple ways to lose weight at home: Korean weight loss

Want to know how Koreans are so skinny?

Well, walk as they much as you can. Walking really help in shedding the fat and creating muscle. Korean mostly carry smartphones for achieving a daily walking target of 10,000 steps! This is a quick and yet safe way of losing 1 pound fat a week. And you know it already – no hard work required for this lazy technique!

You can lose six hundred calories while jogging for 1 hour or walking for 2 hours and 30 minutes

Use fish as an alternative to meat and consume them highly.

Korean realizes the true potential of water. They drink plenty of water. Try consuming a glass full of water before every meal.

Consume a whole lot of bananas. Just consume bananas for breakfast – nothing else. Eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner.

Simple ways to lose weight at home: Thai method

  • Thai love consuming spicy and hot food. There are studies which show that spicy food burn calories. So you must consume spicy food several times a  week.

Simple ways to lose weight at home: African method

  • Eliminate the use of oil. Even while cooking food just use two tablespoons of oil.
  • Reduce the usage of cold water as it solidifies the oil present in the food which in turn hinders the digestion process. Thus, only drink warm water.
  • Don’t fry meat, bake it. Though you should avoid it, preferably eat without skin.
  • Add spicy peppers in meals! Isnot it one of the  simple ways to lose weight at home?


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