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Wondering Which Treadmill To Buy For Home Use?

 Reviewed best treadmill to buy for you. See best treadmill for home to lose weight. You need to buy the best treadmill for ideal workout, exercise, strength training, and walks.

Every treadmill model owns a different feature.

Like high priced one offers advanced features fit for a professional but if you are just a normal trainee then even simple cheap model can be your perfect fit.

You don’t have to spend a thousand dollars for high-end models rather go for more simpler options under $500.

There is a difference between the treadmills. For instance, many are lightweight and simply designed with small motors.

Such treadmills can handle a limited weight of approximately less than 275 lbs.

While other expensive treadmills offer quite advanced features (mostly for professionals) and they can also handle heavy individuals easily.

Thus, you can go for the treadmill which matches your necessity.

The expensive the treadmill, the more features  (cooling fan, pulse grips, iPod dock, and quick controls) it will offer.

If you will be probably taking the treadmills under $300 then they serve you but with less functionality. Those treadmills won’t be the ones which you will find in a local gym but they can suffice you if you need it for a basic workout.

Back to the question: Which Treadmill To Buy For Home Use?

Well, treadmills which are between 200-500 dollars are the best selling, as many want to get fit without being heavy on their pocket.

Why you should own a treadmill?

Treadmills are best for aerobic exercise. No need to pay for expensive gym memberships, plus you can save up your commute bill. Lastly,Treadmills are easy on your hip and knee joints as their surface is padded.

Below you will find details about 5 treadmills and this research is based on in-depth analysis of several brands along with users reviews of each product.  

Simply get the best treadmill for weight loss in budget to burn calories. Ready to explore awesome way to lose weight with best treadmill? 

This article reviews the top five treadmills which are perfect for home use, even if you

have small space of accommodation. 

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ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

As suggested by the name, performance 505 CST offers consistent performance. This treadmill is not only reliable but also quite budget friendly for an entry-level treadmill. It proved to be durable and convenient.


The folding mechanism has surely helped the user in relation to storage. This owns a compact design. Additionally, if you are looking for excellent cushioning then this treadmill has offered such a feature.

Your joints will surely remain protected from impact as the entire running area is cushioned. Moreover, this treadmill model features non-flex rollers which are designed to decrease tension, delivering smoother run.


Users can benefit from 10mph powered by 2.5 horsepower motor. This continuous power of a motor is something not quite frequently found in all other models of this price range thus this is surely a plus point.

You can surely try the toughest workout and this model will surely not let you fail. With the changes in the incline(0-10%), you can welcome yourself with more challenges.


You can walk, jog and run comfortably as this treadmill offers 20×55 tread belt. You can with ease perform any workout due to its track size and cushioning really helps in the regard.  


This model showcases about 18 workout apps which are far the highest number of programs mentioned compared with other models in this article. The challenging workout helps you to stay focused.

The workouts are designed by certified professional trainers thus there is no doubt of their usefulness and effectiveness. Users surely enjoy quite a large LCD which displays heart rate monitor so you could keep a good track.

The best part is few programs are designed in such a way that they retrieve data from your heart rate monitor and adjust the speed and incline according to the required workout plan.  You can avail the music functionality with a compatible audio port (for iPod). It offers an accessory rack.   



  • Folding design offers incredibly easier and  quite impressive use
  • A smaller and compact deck makes the model best for apartments and small spaces
  • Range of effective programs
  • Equipped with Audio Capabilities (2 intermix acoustics speakers+smartphone compatible)
  • Powerful, quiet and durable motor
  • Spacious running surface
  • Automatic incline adjustment


  • Running area may be less more tall users
  • Not best for sprint runs which require 12 mph(low for heavy runners)
  • Not iFit compatibility for entertainment
  • No wireless receiver for tracking your heart rate

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

You may be surprised to see a product from ProForm under $500 which can signal assurance of the class it provides. You will really appreciate the specs it offers as it generally owns most of the features found in the $1000 model and that too at half the prices. The company is already famous for manufacturing high-quality well-made treadmills which own extremely durable components.


This treadmill offers a 2.0 horsepower motors and a speed up to 10mph.

Running surface and Weight handling capacity

Talking about running surface then you won’t be disappointed with 18×50” surface. You are benefited with the 10 incline settings so that you could achieve optimum workout sessions. If you are wondering about the weight it can support, so basically, its strong frame allows users who weight up to 300 lbs.


Moving towards console which is the vital feature of every treadmill. ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill offers a console which has 16 programmable workout routines.  User can also avail the chest strap heart rate monitor.


  • Not expensive compared to the durable component it comprises
  • Great iPod compatible sound system which is common inexpensive models
  • With 10 mph speed, you can walk, jog and even run
  • Best for targeting particular muscles as its inclined range(0-10%) aid in burning higher calories.


  • This treadmill may be not suitable for taller users with a somewhat small running surface

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill

Sunny Health & fitness sf-T4400 is loaded with several features, especially for an entry-level model.

Speed and Motor Power

This treadmill offers a 2.2 horsepower motor and a speed of 6mph. If you are more towards running then this option may not be the best for you through many trainees workout at this speed.

As far as its motor is concerned then you won’t find its noise disturbing you. It runs quietly but strongly.  9?

Weight support

If your weight is anywhere near 220 lb then this treadmill is ideal for you in terms of weight capacity.

 As far as the weight of the treadmill is concerned then this treadmill itself is very light, weighing only 100 pounds. Its lightweight can be one of the reasons for allowing only users of 220lb.


Its LCD tracks bpm, rates, distance, calorie burned, time while allowing you to maintain your fitness chart.

Sunny Health and Fitness treadmill offer 9 programmable workouts with easy adjustment controls embedded on the handrails.

Like several other treadmills, this model also has a tablet or smartphone holder for fulfilling your entertainment needs. It also offers a body mass indicator apart from common features found in all other treadmills.


Users are eased with its folding system which comes with a cushioned drop closing mechanism. If you are wondering how a soft drop system helps?

Then it basically makes the unfolding process extremely easy.

Thus unfolding/folding is not a problem with this treadmill, as you won’t experience loud bangs, damaged floor or pinched fingers.

Running surface

Sunny Health&fitness has a running deck of the only 15.75x 48.82” which may not be sufficient of large users. It is enough to get one going but large individuals may require more width.

If you are a sort of person who doesn’t sway much during runs then you may consider this option. If you want to cope up with smaller width issue then don’t just move left and right much while working out.



  • Offers a quality workout and
  • Outperforms  weslo treadmills (G 5.9 and R 5.2)
  • Cheap price for home use
  • Sturdy base offers stable strides
  • Extremely easy to use (integration of controls to rails)
  • Adds elegance with modern design


  • Not ideal for running (limited speed)
  • A large trainer may complain about the accommodation space

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill

It is one of the best treadmills for walkers and that too of any age.

Track and speed

If you are looking for jogging or walking then this treadmill is a perfect fit for you. The reason behind such a suggestion is its low speed. It only has 4mph powered by 1.5 Hp motor. With the increments of 0.1 mph, you can adjust the speed.  


You won’t have any trouble in assembling it as it mostly comes in assembled. Users have to primarily deal with attaching the data monitor and the frame together.

So it will hardly take 30 minutes before you are good to go.


It offers a simple console with standard data. The downside is that you will not be able to avail any programmed workout. Though you will be able to enjoy multimedia while working out.


It offers quite long handrails which are best for better grip. To be precise, it owns the handlebar of 18” which is quite long if compares with others.

This feature ensures better safety. Users avail the better storage by utilizing a folding frame. It has wheels attached which makes the portability a lot easier.

Track Size

It doesn’t have long tracks compared to others which can become a problem for few. It is 40” long and 20” wide. Other tracks are mostly 60” long.


If you weight 400 pounds or less then this treadmill is a perfect fit. There is no hole of doubt that majority of the inexpensive treadmills for home use offer the maximum weight of 250 pounds. This treadmill itself weight 120lbs which you can move around owing to its foldable nature.


  • Offers safety key which prevents users from slipping away
  • Quiet Drive technology ensures motor runs very quietly
  • Great weight support (up to 400lbs)
  • Easier movement owing to the foldable feature
  • Long handlebars ensure safety


  • The not ideal choice for running, only best for walking/jogging
  • Cushioning system could have been better
  • Unimpressive impact absorption system
  • Offers no incline

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

This model offers quite a competitive price with a lot more features if compared with other treadmills in the same range.

Features and What we think about them?


Offers a 10mph powered by 2.25 HP motor. You can adjust the speed as per your convenience.


Mainly due to its track size, you will not be able to avail running in this treadmill. It offers 50×16 track though runners are in need of a much more larger space(Treadmill for runners offer 60”). Runners need stretching space.


Blue-tinted Console displays standard data of calories burned, elapsed time, speed and distance. It offers six pre-programmed workouts for your convenience.

The preset workout routine which is fed is quite impressive. They can surely help you in burning fat and calories a lot more quicker.

These programs are also designed to boost your endurance level as well. There is a lot of benefit from such programs as they are specifically designed by certified professional trainers.

This can save a lot of your time and you will not be guessing about the types of workouts rather you are offered with a complete blueprint.


Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is designed in such a way that it is very compact. When folded, it can easily take less space. One can move the deck vertically as well.

Weight capacity

People with weight more than 250 lbs are not recommended its usage.



  • Offers a Ramp which boosts calorie burn
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle thus best for beginners
  • Perfect for home gym owing to its compact design
  • Cell cushioning over the workout area ensures less stress on joints


  • Small track which can restrict your stride, depending on your height
  • Lightweight steel frames rather than steel powder coated one(leads to more sound)
  • You will have to adjust the incline manually
  • A simple model with no bottle holder
  • Low weight holding capacity

To Conclude:

The treadmills mentioned above are great treadmills if you are wondering as to which treadmill to buy from home use.

There are a lot of expensive treadmills out there but they are mostly for advanced professionals and athletes. Every individual is different with different heights and weights thus now you can choose any which suffice your need.


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