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Do you think this question why do I hate myself is not common?

It will be hard to digest for you that about 10,000 people search monthly that why do they hate themselves . . .

And God knows how many experiences this thought? But then they ignore it by feeding this question inside their mind. 


Reason of Extreme Self-hatred ? 

There can be several reasons that can leave your self-pride in this devastating situation. You must have some inferiority complex.

If someone says that they never had one or experienced feeling inadequate.

Then don’t believe them. It is alright to have complexes, as it is a part of life to see a thing then cultivate a wish for it . . .

Your past can be a reason why you hate yourself. Our society has uncountable faces . . . . Even more than the count of people that actually exist in this universe?


Because every person does not have only one face. There exist people who have double-face and faces which you are completely unaware of.

In the middle of negativities, you will never learn how to like yourself

 You can have low self esteem about yourself because: 

in past other people, maybe your parent, sibling, relative, friend or teacher, had always let your self-pride down. See how to let go past here.  You already know what perception is. But perception never developed out of Nowhere. It has its roots. 

You might have heard something in the past from anywhere or you might have read in books . . .

 Similar is the case with your self-perception that develops over time, a clear cause making you yell why do I hate myself.

You are just a clean slate when you are born, you have no perception of your own.

Ever wondered why as a kid you laugh when others are laughing? It’s all a game of perception which gets drilled to your head.

 If in childhood you have been commented as detestable, unlucky, or unwanted  . . . then you will actually begin to nourish that self image of low self esteem inside you. I personally suggest you should never give anyone a right. Don’t give the access key to your mind where they can write anything.

Digest importance of self esteem.

Another reason which can tone up your voice and force you to shout why I hate myself is crippling anxiety, guilt or unfavorable event.

Is lonely a feeling?

Yes, it is. Unfavorable events can leave you lonely. Those lonely times can hollow you from within, stealing every answer of how to not hate yourself.

Feeling of being lonely is when you know that no one will message you, no one will call you, no one asks about you . . . or even no one will really care if you die today. This is the feeling of loneliness. How many times you are surrounded by people yet you feel lonely, so anxious?

In those moments of loneliness, you need to befriend yourself. Instead of feeding the feeling I don’t like myself. 

If no one bothers to ask about you then don’t give a damn and you don’t have to change a thing.

Just for eliminating lack of self confidence gift yourself something you love. . .  be it your smile.  It truly experienced what loneliness is when Papa passed away a few months ago.

There is a piece of heart which he took with him . . .  Even getting surrounded by people won’t guarantee freedom from loneliness.

Trust me this feeling is not that bad if you hold your self value.

This feeling will teach you that you don’t need to hold yourself guilty for what has happened to you.This feeling and this thought that why do I hate myself will give you an intimate time alone with yourself . . .


Is self hate a disorder? [Low self esteem signs]


1) You don’t realize, you lie

People frequently ask this question. This is not a disorder but you can make this one a disorder for yourself if you will not stop lying.Yes, you lie.You lie to yourself. You lie often to others to please them.

2) Why I hate myself? Excessive apologies?

Because you apologize a lot you apologize for things which you have not done and in the fear of being judged. We have been drilled since childhood that apologizing is a good act. Don’t curse me I am not distorting your values.

It is surely a good act but if it goes excessively out of the limit then it can negatively affect you.


3) You are always the culprit

Build yourself and Stop taking full responsibility of others act which if simply put is blaming. You can surely have self-hate disorder by blaming yourself.

Try Playing this game you will feel good, How?

You need to put the blame on others to comfort your soul and mind.

Chill I am not guiding or promoting some sort of criminal blames here.

One day my paper went horribly. 

According to me, I was on a verge on flunking not because I hate myself . . . or I am incapable (i could have easily labeled all these things).

But because my sister took my watch, my mum didn’t let me take headache pills, my dad dropped me just five minutes before the exam to the hall which gave me less time to mentally settle . . .  and lastly, because that neighbor played a piece of loud music for few minutes last night, gifting me a disturbing sleep.


4) Too sweet to cause diabetes

 You don’t want this self-hatred or lost confidence to become a disorder right? Then learn to say no and stop pleasing others on the stake of your own happiness. 

You are compromising your will.You consider other people superior to you.

By this, you are actually giving such higher regard to their need while suppressing yours.

Instead, love yourself respect yourself.

5) Too shy in taking the compliment


Because you hate yourself remember? That extreme self hatred won’t allow you to receive compliments.

That is why if someone speaks nicely about you then instead of getting flattered you treat it as a joke.

You justify till the end that why you don’t deserve the praise. You are like no i hate my personality. This is not how to make yourself feel full.


6) You are so indecisive

A gush of sweat will accumulate over your forehead . . . if you have to make choice whether you should opt for a blue pen or black pen one for the exam.

This reflects that you do not trust your instincts.  With no sense of identity, you will choose to prefer what others will prefer.

If you will keep insulting your preferences and won’t hold in high esteem then you surely will get the disorder.


How do you like yourself for who you are?

Now you must have identified several symptoms of low self esteem and now you have to get rid of them immediately.

This article helps you through several ways, for additional boost to reduce feeling inadequate scan here.

My friend, I am there with you but please do me a favor. Whenever you are carrying out these activities then please just record a video of yourself through any means.Take a picture of the moment. You are assigning a milestone by placing that clip on private you-tube channel or drive.

Trust me on one thing, it will motivate and add in special strength.See a beautiful you today . . . that is how to stop being self conscious. 

1) How to love yourself, be confident and decisive

Now, remember that you need to ditch being indecisive with no preferences. So today call any hotel and ask the number of any other hotel from them.

If you don’t want to sound rude then throw a query about a facility which we know that the specific hotel does not offer and then you can politely say please can you give me the contact of any other one.

Similarly, you can do this with any insurance company.

2) Climb a Mountain: feel yourself

You have to let go your past and move ahead now. Let’s find a place where you can actually bury all your bad memory when it has to be a place somewhere very high so why not Climb a mountain. Do something worth remembering to wake me. The best thing just goes with a guide and befriend one.

3) Know your self worth, get the importance of self love


How to do something amazingly crazy?

Now, why you want to do that? You want to challenge your old self. There are several crazy festivals around just cool them and you will find crazy people running after bulls into mud festival so just become a cute weird who is weirder than any other weirdo!

You have to find happiness in this craziness because you have to steal fun alone.

Don’t depend on other people who will leave you in the middle of your life’s journey.


4) Compliment Strangers  for overcoming low self esteem

In this time you have to be near people. I am not talking about those people who have left you.

Nor, I am referring those who have betrayed and demotivated you or made you say I don’t care about myself.

I am highlighting those creations which you are not aware.

I am talking about the strangers who can listen to you and boost your lacked confidence.

Do you think I am a stranger or this community of like-minded people?

If yes, you can bombard the comment section or my email with your concerns . . . your talk. I promise I will be there for the sake of your confident face.

To flush out old people from your life you should actually interact with new strangers.

Just interaction isn’t enough you also have to compliment them to feel good about yourself. You can find a potential stranger at any corner of your street.

 By spreading smiles you can learn how to be proud of yourself and beat low self opinion.


5) Be yourself is all that you can do

But remember never let go people who care about you. All you need to do is tell how much you love them but you have to be a little innovate.

Instead of telling them how much you value them, you can gift them. You should write a letter and attach it with that gift. It has to be a letter.

A letter will show your dedication. that person will not leave you because one will get the reflection love.

You can even write the compliments in that letter for anyone you like.



6) How to make yourself strong

Let’s get rid of your habit of excessive apologizing to people. How?In that crowded place, you need to pretend as if you recognize that person. Just walk up to any stranger and say hi how are you doing.

The person will tell me quickly that you are mistaking for someone else but you don’t have to apologize.

Remember the rule sorry but not sorry. If you have really got guts then instead of saying how are you doing just say “YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! It’s A MIRACLE


7) Be assertive for good self esteem

With lacking self confidence, it is so hard for you to say no right. Next time when any telemarketer tries to disturb you then before he could sell, you need to sell one any stuff.

Learn to be assertive. A cute way of politely saying no.  


8) Trash fear of being watched or fear of being judged

Now you are always thinking about the worst case scenario with this attitude you will attract negativity and yell I hate being me.

All you need to do is just after getting done with eating pay entirely in pennies.

Come on the cashier won’t throw you out of the restaurant Right. Nothing worst can happen so halt your mind there.  Count very slowly and remember strong confident you just learned not to apologize.


9) How does it feel to be on your own with killer confidence?

Don’t hate yourself. because you think that you are missed it or any group or any area where you belong any place where you breathe in. 

You can never please everyone so the best method is to please yourself which you can do. isn’t it easy?

To overcome your loneliness just go to any restaurant. Turn around and shout, “Hey it’s my birthday today.” Watch others value you by singing a song.

In this way, you can practice being comfortable with praises. Remember you don’t need negative people around who can’t make you happy. Respect yourself and others will respect strong confident you.


10) What to do when you hate yourself

Have fun by yourself. You don’t need someone else to make you laugh.

If this question of why do I hate myself so much is popping up inside your head then consider it a blessing . . .

As through this, you can actually spend a little time with yourself. You can become intimate with your feelings. A way how to respect yourself. Trust me if you are thinking that I have gone mad let me reveal with full self dignity. I have not. It will sound strange.

You have to stare deep into your eyes as a self love symbol.Tell yourself that you have gone through a lot in past, dealt with people, gotten hurt or betrayed. Thus you have turned out to be the better version of yourself.

You don’t need any counselor or professional for support trust me.  You don’t need any therapeutic advice you just need an advice of yourself that’s it.



Just sit down makes sense of your problems.  Analyze the characteristics of low self esteem.

See causes of low self esteem from different and new perspectives.

You need to map out self happiness in a must more visually comprehended way.

Only you can control your inner turmoil for positive self image.


Your time starts now 1 2 3 go!


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